December 12, 2023

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Imagine walking into a place where everyone you meet doesn’t judge you based on your smile. At Nuvia Dental Implant Center, that's not just a dream—it's our everyday reality. Our team of oral surgeons, CRNAs, prosthodontists, and dedicated staff work in harmony to ensure your journey to a new smile is not just successful but also an experience you'll cherish. Let's take you behind the scenes to meet the experts dedicated to crafting your smile.

The Oral Surgeon: Your Architect of Transformation

Think of our oral surgeons as architects of your smile. With years of training and experience, they meticulously plan and execute the foundation of your dental transformation. Their experience isn't just in performing complex procedures; it's in understanding the artistry and precision needed to ensure every detail contributes to the success and longevity of your new smile.

The CRNA: Your Guardian of Comfort

Your comfort is important to us, and our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are the guardians of this principle. They are experts in administering sedation, ensuring you're comfortable and pain-free throughout your procedure. With a focus on safety, they continuously monitor your well-being, providing peace of mind that you're in safe hands.

The Prosthodontist: The Sculptor of Your Smile

Prosthodontists are the sculptors in the world of dentistry. They specialize in designing and creating natural-looking teeth that enhance not just your appearance but also your functionality and oral health. Their role is pivotal in ensuring that your new teeth are not only aesthetically pleasing but also closely aligned with your unique facial structure.

The Support Team: The Unsung Heroes

Behind every successful procedure at Nuvia is a team of dedicated professionals who ensure that every aspect of your experience is seamless. From the moment you walk in, our administrative team makes you feel at home, handling all the logistics so you can focus on your journey. Our dental assistants and technicians work hand-in-hand with the surgeons and prosthodontists, ensuring that every tool and component is in place to give you a great experience.


At Nuvia, we're more than just a dental clinic; we're a team of experienced dental professionals, each playing a role in your journey to a new smile. From our oral surgeons to our CRNAs, from our prosthodontists to our dedicated support team, we all share one goal: to provide you with a smile that is not just beautiful but a confidence builder that leads to a new life for you. In our hands, you're not just undergoing a procedure; you're starting on a transformative experience that will leave you smiling for years to come.

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Dental Implant Cost Guide

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This guide is designed to walk you step by step through the dental implant process and each dental implant type with their associated costs.

  • Different implant types and their average costs
  • 4 little known factors that affect pricing
  • How much will dental & health insurance typically cover for dental implants?
  • What 1000’s of average Americans are doing to make this treatment affordable.
  • And more...
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