December 15, 2023

CT Scan for Dental Implants

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3D imaging

Have you ever wondered how dentists plan your treatment so precisely, especially for something as important as dental implants? One of our secrets at Nuvia Dental Implant Center, is 'Advanced 3D Mapping.' Let's break down what this is and how it makes your dental care experience enjoyable.

What is Advanced 3D Mapping?

Picture this: a technology that can take an ultra-detailed, three-dimensional snapshot of your mouth. That's what we call Advanced 3D Mapping. It's like a GPS system but for dental care. Using cutting-edge scanners, we capture every tiny detail of your teeth, gums, and jawbone in a 3D image. This isn't just any picture; it's a highly detailed map that shows us everything we need to know about your mouth’s landscape.

But why do we need such a detailed image? Imagine trying to find a specific location in a big city without a map. It would be pretty tough, right? Similarly, for precise dental treatments like implants, we need a clear view of where everything is. This 3D map helps us see the exact positions, shapes, and sizes of your teeth and bones.

What's amazing about this technology is that it allows us to see things we couldn't see with just a regular X-ray or examination. We can spot the tiniest details, like the thickness of your jawbone and the position of nerves and sinuses. This information is crucial for us to plan your treatment accurately.

Advanced 3D Mapping means safe, personalized, and effective dental care. With this detailed map, we can plan exactly where your implants should go, ensuring a great fit and a smooth procedure. It's like having a tailor-made plan for your smile, crafted with precision and care.

Why Do We Use 3D Mapping?


This 3D picture helps us see exactly where to place dental implants. It's like having a roadmap for the perfect spot for each implant.

Customized Care: 

Every mouth is different. 3D Mapping lets us create a treatment plan that's just right for you.


By seeing your mouth in 3D, we avoid guesswork. This means safe and comfortable treatments for you.

The Process:

When you come in for dental implants, we'll use a scanner to make a 3D map of your mouth. You won't feel anything – it's just like taking a photo. Once we have this map, we plan your treatment step by step, ensuring everything is just right.


Advanced 3D Mapping is one of the ways we make sure you get great care. It's part of our commitment to using the latest technology for your safety, comfort, and great results. Want to learn more about how this technology can help you? Take our 60-second quiz to find out if you may be eligible for dental implants.


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Dental Implant Cost Guide

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