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She Was Making Her Teeth From Clay

The Ultimate Guide to Full Mouth Dental Implants

At her rope’s end, Summer came to Nuvia Dental Implant Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

She had been struggling with broken and missing teeth for so long, she forgot how to smile. She told us it has been 17 years since she has smiled. Now, for as young as Summer is, this cruel reality has been her life since she can remember.

And because her dentists had failed her, Summer even spent her time making her own teeth out of clay.

That’s when you know it’s bad..

When she came to us, it was clear that she needed our help. Summer needed a full mouth reconstruction and she needed it now! Heck, she needed it 17 years ago.

From the start, Summer knew exactly what she wanted her smile to look like.

We like to refer to her smile as, “The Hollywood Smile.” Brilliant white pearls that nearly blind its victims when she flashes her smile. 

Summer got exactly what she was looking for.

But before coming to Nuvia, Summer spent a lot of time in a dental chair getting work done that she hated. She had some very poor experiences at the dentist and it took a lot of courage for her to even come to Nuvia. Sadly, it’s very common for people to be afraid of the dentist.

By the time most people come to us, they have undergone some hard battles at the hands of a dentist.. This is why we rigorously train our staff to be attentive to our patients' fears, and how to help them in a way that they haven’t been helped before.

In the first consult, we start with a non-invasive approach. No scary exam, no opening your mouth to put scary instruments inside to poke and prod around. No, none of that! Instead we take a CT scan of your mouth, and our Doctor uses that to show you what your options are. You don’t even have to sit in an uncomfortable dental chair.

You can rest assured knowing your experience will be much like Summer’s. She came in and got a quick CT scan, snapped a few photos and then started the consultation. 

Looking back, she says she is so glad that she found Nuvia.

“Everyone has been really, really nice and actually really supportive. I've been to the dentist before but I haven't been back in probably six years because they scared me and failed me. I did not have a good experience at a regular dentist, and so I just stopped going. Everyone says they don't judge, but they judge.”

We were heartbroken for Summer and wanted to exceed her expectations for how going to the dentist really should be. 

After her dental implants were placed, our team worked tirelessly through the night to make sure her smile would be one for the records. We know that every smile is an expression of someone’s self and take it upon ourselves to be nothing short of exactly what our patients are looking for. 

Summer returned to us the following day after surgery and finally got to see herself smile for the first time in 17 years. Meaning, the last time she let herself smile, she was a child.

Watch as she takes in her beautiful smile for the first time... 

The first thing Summer said when she got her permanent set of dental implants was how excited she was that there were no gaps, they weren't yellow, and (most importantly), they weren't made from clay.

We are so excited to share that the bucket of clay teeth Summer spent countless hours molding to fill her vacant spaces are no longer needed. In fact, she threw them away along with the baggage from her past issues of missing and broken teeth. 

A few months after Summer received her permanent teeth in 24 hours, she even posted this to our SML MKR Facebook page (you can join here):

Let Nuvia help transform your life with full mouth dental implants. If you want to learn everything there is to know about implants, you have got to check out “The Ultimate Guide to Full Mouth Dental Implants.”

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