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Get Your Permanent Set Of Teeth In 24 Hours
Instead Of Up To 10+ Months At Traditional Providers

We cover the cost of travel and arrange flights and lodging.
Save yourself time and money by Traveling to a NUVIA Location
Proprietary 24Z process delivers complete dental implant restorations in 24 hours.
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Get New Permanent Teeth In Just 24 Hours

Instead of up to 10+months with other dental implant providers

  • Made of FDA approved materials including zirconia teeth, and medical grade titanium.
  • Comprehensive team of oral surgeons, prosthodontists, and certified anesthetists on every case.

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why travel to nuvia
NUVIA provides you with your PERMANENT set of teeth in just 24 hours.
Using 3D implant mapping technology to ensure a precise fit. Your new teeth are made to your exact specifications at onsite labs and installed in just one appointment after surgery.

This process can save you over 20 hours in unnecessary drive time and office visits compared to other providers and allows you to eat soft foods immediately.

Our on-site labs at every implant center utilize Swiss technology 24 hrs/day to ensure you get the best quality implants in the least amount of time.
Watch Wendy's 24 Hr Permanent Teeth Delivery
NUVIA provides a team of board certified oral surgeons, anesthetists, and restorative doctors that work together on every single case.
Our board certified Oral Surgeons complete 4 years of dental school, followed by 4–6 years of specialized training in a residency program. During that time, they receive hands-on training in surgery and anesthesia.

We have certified nurse anesthetists on staff administering anesthesia in every procedure, so your oral surgeon can give you their full attention.

Our certified prosthodontists complete a 3-year advanced residency program where they receive hands-on training in the treatment planning and management of patients with complex dental needs.

NUVIA teams only perform these full arch dental implants procedures day after day, so you can rest assured knowing you have an experienced team ready to help you.

Dr. Kirk Simmonds

D.M.D. - Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry

Dr. Jordan Heimer

D.M.D. - Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry

Dr. Preston Hansen

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Our proprietary 24-Hour technology took over 10 years to develop to ensure patients are getting quality dental implants they can trust at incredible speeds.
After over 10 years and $10 million invested into Research and Development, NUVIA's proprietary 24Z process enables us to deliver the permanent full-mouth implants in just 24 hours.

NUVIA implants are made of FDA approved materials, including zirconia teeth, and medical grade titanium.

These materials create a stable and adaptable final set of teeth, which eliminates up to 10+ months of waiting for permanent teeth.
how does travel work?
1. Take our preliminary travel eligibility quiz that can be found here, take quiz.
This quiz is designed to provide immediate guidance on your next best steps. Upon completion, you will receive a recommendation on whether a new full set of dental implants may be a suitable option for you.
2. Meet virtually with one of our friendly smile consultants to further determine eligibility
This quiz is designed to provide immediate guidance on your next best steps. Upon completion, you will receive a recommendation on whether a new full set of dental implants may be a suitable option for you.
3. Book treatment dates and travel
You will be provided with a travel voucher. The amount will vary depending on treatment and travel fees. When you arrive, your friendly transportation will be waiting for you. Rest assured, we do this for several patients every day. We have the process down, and you are in good hands.
4. Get the smile of your dreams
Your first day will be the exciting smile design appointment. In this appointment you will work with our talented team to decide the shape, size, and color of your new teeth. Day 2 will be the day your dental implants are placed. On day 3, approximately 24 hours later, you will receive your brand-new set of permanent teeth.

How NUVIA's 24-Hr Process Works

Step #1

Consultation: We'll Take A Simple 3D Scan Of Your Mouth To Determine Eligibility.

Step #2

Smile Design: You'll Select What You Want Your Brand New Smile To Look Like.

Step #3

Surgery Day: Dental Implant Placement By Our Certified Oral Surgeons.

Step #4

Permanent Teeth Delivered: 24 Hours Later You Come Back To Get Your New Teeth.

Step #5

Post Operation Care: 2 weeks after your surgery you'll come back in for a checkup to ensure everything is healing properly.

Traveling for Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedure Step-by-Step
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NUVIA Smiles has serviced over 25,000 happy people, and we've got the ratings and testimonials to prove it
Maria – Charlotte, NC
“It would be a wonderful thing if the whole world could have this kind of procedure, because it really is like being born again.”
Charles – San Jose, CA
“Turnaround time was important, especially with me. I can't take more than 3 days off.”
Tom – Salt Lake City, UT
“Life happens, and it's probably not wise to worry about ho you got where you are.”
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