Smile Transformations

Gary’s Smile Was in Danger - Nuvia Safely Transformed His Life.

The Ultimate Guide to Full Mouth Dental Implants


Meet Gary.

Gary is a 55 year old who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He battled with dental issues for years, slowly losing his teeth one at a time, until he realized it was long overdue to do something about his smile.

When Gary started searching for solutions to the dental problems he was facing and saw all of the positive interactions on Nuvia’s social media, he knew he found the right place to go. 

Gary came into Nuvia for a consultation and accepted treatment. 

After the initial consultation, Gary came in for his second appointment, The Smile Design, where he was able to work with the doctors to design his permanent smile that he would receive 24 hours after surgery. 

The third appointment was his surgery. After answering any questions, reviewing medical history, and ensuring he was ready, Gary was safely sedated under general anesthesia.

Your safety is our top priority. You can rest assured (literally) knowing that you will be asleep the entire procedure under safe general anesthesia administered by a licensed professional, all while getting top notch care from your surgeon. 

By having at least two licensed providers taking care of you while getting oral surgery, we ensure each professional can focus on doing their job to the best of their ability. The surgeon is able to focus on your surgery 100% and the anesthesia provider is able to focus on your sedation levels and vitals 100%. 

Once Gary woke up, he was able to return home the same day to rest, while we got to work on making his custom permanent teeth overnight.

One of the benefits to you of Nuvia's “Teeth in 24-hours” is that you will not need to stay in the procedure chair for hours and hours after surgery. Some “Teeth in a Day” patients stay up to 6 hours or longer after waking up from surgery to fit a temp in your mouth. 

After surgery, most patients just want to go back to sleep in their bed until the effects of anesthesia are out of their system. That’s why at Nuvia, once you wake up from surgery, you get to go home and we do all the work while you are at home resting. You can learn more about this process here.

When Gary came back fully rested the next day to get his permanent teeth placed, he told us that he was looking forward to being able to smile again because it has been so long for him since he was confident enough to do so.  

Jose, the lab director at Nuvia states, “What we need to have to be able to do [full mouth dental implants] is the passion.”

This passion is something that we encourage every member of our team to have. From the warm welcome at the door all the way to the installation of your brand new teeth. “The Passion” is the difference you have been searching for, and what has driven us to spend so much time and money in creating the processes to deliver permanent teeth in 24 hours.

Nuvia has been able to play a role in changing thousands of lives and doesn’t plan on stopping there. We want to help change the world by eliminating dentures entirely. We believe that nobody deserves dentures, so we have found a way for them not to.

So, what do you say? Are you ready for your new life?

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