Smile Transformations

He Pulled His Teeth Out With Electrician Pliers

The Ultimate Guide to Full Mouth Dental Implants

Before we get into the pliers, we have to set the stage a little bit with a question…

Are you too old for full mouth dental implants?

Looking at the google search terms above you’ll notice a lot of people ask that same question…

And one of the search terms asks, “is 90 too old for dental implants?”

Our new friend Max proves that it is not!

He’s a tough 91 year old father who takes very good care of himself…

So tough in fact, as problems would arise with his teeth…

He would grab some pliers and pull the 

teeth out by himself!  

By the time he finally came to Nuvia, there were very few teeth left in his mouth.

“Over the years he has been having troubles with his teeth.” Max’s son begins. “Dad has been losing teeth over the years. He has gone to a couple dentists… he has been having issues with his teeth and pulled a couple out with electrician's pliers.”

This is Max getting ready for his dental implant surgery.  

He was safely sedated with general anesthesia…

And slept peacefully throughout the entire time dreaming of the cookies he would be able to eat with his new teeth.

All of his few remaining teeth were extracted, implants were placed and the surgery went as expected.

Max returned to Nuvia just 24 hours after surgery to receive his custom permanent teeth! 

Once he sees his new smile, he can’t stop smiling at everyone. 

He now loves to show off his new smile with the people he meets asking… 

"Do you wanna see my new smile?"

He came back to Nuvia two weeks after surgery, and said, “I seem to be healing fast and I’m getting used to them being there.” 

Max continued, “It is a lot easier to eat now."

He especially enjoys eating cookies with his new smile from Nuvia and hopes to live another 28 years enjoying his new smile!

Watch his full smile story below

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