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From Dentures to a Dream Smile: Kathryn's Journey to Confidence.

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Katheryn's Journey to a Confident Smile

The big deal about dentures, dental implants, and dental health.

Dental health is an essential aspect of overall health and wellness, and missing teeth can be a significant source of discomfort and embarrassment. To address this problem, dental implants have become a popular solution for those with missing teeth. Dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth and provide a permanent and non-removable  to missing teeth, unlike complete dentures.

denture impression on a typodont

Immediate dentures are a type of denture that can be fitted right after the removal of teeth. This allows individuals to avoid the inconvenience of being without teeth for an extended period. 

However, immediate dentures will need to be adjusted as the gums and hard tissues heal after teeth removal. 

Complete dentures are a long term removable option. They are made of acrylic which can wear the gum tissue down. It is important to keep in mind that they need to be taken out for cleaning and maintenance every day so bacteria does not build up in the mouth or on the denture.

Dentures in cleaning solution

The choice between dental implants, complete dentures, and partial dentures will depend on a number of factors, including the extent of the tooth loss and the health of the gums and surrounding tissues. Individuals with healthy gums and sufficient jawbone density are often good candidates for dental implants. Those with unhealthy gums or limited jawbone density may benefit from dentures.

Denture teeth are an essential component of dentures and play a critical role in restoring the appearance and function of the mouth. Denture teeth are designed to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match the individual's needs and preferences.

Denture teeth options

To maintain good oral health, it is essential to take proper care of dentures. Regular cleaning is crucial to prevent the buildup of bacteria and other harmful substances that can lead to denture stomatitis, a condition in which the tissues in the mouth become inflamed and painful.

To keep dentures clean, individuals should remove them from the mouth and brush them thoroughly with a denture cleaning solution and a soft-bristled brush. They should also rinse with water and allow them to air-dry before reinserting them into the mouth.

Denture adhesives are products that are used to keep dentures in place and prevent them from slipping or shifting. Denture adhesives can be in the form of powders, creams, or strips and are applied to the denture base to help secure it in place.

Despite the best care and maintenance, dentures may sometimes need repair. Denture repair is a process in which a dentist or dental lab technician repairs broken or damaged dentures. The extent of the damage will determine the type of repair needed, and it can range from simple repairs like replacing a single tooth to more complex repairs like replacing the entire denture.

Lab technician repairing dentures

How Dentures affected Kathryn:

For Kathryn, living with dentures was a daily challenge. From the immediate dentures to the complete dentures, she was never satisfied. The constant slipping and shifting of her dentures made it difficult for her to eat, drink, talk, or even smile with confidence. She could not get them to stay in place. She would use denture adhesive to try and get the device to stick. But the denture adhesives would not work like she hoped. Eventually she just stopped wearing them. 

As a Walmart employee, she had to go to work without any teeth in her mouth, which greatly affected her self-esteem and confidence.

But all of this changed when Kathryn discovered Nuvia Dental Implant Center in Denver, CO. At Nuvia, she found a solution to her dental problems with their full mouth dental implants. She was overjoyed to find an option that would finally help her regain her confidence and improve her quality of life.

Kathryn's busy schedule was one of the main reasons she chose Nuvia Dental Implant Center's permanent teeth in 24 hours option. With her job at Walmart, she didn't have the luxury of taking time off work to undergo a lengthy dental procedure. But with Nuvia's 24-hour option, she was able to get her new teeth quickly and efficiently, without having to sacrifice her work schedule.

Katheryn at work

The permanent teeth in 24 hours process at Nuvia Dental Implant Center involves using a special dental implant system that allows for the placement of the implants and the permanent teeth in just 24 hours. This means that Kathryn was able to walk into the office with her dentures and walk out with a permanent, beautiful smile, all within 24 hours.

When Kathryn met Dr. Cardwell at Nuvia Dental Implant Center, she felt instantly at ease. Dr. Cardwell listened to Kathryn's concerns and helped her understand the benefits of full mouth dental implants. She explained how they could be customized to fit Kathryn's mouth perfectly and how they would provide her with a permanent, natural-looking smile.

Dr. Caldwell and Katheryn

Kathryn was eager to start the process and couldn't wait to see the final result. Dr. Caldwell and her team were there every step of the way, making sure she was comfortable and happy with her new smile. Throughout the process, they kept her informed and updated on her progress, and they made sure she was always relaxed and at ease.

This option was perfect for Kathryn's busy schedule, as it allowed her to get the smile she wanted without having to take time off work. It also meant that she was able to get back to her normal routine quickly, without having to worry about any long recovery time or discomfort.

Kathryn was thrilled with the results of her permanent teeth in 24 hours at Nuvia Dental Implant Center. She finally had a set of teeth she could be proud of. They looked and felt just like real teeth, and she could eat, drink, and smile with confidence. The transformation was truly incredible, and Kathryn was amazed by how much her new smile brought out the best in her face.

At work, her colleagues noticed the difference too. They complimented her on her beautiful teeth, and she was able to engage in conversations and socialize with people without feeling self-conscious. The transformation was more than just physical; it was emotional too. Kathryn had gained back the confidence she lost when she was stuck wearing dentures.

Kathryn is grateful for Nuvia Dental Implant Center. They changed her life and she would highly recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their smile. She loves her new smile so much that she wants to help others get the same incredible experience. That's why she's spreading the word about Nuvia and their life-changing work.

The team not only provided Kathryn with the permanent teeth she needed to improve her quality of life, but they also went above and beyond to make sure she could afford the procedure. They offer a range of financing options and accept insurance, making the process of getting permanent teeth more accessible and affordable.

looking at finances on a computer

Kathryn's journey to a confident smile was not without its challenges, but with the help of Nuvia Dental Implant Center, she was able to overcome them. The process of getting permanent teeth in 24 hours was quick, efficient, and worth it. She was amazed by the results, and her life has been transformed.

Katheryn and Dr. Caldwell saying goodbye

Living with dentures was a daily struggle for Kathryn, but with Nuvia Dental Implant Center, she was able to overcome this challenge. She now has a set of permanent teeth that look and feel so much better than her dentures did. Her confidence and self-esteem have been restored, and she can now smile, eat, drink, and talk with confidence.

Nuvia Dental Implant Center's permanent teeth in 24 hours option was the perfect solution for Kathryn. With a busy schedule and limited time off work, she was able to get the smile she wanted quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing her work schedule.

Kathryn explained that Nuvia Dental Implant Center went above and beyond to make sure she was comfortable and happy with her new smile. They kept her informed and updated throughout the process, and they made sure she was always relaxed and at ease.

She loved her new teeth so much. She didn't have to worry about the removable denture or trying going in to make a replacement. The days of denture care were over. Her soft tissues could be protected by her new prosthetic and her gums would find relief. 

Katheryn before and after full mouth dental implants

Nuvia Dental Implant Center has changed Kathryn's life, and she would highly recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their smile. She loves her new smile so much that she wants to encourage you to come get the same incredible experience. It all starts by taking this 60-second quiz to find out if you qualify. 

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