Teeth-in-a-Day "Temps" Vs.
Nuvia's Permanent Teeth In

Say no to teeth in a day's temporary dentures

The commercials all say “teeth in a day” and that’s all you need to know, right? That you can get new teeth in just one day?


What a lot of people don’t realize is that not all fabricated teeth are created equal… On Halloween you could get a pair of vampire fangs for 50¢, but they are not the same as your grandma’s old dentures.

Both, however, are “technically teeth”.

What most people think when they hear teeth in a day, is that they will get permanent dental implants, with teeth made from a hard and durable material like Zirconia, and that they can eat whatever they want again immediately afterwards.

Nuts, steak, veggies, chips, you name it. 

But, we are going to let you in on a secret. A secret that, once you fully understand it, will change the way you look at teeth.

It will change the way you look at dental implants.

The traditional all on 4® or "teeth-in-a-day" method typically provides you with acrylic (plastic) dentures the day of surgery… not the permanent teeth you may have hoped for.

Of course the dentures are shaved down a bit with holes drilled into them so they can be secured to the newly placed implants…

But it is still just a denture.

This set of teeth is sometimes called a temp, or provisional, because it acts as a “temporary set” until the implants fully heal and the clinic can make your permanent set.

 After a series of additional adjustments are made to try to get that set of teeth to fit to the implants placed, you go home with a set of temps.

Again, that temporary set is a denture. Not a super durable material or a combination of materials to sure up the set placed right after surgery.

Most dental implant centers don’t start working on the permanent set of teeth until they feel the implants have attached to the bone fully. To ensure this happens, they put the patient (you) on a liquid diet, sometimes for a month or two, for “osseointegration purposes”.

Then, when they start working on the permanent set of teeth, a lot of people outsource to third-party labs, which can take time. They also use manual techniques such as wax try-ins to manually create versions of the permanent teeth. This can also take time.

If you are going through this method, you might not receive your permanent set of new teeth for up to 10+ months.

AT NUVIA®, you get your permanent teeth in 24 hours.

While it is very important for the implants to be integrated into the bone, and we can’t change the way that osseointegration happens, we can change the way we approach it.

Like how we changed from using the pony express to Amazon’s 2-day shipping. Same problem, but vastly different approaches.

The biggest concern we, and most dental implant centers have, about possible implant failure is something called micro-movements.

Micro-movements are why other dental implant centers put their patients on a liquid diet for up to 4-6 weeks after the surgery. They are why implants might not fully integrate into the bone.

When the implants are placed, holes are drilled into the jaw bone, and then the posts (implants) are put in. Even though the implants are in the jaw, the bone and the implants are not firmly attached yet, the bone has to re-grow around the implant.

A good example would be setting a fence post in cement. First you would dig a hole, next put the post in, and then finally pour wet cement around it. 

Before the post can do its job and hold up a fence, the cement needs to dry or else the post could fall over.

It’s basically the same thing with Dental Implants.

Before the dental implant can act like a tooth root, the bone has to grow around the implant and hold it still. Or else, there could be micro-movements that widen the hole, loosen the implant, and cause the implant to fail.

This is why other centers recommend liquid diets, because they want there to be no weight on the implants.

At least that is how it was traditionally taken care of.

At Nuvia, we approach it differently.

Think again about trying to keep a post standing up straight in wet cement. You could leave it exactly where it is and wait for the cement to dry, or you could securely attach it to some other nearby posts and keep it stable. 

What if the fence the post needs to hold up, was actually built in a way that it held up the post until the cement could dry?

By securely attaching it to the other posts, you can start adding weight without the post moving.

And that is how we approach creating permanent teeth, by securely attaching the implants to a permanent set of teeth to try and stop micro-movements from the second the teeth are attached.

Because the permanent set of prosthetic teeth hold such a vital position in our process, we start creating the permanent teeth before we place the actual dental implants. We do this at an appointment we call a Smile Design.

The Smile Design appointment is where you meet with one of our Smile Makers to design what your teeth will look like. Do you want rounded or square teeth, what shade would you like, how much gum would you like to show, etc.

After we place the dental implants, we scan your mouth with a really cool and accurate mapping camera. Then, our in-house lab will mill a permanent set of teeth custom to your mouth and implants, and according to the design agreed upon in the Smile Design Appointment. Because of this, we don’t have to worry about the human error from drilling holes and converting a denture into a “temp”.

Your permanent set of prosthetic teeth are created OVERNIGHT by our team, so that it is ready to be placed within 24 hours of the dental implant surgery.

The goal of these prosthetic teeth is to not only be your permanent teeth, or just allow you to eat food and speak clearly again, but to secure the implants while we wait for osseointegration (the bone growing around the implants) to occur. Just like securing the post in wet cement instead of leaving it completely alone.

*Immediately after the teeth are attached, you can eat soft foods. This includes pastas, fish, anything that can be cut with a plastic fork.

Once the implants are fully healed, and the doctor clears you, you will be able to eat just about any food you want. Steak, Jerky, Chips… They sky's the limit (or really, your stomach’s the limit).

We believe in this method to secure dental implants, and we are confident in our ability to provide an incredible experience, as we have done for THOUSANDS of others. If you don't believe us, you can find a bunch of video testimonials on our website or our social media channels.

So, instead of waiting for sometimes up to 10+ months for a permanent set of teeth with the traditional teeth in a day method, you can get a permanent set of teeth within 24 hours at Nuvia.

Does that sound like a bad deal?

 If you want to move one step further towards your permanent teeth, or have any questions about how or what this process would look like for you specifically, fill out our online evaluation form and a representative will contact you shortly.

If you have not had a consultation with us, call us at: (866) 366-8777