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Why Wait Up to 10 Months to get your New Permanent Teeth?

it can take up to 10 months to get your permanent set of teeth with Conventional Teeth-In-A-Day providers! But with Nuvia, you get your permanent set in JUST 24 HOURS!


Permanent teeth delivered in 8+ months
Converted temporary denture for 8+ months
Multiple try-ins and relines
12-15 visits required
Can cost tens of thousands more
On liquid diet for 2-4 weeks

Nuvia's 24HR Smile

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Permanent teeth delivered in
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Only 2 Appointments
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Streamlined digital process
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Priced well below the national average
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On immediate soft foods diet

The Benefits of Our 24HR Permanent Teeth Are Unmatched

The Benefits of Our 24HR Permanent Teeth Are Unmatched

01. From 10 Months to 24 Hours

The obvious first benefit is taking a 10-month process and condensing it down to 24 hrs. This is such a game-changer it feels like when Amazon came out with FREE 2-day shipping but BETTER. At Nuvia you're not stuck in a cheap plastic denture (called a temp) for 6-10 months.  Those are too big, bulky, and make it hard to talk.
Not to mention they break.  With the other "temp" method you may find yourself going back over and over again to get it adjusted or to fix a break.

Chart showing Clear Choice Dental Implant process vs Nuvia's Dental Implant process
Soft foods like oatmeal are acceptable right after getting your dental implantsSoft foods like pasta are acceptable right after getting your dental implants
The Benefits of Our 24HR Permanent Teeth Are Unmatched

02. Immediately start eating soft foods

With the old way (temporaries) did you know you had to be on a liquid-only diet for 2 weeks? Soup and protein drinks were about all you could handle. In fact, some patients simply hardly ate anything because they were so worried about compromising their temps. With our permanent set in 24 hours, you can start eating soft foods right away. Oatmeal, mashed potatoes, salmon, pasta, etc.

The Benefits of Our 24HR Permanent Teeth Are Unmatched

03. Custom Precise Fit

We explained above how the old way is simply guesswork. It’s done manually over several appointments and adds 4 hours on surgery day. Lots of room for error. Because our technology can map the implants down to the nanometer level (a nanometer is simply code for smaller than a red blood cell) our permanent set of teeth delivered the next day will fit perfectly to the implants. This provides an unmatched level of instant implant stabilization for longer-lasting implants.

It also gives you the best chance for a natural-looking smile and natural-sounding speech.

Clear Choice appointments vs Nuvia Appointments. Nuvia is faster
The Benefits of Our 24HR Permanent Teeth Are Unmatched

04. Eliminates 14-17 appointments

Without having experienced the old way it might be hard for you to really understand. If you ask anyone who has gone through the traditional “teeth in a day” process they’ll tell you how many times they had to go back. Just imagine being in a bulky set of dentures for 6 months unable to speak naturally and thinking each additional visit you’ll get your permanent set. Instead of getting the permanent set, however, they tell you it just doesn't fit quite right and will require another appointment. It is not fun.  

We deliver your permanent set of teeth the next day, then you come in 2 weeks later for us to check on you and you're done!

The Benefits of Our 24HR Permanent Teeth Are Unmatched

05. Speak Naturally

The denture converted the same day is really big and bulky. MANY patients have an issue speaking because it’s so much more in their mouth than they’re used to. Talking with the temps can be really embarrassing. This is why the custom and precise fit of our permanent set in 24hrs is so good for our patients. The big and clunky temporary doesn’t exist with us. There is NO better way to speak more naturally with a new set of teeth than with our method.

Nuvia Dental Implant Center Patient
The Benefits of Our 24HR Permanent Teeth Are Unmatched

06. Your Implants heal faster and last longer

The permanent set of teeth you’ll receive from us in 24 hours contains a metal titanium bar on the inside which is super lightweight and strong. The implants attach perfectly and precisely to the titanium bar. The titanium bar immediately acts as a stabilizer holding the implants in place and eliminating costly micro-movements that temps can create. Kind of like the top plate of a framed wall as pictured on the side. In this case, the studs would be the “implants” and the top plate would be the titanium bar. It creates a super solid structure.

Our SafesmileTM Method Makes All thE Difference

Our proprietary method makes all the difference in safety, effectiveness and comfort of your dental implant procedure. A new smile restoration is a life-changing investment, we want it to last a lifetime.

SafesedationTM& Comfortplus Experience

Anesthesia performed for Dental Implant Surgery

Some dental implant dentists try to cut costs by performing both your implant procedure and sedation by themselves. This creates two very difficult tasks for the dentist to do at the same time while you are asleep which increases the chance for error in your procedure. At Nuvia, every patient is assigned their own board certified anesthetist at no extra charge. You can rest assured that your implant surgeon will be 100% focused on your procedure, while a certified anesthetist takes care of you while you’re asleep. Would you want it any other way? Neither would we.

Once your implants are placed, they are fused to your bone in a process called Osseointegration. This is like setting a fence post in wet cement and waiting for it to dry. At Nuvia, we install a titanium bar immediately after placing your implants to prevent any micro-movements and ensure not only the truest fit once Osseointegration is complete, but Absolute Stability immediately after. This is why with Nuvia’s permanent teeth in 24 hours, you can eat soft foods immediately instead of having to go on a liquid diet for 2-3 weeks like is required with traditional, “Teeth-In-A-Day”.


Dental Implant Surgeon performing surgery

RapidSite RecoveryTM

Dental Implant surgery diagram

Sometimes the body needs a little help to heal from the procedure, so we place something called a “membrane” on the site. Other clinics use manufactured membranes which can compromise the healing process.  At Nuvia, our implant technicians use your own white blood cells to create a custom membrane. This provides a more natural healing process allowing the site to heal much quicker and the implant to be received more effectively.

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