April 22, 2024

Disadvantages of Dental Implants: Ricky’s Honest Review, 2 Years Later!

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Ricky discusses the disadvantages of dental implants and what he loves about them

Meet Ricky—a regular guy who made the big decision to get dental implants two years ago. In this video, Ricky breaks down the disadvantages of dental implants and everything he loves about them. Get a genuine, real-life review on what it’s like for Ricky living with dental implants. He’s not shy about discussing the highs and lows… he even goes into the cost of dental implants.

Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Ricky has had his dental implants for two years now and is very familiar with all of their advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few of the cons of dental implants that he shares.

Getting used to new teeth

Ricky is quick to recall one of the first difficulties he encountered with dental implants was getting used to the feeling of them.

“When they put these in, my brain didn’t know what to do with them. It was like ‘What do you have in my mouth? Oh my gosh, get it out!’ My tongue was trying to push it out. Of course, they can’t come out because as you can see, they’re put in there really nice. It was creating… slobber, saliva, all of that. Just trying to say ‘this a foreign object, get it out of my mouth’”.

As with any big change, especially in the mouth, it can take some getting used to. Although at first the dental implants took some getting used to, the newness soon wore off. Now, Ricky hardly notices them.

“The good thing about this bad thing is it didn’t take long for my brain to start recognizing these things. Do they actually end up feeling like the teeth you were born with? Pretty much, because I don’t even think about it. Are they different? Yes. But are they better than what I had before? Tremendously.”

Is There a Gap?

Number two in Ricky’s list of disadvantages of dental implants involves what many people are concerned about - a gap. 

“I see a lot of this…They’re always concerned after they have their procedure, about the gap. I’ll show y’all this - I’m very very open about this. Here’s my gap:”

“When I first had it done, my mouth was swollen of course because it’s a major surgery. They put them in and everything being swelled up, they fit pretty snug. Then as I healed, and my mouth healed extremely quick compared to other parts of the body… the swelling went down and everything and it created a gap up here where the gum meets the prosthesis”

Ricky was concerned about the gap he had, but those concerns were short lived. After a few months of healing, he returned to Nuvia where the gap was fixed at no additional cost. Gaps can happen as part of the healing process, but everyone is different. Some patients never get a gap. Those that do develop a gap after healing easily have it fixed at Nuvia.

“Don’t be nervous about it, it’s just part of it. When you go back in…Nuvia’s going to take care of that. They’ll go in, take new measurements, and make everything look pretty again.”

Dental Implant Cost: Is This One of the Disadvantages of Dental Implants?

As someone who did plenty of research and went through various consultations with other providers, Ricky is very aware of how the cost of dental implants is a concern for many people. However, the cost itself wasn’t on his list of disadvantages of dental implants, and here’s why. 

“It’s like pulling teeth if you know what I mean. Trying to get the cost out of some of these places that you visit. I’ve visited, like I said before, seven different places, some of them more than once.”

Ricky explained that not only was the total cost of the procedure unclear at the other places he visited, they explained procedures that would have him coming back for many return appointments and could take months before his dental implants would be complete with permanent teeth.

“But Nuvia, they presented you with a cost guide. There was no run around. Once you go in for your consultation, they look at everything - Just like anybody going out to give a bid on putting a new pool in - they’ve got to see what they’re going to do. So they have a cost guide and the cost guide is pretty clear cut.”

Wondering about dental implant cost doesn’t need to be a disadvantage of dental implants. You can get the FREE dental implant cost guide here and see how affordable dental implants can be.

Ricky concludes, “the cost guide really turns that bad into a good.”

Finding a Dental Implant Provider Can Be Difficult

As Ricky described above, finding the right dental implant provider for him was a difficult and long process. If you’re looking for an experienced provider to help restore your smile in a comfortable, judgment-free environment, get started by taking a short, 60-second quiz to see if you may be eligible for permanent teeth in 24 hours from Nuvia.

Reasons You Should Consider Dental Implants at Nuvia

Ricky doesn’t just share the disadvantages of dental implants, he has a full list of everything he has loved about them too.

Improved Oral Health can Improve Your Overall Health

The first advantage Ricky shares that came from his dental implants was the improved health he experienced!

“Before these, I was sick all the time. I’d wake up in the middle of the night, had horrible reflux and everything and they thought, ok, what’s going on. I went to several doctors trying to figure it out and of course, they figured there was a lot of stuff wrong with me but they weren’t expecting this. One doctor said ‘do you think it could be your teeth?’”

Poor oral health can cause infections in the mouth, like in Ricky’s case. These infections can cause health issues throughout the body. Poor oral health can also increase the chances of heart disease

Not only does Ricky now get to enjoy a beautiful new smile, he has seen an improvement in his overall health no longer having the infection in his mouth that had caused him to frequently be sick.

Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours

As many of you can relate, time is important to Ricky. He knew he wanted a new smile and a solution to some of his dental issues but he didn’t want to wait up to 10+ months for that solution.

“I went to 15 different appointments, 7 different places I went and it would be months and months and months before I actually got teeth in my mouth. Which meant time. And when you’re a busy person, sometimes time isn’t one of those things you have.”

He explains how getting permanent teeth in 24 hours through Nuvia meant he didn’t have to wait months for his permanent teeth, he got them the day after surgery.

“I went back within 24 hours of the surgery…and they put these in. And you can see how beautiful and well crafted they are. They put those in my mouth and I left. And I was able to eat. That was one of the things that I liked. I didn’t have to make several appointments or wait without teeth - because we’ve done that for way too long.”

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Sedation and Comfort

Ricky was really concerned about what the actual procedure would be like. As he visited different providers, he realized that he was afraid

“I went to these places and I asked them ‘I want to know the breakdown, how’s this going to work?’... then they start telling you what they’re going to do. And one part of this is you’re going to be in that chair and the doctor that’s going to be taking the teeth out of your mouth - and this isn’t an everyday experience, it’s not something that’s natural - he’s going to give you a local anesthetic of some pills and a cocktail so you’re awake the whole time. I already had enough anxiety about going to the dentist as it was, it was just not what I wanted. They were ok with it. Ricky? Not so much. 

The thought of being awake during this procedure was truly frightening for Ricky. It wasn’t until he found Nuvia that he learned that he could peacefully sleep through the whole thing.

Ricky recalls his consultation. “The important question was ‘am I going to be awake or am I going to be asleep?’ and they said ‘we knock you out’. I was excited because I knew I wasn’t going to feel a thing. I was going to be out of it, asleep. Not groggy, not hearing what’s going on… This is what sealed the deal right here”.

Not only do patients get peace of mind knowing they can sleep through the procedure, they are provided with both a CRNA who takes care of the anesthesia through the process and an oral surgeon who can be fully focused on placing the implants rather than multitasking with the anesthesia. At Nuvia, everything is done with the patient in mind.

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