He Traveled From California to Salt Lake City for Dental Implants. Read why below.

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Charles had a condition called periodontal disease that caused his teeth to become loose and fall out over the years leaving him with the 6 teeth remaining in his mouth.

Charles has been able to do what many dream of. He has been to all of the continental states and gets to meet people from all over with his full time job as a truck driver! 

In the words of Lee Greenwood, Charles has seen “from the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee, across the plains of Texas from sea to shining sea. From Detroit down to Houston and New York to L.A.”

Isn’t that something?

When Charles came to see us in Salt Lake City, Utah he had 6 teeth left in his mouth.

A full set of dentition (teeth) is 32 pearly whites. That means that our new friend, Charles, had lost 26 teeth before meeting us.

When we got to know Charles a little better, we found out that he has been struggling with his teeth for more than TWENTY YEARS! 

Charles had a condition called periodontal disease that caused his teeth to become loose and fall out over the years leaving him with the 6 teeth remaining in his mouth. 

He knew for a long time that he needed to do something about it… but couldn’t spare the time required to get something like this done. That was, until he came across Nuvia. 

Charles was more than ready to restore his ability to eat and smile again. It had been a long 20 years coming for him and he was ready for his life to change. 

For Charles, the process of permanent teeth in 24 hours was able to fit into his very demanding schedule.

A lot of patients who get “Teeth in a day” can end up wearing a temporary set of teeth for up to 10 MONTHS when they were told they would be getting new teeth the same day. The “teeth” they were getting were bulky dentures. Not to mention the dozens of appointments needed to get the permanent set of teeth finally made. 

But good news… WE DON’T DO TEETH IN A DAY!

Teeth in a day can be confusing because of a very important word that makes a world of difference. That word is permanent. 

Teeth in a day are not permanent teeth in a day, they are temporary dentures that get placed the same day as the dental implants.

On the other hand, Nuvia’s teeth in 24 hours are permanent Zirconia teeth.

This is why Charles chose to come to Nuvia.

Charle’s case is a little different from most people (and not just because he has an awesome beard). Charles lived in California and came all the way to Salt Lake City for his treatment. He is what we consider to be a “travel patient.” We have had a lot of people, like Charles, choose to travel to a Nuvia Dental Implant Center to get full mouth dental implants

This opportunity is something that is benefitting many patients in America who don’t have a Nuvia location close to them. Just because you don’t have a center close to you doesn’t mean they have to settle for temporary dentures. To learn more about traveling patients, and what that process looks like, check out our traveling patients page.

Here is a quick overview.

Travel patients come for 5 days, usually from Monday - Friday. Here is what those days look like.

Monday: This day is the smile design appointment. This appointment is where you meet the team and design your very own smile. Spoiler: you get some awesome gifts for surgery day from your new friends at Nuvia.

Tuesday: This is surgery day. On your surgery day you will come bright and early to the center and can expect to take one of the best naps of your life. Your nap will be administered under general anesthesia by a dedicated professional that is not your dental implant surgeon but a licensed anesthetist. That way your surgeon can focus solely on your surgery.


Wednesday: This is our favorite day, on Wednesday you get your permanent teeth. This very exciting moment often brings tears and laughter. This is a monumental step that deserves to be celebrated.

Thursday: This is your rest day. We want you to take a day off for yourself. Maybe check out the city that you traveled to or spend some time sleeping! We want you to take it easy and only do what you feel up to doing that day.

Friday: Friday we will see you for one more check up before you head on home. We will make sure the prosthetic is looking good and that you are feeling well. 

Then it’s back to your life as usual.. All it takes to change your life forever is 1 week at Nuvia. 5 days. Are you ready for your new smile?

**Follow up appointments will be scheduled according to you and your surgeon after dental implant placement.

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Dental Implant Patient After Photo

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