What Are “Teeth In A Day”?

You’ve probably seen the ads on TV or heard them on the radio…

Saying that you can get “teeth in a day”!

This sounds great of course… 

And while it is true that you get teeth in a day…

There’s more to it

If you’re considering getting dental implants…

This may be the most important few minutes of reading you’ll do. 

Because the truth is that for many patients, the experience can often be VERY

DIFFERENT than what they were expecting.

How do we know?

Our doctors used to do dental implants the traditional way (“teeth in a day”).

But since then…

NUVIA Has Pioneered A New, Innovative Approach That 1000’s Of Patients Are Raving About… 

So let’s dive into the differences between the traditional way, and NUVIA’s 24 Hr process…

Here’s How “Teeth In A Day” Typically Works…

It starts with a basic denture made of acrylic (plastic).

teeth in a day in nuvia

You’ve just had your dental implants placed on surgery day…

…and this denture needs to be attached so that you can leave with teeth. 

But these teeth are just temporary… 

(Or as they're called in the dental industry: “TEMPS”)

Your final set of permanent teeth will come much later… 

In some cases it may take up to 10 months or longer.

First, the staff measures the denture to know where to attach it to your implants. 

And the drilling begins…


They shave down the palette…

Then, drill holes around where it will attach to the implants.

Because this is a manual process, it can be difficult to get the denture to fit precisely.

Take a look at this temporary denture “converted” to attach to implants…

Dark circles in dental implant

Can you see the large dark circles there?

That's where they drilled holes to try to fit the metal cylinders to the implants.

Often, the holes don’t match up with your dental implants after the first measurement…

So they have to go back to drill a bigger hole…

Or at a different angle…

Until they fit right.

Then the rest of the area is filled in with liquid plastic.

Then the rest of the area is filled in with liquid plastic.

The good news is that you'll be leaving with teeth on surgery day. 

The bad news is that your teeth are temporary and made of weak plastic. 

A study done on these type of dentures by the Odonto Dental Journal1 says this:

“...acrylic resin denture bases have several weaknesses. One of them, which often happens, is fracture…”

In other words, they tend to break… often. 

On top of that, after shaving it down…

Drilling large holes… 

Then filling them with liquid plastic…

This “converted” denture can end up even weaker than it started out.

Which unfortunately can cause them to break during healing. 

This “converted” denture can end up even weaker than it started out.

Imagine needing to come back into the clinic several times because your "temps" broke again. 🤦🙄

It’s frustrating. 

For both you and the dentist.

For that reason, your dentist may require you to be on a liquid only diet for up to 4 weeks or more... 

(because chewing anything can increase the chance of your temps breaking… or could compromise the healing of your implants) 

NUVIA's 24 Hour Permanent Teeth Are Built Differently…

They’re made of FDA approved final materials…

One of them is Zirconia*...

How does it compare to the acrylic denture?

That same study I mentioned before measured the “flexural strength” of acrylic dentures…

(it just means how strong something is when you try to bend it)

The dentures measured a “flexural strength” of 62 MPa1

(MPa is just a way to measure the flex strength called a “megapascal”)

Zirconia on the other hand…

Has been measured at 900–1200 MPa2.

That's over 14 times stronger!

Because of this stability…

NUVIA’s teeth act kind of like a splint…

…or how a solid cast helps stabilize a broken arm while it heals. 

This allows you to eat soft foods right away... 

…instead of being a liquid only diet. 

(depending of course on the doctor’s recommendations for your unique situation)

And then, once your implants have fully healed… 

You’ll be able to eat all your favorite solid foods again*

…which is usually around 4 months or so after surgery.

But NUVIA’s teeth are not just strong…

They’re made to mimic the look of natural teeth:

They’re made to mimic the look of natural teeth:

Aren’t those beautiful?

The “Wax Try-In” Phase

The next phase in the traditional dental implant process is a “wax try-in”. 

By this point, you may have been wearing your plastic temporary teeth for up to 6 months

(hopefully they haven't broken during that time)

…it’s finally time to start the process to get your permanent set.

The staff usually starts by placing a “wax rim” into your mouth and then adds “chiclet” style teeth to it.

Like this:

They have to heat up the wax and move the teeth around
They have to heat up the wax and move the teeth around

They have to heat up the wax and move the teeth around, trying to match them up to the right spots.

(obviously this is a manual process and a lot depends on the skill of the person doing it) 

Once they feel it’s as good as they can get it, the wax try-in set is sent off to the lab.

It can take the lab a week or two, sometimes longer, to create a replica to send back to the clinic. 

Then you’ll need to come back in for another appointment to try it on and see how it fits.

If it needs adjustment, the staff has to go through the same process again…

Sending it back to the lab…

Then back again to try on…


And again

Until they get it just right.

This process can take up to an additional 5 to 10 appointments

And up to an extra 2-4 months or more depending on the speed of the lab.

That’s a total of up to 10 months (or more) to get the permanent set that you thought you were getting on day one!

It’s kinda like waiting for Amazon's 2-day shipping but it doesn’t arrive until next year!

A NEW Way…

At NUVIA, we don’t do "temps". 

As you’ve seen… 

…the entire temporary teeth process can be a long frustrating experience for the patient.

We know firsthand because that’s the way we USED to do it too.

And we were determined to develop a different way... 

A process that would ACTUALLY deliver New Permanent Teeth in just 24 hours.

Over 10 years of research…

And massive investments in amazingly talented people and highly advanced technology made it possible…

We did it!

Take a look at the picture below.

Our lab director snapped a quick picture of our 24-hour permanent teeth right after it was finished. 

24-hour permanent teeth right after it was finished

These beautiful permanent teeth are delivered to you just 24 hours after your surgery…

No temporary acrylic dentures to worry about…

No waiting for up to 10+ months for your final permanent set of teeth… 

Just 24 hours after surgery you get your new final permanent teeth!

Take a look at some of the amazing 24hr smile restorations using this process:

Before After Dental Implant
Before After Dental Implant
Before After Dental Implant
Before After Dental Implant
Before After Dental Implant
Before After Dental Implant

Here’s How We Do It…

Step #1 - Digital Scan and Pre-Planning

We take pictures with a 3D CT Scanner and an ingenious, high-tech camera… 

These precisely map your entire mouth…

And they allow the surgeon and lab to plan out exactly where the implants need to be placed… 

Step #2 -  Color and Style Selection

Here you get to select the color, shape and look of your new teeth.

Our experienced staff will help you craft the smile of your dreams…

…while making sure that your shape and color selection looks completely natural. 


Step #3 - Sleep Safely and Peacefully Through Your Surgery

It’s surgery day! 

For some, surgery can be a daunting thought. 

You might be wondering… 

Will it hurt? 

Will everything go alright?

These are completely normal concerns. 

Every one of our patients has likely felt that way before their surgery day. 

The short answer is… 

We’ve designed specific protocols to ensure that you’re safe and comfortably asleep through the entire process.

But before we get to more details about that…

There are two very important things you need to know…


Any general dentist can go take a weekend course to learn how to place dental implants…

…then start doing surgeries the next day. 

There is no certification required by the dental board. 

(that might be shocking if you’re hearing that for the first time) 

That’s NOT how we do things here. 

At NUVIA we ONLY employ Surgeons who have had extensive experience placing implants…

…and who must pass rigorous surgical standards before being hired. 


Almost all of our surgeons are board certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons who have undergone years of accredited residency.

Having only experienced surgeons on staff is just one part of our safety protocols. 


A traditional dental implant dentist may wear multiple hats during surgery.

They may do almost everything including the anesthesia…

Which means they could have to juggle watching your vitals…

…while they perform the surgery. 

At NUVIA, your surgeon will be focused 100% on surgery…

You wouldn’t want them distracted from the task at hand… 

That’s why we have a whole team to take care of you during the procedure… 


Including Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA’s)…

…who make sure you're comfortably and safely asleep through the entire procedure. 

With the traditional dental implant process, there may be an extra charge for anesthesia. 

Not here. 

It’s “built-in” and included at no extra cost to you.

Step #4 - Rest and Relax Until Tomorrow

Your surgery is done!

Now you simply go home and rest for the night. 

You won't need to spend up to 4 extra hours feeling groggy in the chair while getting fitted for temps.

Step #5 - Our Lab Works Overnight To Make Your New Permanent Teeth

Through the night, our talented lab staff members lovingly hand craft your new set of permanent teeth...

So that they are ready when you come back the next day!


Step #6 - New Permanent Teeth Installed 24Hrs Later

When you come back the next day, we attach your precision made, custom permanent teeth to your implants…

…and it’s done.

You walk out of the office with beautiful permanent teeth in just 24 hours!


The physical and emotional burden of your problem teeth could be gone in 24 hours…

...replaced with a stunning new permanent set.


--> Smiling again without any reservation or feeling the need to cover your mouth

Smiling again without any reservation

--> Laughing again from the depths of your soul without worrying if someone will see your teeth

happy cilents after dental implant in nuvia

--> Getting compliments from friends and family (even strangers) AMAZED at how great you look!...

happy cilents after dental implant in nuvia

--> Going out with friends, or to special events you've been avoiding because of embarrassment…

happy cilents after dental implant in nuvia

--> Going out for steak dinner with a loved one like you used to.

steak dinner

That’s what NUVIA’s 24hr Permanent Teeth is REALLY about…

It’s not about surgery, or teeth, or any of that. 

Yes, that's a necessary part of it…

But truly… 

It’s about getting back to who YOU really are

Living life how you want to live it… unrestricted

So you can finally live life to the fullest. 

That’s why we’re so passionate about what we do here. 

nuvia staffs

It’s what drives us everyday…

It’s why all the staff here call ourselves “Smile Makers” (SML MKR)

nuvia staffs

To see another patient change their life…

It’s everything to us. 

happy clients in nuvia

In fact… the word NUVIA means “New Life”.

And that’s what we see, over and over again…

Our patients find a brand new life…

A life that they’ve missed out on for so long. 


If you’re ready to join them…

And start living your best new life…

Your first step is simple...

Click the button below to take our 60 second quiz to see if you may be a candidate. 

Our friendly staff will reach out to you to go over your results…

…and to recommend your next step. 

Are You Eligible For Permanent Teeth In 24hrs?

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What Are The Benefits Of NUVIA's 24hr Permanent Teeth?

Permanent Teeth Delivered in 24hrs

Rather than waiting up to 10 months or longer with the traditional dental implant process…

…you’ll have your permanent teeth 24hrs after surgery. 

  • Eat Soft Foods* Immediately

With the traditional process, you could be on a liquid diet for up to 6 weeks, then soft foods for up to 8+ months after that. 

At NUVIA, (depending on the surgeon’s recommendation) you can start eating soft foods immediately…

…then transition to eating all your favorite foods again as soon as your dental implants are fully healed. 

  • FDA Approved Teeth, No Plastic “Temps”

Here we make your new teeth from strong, FDA-approved materials that are meant to last. 

You won't have to deal with plastic temps that can break while healing…

…you get solid, durable, permanent teeth right from the start. 

  • Digitally Mapped for Precise Fit

Traditional methods may rely on multiple, manual wax mold adjustments…

…which depend on the provider's skill.

Whereas NUVIA utilizes advanced digital mapping for a precise fit.

  • Slim Design for a Natural Feel

NUVIA's beautiful, slim design helps create a natural feel…

That’s something a temporary denture can have a hard time doing. 

  • Teeth Created By In-House Lab

NUVIA’s in-house lab speeds the process and helps reduce costs

Whereas traditional methods may have to work with third-party labs that can cause delays and additional expenses.

  • Comfortably Asleep During Procedure

NUVIA includes comfortable sedation by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist at no extra cost with your procedure. 

With traditional methods, sedation may not be offered, or can come with an additional fee.

  • Team of Surgeons, CRNA’s & Restorative Doctors for Every Procedure

At NUVIA, a whole team of Surgeons, CRNAs, Dental Assistants and Restorative Doctors work together on your procedure…

…and it's all included in the cost. 

With the traditional dental implant process you may have one dentist trying to do it all.

Are You Eligible For NUVIA’s Permanent Teeth In 24hrs?

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WARNING: There are Serious Health Risks to Delaying Dental Treatment

Changing your life with full mouth dental implant treatment is amazing…

But it’s not just about looking good or being able to eat your favorite foods again. 

Whether or not you get dental implants…

…delaying dental treatment and ignoring dental issues is a health risk.

It can lead to serious health problems. 

Did you know that…

Periodontal disease can increase your risk of

cardiovascular disease by 34%3

Periodontal disease can increase your risk

The CDC says4 that 47.2% of adults over 30 have some form of periodontal disease.

And 70.1% of adults over 65 have periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is also…

Linked to a higher chance of developing Alzheimer’s5

developing Alzheimer’s5

Research has also shown…

The more teeth you're missing, the more your risk of serious health issues climbs.

teeth xray

In fact one study found that… 

Risk of death is 30% higher in folks missing all their teeth6

…than those with 20 or more healthy teeth.

before dental implant

One reason for that is… 

When you’re missing teeth, it often forces you to eat soft foods…

Those soft foods are often low in nutrients

Which can lead to malnutrition, and more overall health problems. 

Taking care of your dental problems is about much more than just your looks… 

It's about keeping you healthy and living a long full life.

On top of that, ignoring missing teeth can lead to jaw bone loss6

When the jawbone shrinks, it can also make your facial structure look older than you actually are

And unfortunately… 

If you lose too much jawbone… you may not even be a candidate for dental implants later on.

We’ve had many patients beg us to start treatment… 

But because they waited too long, and they’d lost too much bone…

We couldn’t help them. 

Those are sad moments. 

So don’t wait too long… click here to start the process and find out if you may be eligible. 

Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment May Help Prevent These Risks

First off, by removing infection and periodontal disease, you're cutting down the risks associated with them…

Like heart disease and Alzheimer's.

Then there's the boost to your diet… 

Your ability to chew properly will be restored, letting you dive back into nutrient-rich foods. 

healthy food image

This means a healthier you, from the inside out.

Dental implants also stimulate growth in the jawbone…

Helping prevent future jawbone loss. 

In short, full mouth dental implants do much more than just fix your smile… 

They can play a large role in improving your overall health, and decreasing your risk of major health problems. 

Have You Put Off Your Dental Problems To Take Care Of Others?

Many of our patients have told us…

That they’ve put off fixing their dental issues to take care of their family. 

But what they realize after getting their procedure…

…is that they’re now able to enjoy those relationships so much more

And they often wish they’d done it sooner. 

If the thought of fixing your dental issues makes you feel guilty…

Or self-indulgent

Don’t do it for you…

Do it for the years of good health that your loved ones can enjoy with you

The greatest gift we have is the gift of relationships…

And improving your health is a gift that extends beyond yourself…

…ensuring you're there, healthy and smiling, for all the moments your loved ones need you most.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do NUVIA’s 24-hour permanent teeth typically last?

The materials used, like zirconia and titanium, are known for their long term durability and strength…

They can last for many years… even a lifetime, with proper care.

What's the cost difference between the NUVIA 24-hour process and the traditional dental implant procedure? 

Since the cost of dental implant treatment varies widely between dental practices and based on the situation of the patient, it’s impossible to give a complete answer here.

However, you can read our latest dental implant cost and information guide here. 

You can also call to schedule a consultation appointment where we can give you a clear treatment plan and cost for your unique situation. 

Is surgery at NUVIA different from the traditional method, and how is it possible to attach the permanent teeth in just 24 hours?

NUVIA's surgical procedure involves extracting teeth (if necessary), placing dental implants, and then attaching custom-designed, permanent teeth within 24 hours. 

This contrasts with traditional methods where temporary dentures are often used for several months before permanent teeth are placed. 

NUVIA's in-house lab and advanced technology facilitate the rapid creation of permanent teeth, making the 24-hour turnaround possible.

Don't the implants need time to heal before placing the permanent teeth? 

Healing of the implants is critical in any dental implant procedure. 

This healing period allows for osseointegration (where the implant fuses with the jawbone) providing a stable base for the new teeth and can take several months. 

In order to heal properly, your implants need to be stable… similar to how a broken arm needs a stable cast.

Placing the final, solid, permanent set of teeth 24 hours after surgery allows for the implants to have a very stable base to heal from. 

What kind of maintenance and aftercare do NUVIA implants require? 

Maintenance for NUVIA’s teeth involves routine oral hygiene practices such as brushing, flossing (a waterpik often works great for this), and regular check-up visits to make sure everything is in order.

After the normal post surgery check-ups to make sure healing of the implants is going well, typically patients come in for an annual check-up

Just like natural teeth, the longevity of the implants is significantly influenced by good oral hygiene and regular professional care.

What is the success rate of NUVIA’s 24-hour implants?

Studies have shown that dental implants are generally successful, with a 90%-95% success rate over 10 years7

However, success rates are affected by a lot of different factors unique to each patient, such as age and gender, smoking habits, systemic diseases, and oral hygiene.

The stability of the implant placed, and skill of the surgeon also play a factor. This is why it is important to choose a provider with experienced surgeons and clinical staff, as well as following doctor recommendations for hygiene and care.  

How do you determine if a patient is a good candidate for the 24-hour permanent teeth procedure?

First, we start with a free online assessment that you can take here.

Next, a friendly staff member will review the assessment and based on the results, recommend a next step. 

A comprehensive in-office evaluation including a 3D CT scan and a review of the patient’s dental and medical history is then completed and candidacy can then be fully determined. 

What is the typical recovery process and timeline for a patient after undergoing the NUVIA procedure? How does it compare to the recovery time for traditional implants?

The recovery process for NUVIA's procedure is typically quick, with many patients resuming normal activities within a day or two

The implants need time to heal and fully integrate with the jawbone which can take around 4 months or so, which is similar to traditional dental implant processes. 

NUVIA’s permanent teeth placed 24 hours after surgery provide a stable base for the implant healing process… 

This is different from the traditional process which places a temporary acrylic denture during the healing phase. 

Does getting dental implants hurt?

Pain tolerance is different to each individual patient, and we take every effort to help you feel comfortable during and after surgery. 

With our expert anesthetists at your side, you'll safely sleep through the entire procedure, with no memories of it afterward.

Our patients often express amazement at the minimal discomfort they feel after surgery. Most find that over-the-counter pain relievers suffice for a day or two after surgery

Is NUVIA’s procedure safe?

Here, safety is built-in, not added on. 

We provide an entire team of experienced surgeons, anesthetists, assistants and restorative doctors to ensure your safety and comfort at no additional cost.

Our process includes rigorous sterile protocols, dedicated sedation specialists, protected airway during surgery, precise digital pre-planning, essential post operation support and more. 

Safety is not just a word; it's a promise, a commitment to our patients' well-being that runs deep in the heart of NUVIA.

Do you take my insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance companies consider dental implants to be cosmetic in nature and therefore do not typically cover more than a small amount towards things like teeth extraction, etc. 

For any insurance claims you’ll need to speak with your insurance provider and submit directly to them based on their requirements.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, NUVIA works with third-party financing companies to help you manage the cost through affordable monthly payment plans. 

This can be a helpful option for those who prefer to spread the cost over time.

If you want to learn more about NUVIA’s process and procedure, or dental implants in general, click here to read through our article library. 

To learn more about costs, insurance and affordability, click here for our free Cost and Information Guide. 

To find out if you may be a candidate for NUVIA’s 24hr smile restoration, click here to take our free 60-second online quiz. 


  1. The effect of non-dental glass fiber volume fraction on flexural strength of heat cured acrylic resin: http://jurnal.unissula.ac.id/index.php/odj/article/view/20762/7777 
  2. Strength and aging resistance of monolithic zirconia: an update to current knowledge: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6872834/
  3. Periodontal diseases and cardiovascular events: meta-analysis of observational studies: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19774803/
  4. CDC - Periodontal Disease: https://www.cdc.gov/oral-health/about/gum-periodontal-disease.html 
  5. Analysis the Link between Periodontal Diseases and Alzheimer’s Disease: A Systematic Review: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8430572/ 
  6. Dental Health Behaviors, Dentition, and Mortality in the Elderly: The Leisure World Cohort Study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3124861/ 
  7. Factors Affecting the Survival Rate of Dental Implants: A Retrospective Study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5774056/ 
The NUVIA Difference

Why Wait Up To 10 Months Or More For Your New Smile?

The traditional dental implant process can be outdated, inconvenient and long. Nuvia’s 24hr permanent teeth process is innovative, convenient and fast.

Nuvia Dental Implant Center Logo
Nuvia's 24HR Permanent Teeth
Traditional dental implants

Permanent Teeth Delivered in 24hrs

Up to 10+ months wait for permanent teeth

Eat Soft Foods* Immediately

May be on liquid diet for up to 6 weeks, then soft foods for up to 8+ months

Only 1 Appointment to Get Permanent Teeth

Up to 9+ visits required

Zirconia* Material

Delivered in 24hrs

Varies; delivered up to 10+ months after surgery

Titanium Framework

Flexibility of acrylic denture can be prone to break, may disrupt healing

Digitally Mapped for Precise Fit

Multiple, manual wax mold adjustments. Dependent on skill of provider

Slim Design for a Natural Feel

Temporary denture can be bulky and feel less natural

Teeth Created By In-House Lab

Saves you time and cost

Back and forth with 3rd party labs can cause delays & added expense

Comfortably Asleep During Procedure

Sedation included at no extra cost

Varies; may not be offered or can be an extra fee

Team of Surgeons, CRNA’s & Restorative Doctors for Every Procedure

Included at no extra cost

Varies; single dentist may handle multiple roles

Nuvia's 24HR Permanent Teeth
Traditional "TEETH IN A DAY"

Permanent Teeth Delivered in 24hrs

Up to 10+ months wait for permanent teeth

Eat Soft Foods* Immediately

May be on liquid diet for up to 6 weeks, then soft foods for up to 8+ months

Only 1 Appointment to Get Permanent Teeth

Up to 9+ visits required

Zirconia* Material

Delivered in 24hrs

Varies; delivered up to 10+ months after surgery

Digitally Mapped for Precise Fit the First Time

Multiple, manual wax mold adjustments. Dependent on skill of provider

Slim Design for a More Natural Feel

Temporary denture can be bulky and feel less natural

Teeth Created By In-House Lab

Saves you time and cost

Back and forth with 3rd party labs can cause delays & added expense

Comfortably Asleep During Procedure

Sedation included at no extra cost

Varies; may not be offered or can be an extra fee

Team of Surgeons, CRNA’s & Restorative Doctors for Every Procedure

Included at no extra cost

Varies; single dentist may handle multiple roles

*Not all those who come in for a consultation are eligible for this treatment. Results may vary in individual cases.

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