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Have you ever enjoyed a sub sandwich with another person who has a small mouth? Not the little sandwich rounds, but a submarine sandwich made on the fluffy, full-sized bread.

You’ll know if you have ever experienced this because it’s just a bit comical. You are gingerly taking bites of your slightly oversized sub … Meanwhile, your lunch companion is across from you straining and grimacing with every bite in her attempt to fit that food between her hyper-extended jaws.

Her nose is crinkled up. Her eyes are squinty. And her lips look like they might just split at the corners from the strain of opening up like a tiny cavern. She may love subs, but they are not her friend.

Just look away. Don’t laugh at your small-mouthed friend. She can’t help it. She’s just not built for sub sandwich consumption.

Your lunch companion has a small mouth.

When you have a small mouth, certain things are more challenging … like eating burgers and carnival corn dogs or straightening your teeth.

Having a small mouth often means you don’t have enough room in your mouth for all of your adult teeth to grow in. This is when an orthodontist may tell you that you’re going to need a palate expander … and two sets of braces.

Space must be made in your mouth for the teeth that need to fit in your mouth but won’t fit, or it will affect your bite negatively. The orthodontist will be making your bite larger than nature created it.

If you’re a kid with a small mouth, then you’ll be an adult with a small mouth. You’re an adult still straining to fit a chicken sandwich into your gob. And you might be an adult who is suffering with some bad teeth.

So, now you have a small mouth with bad teeth and you need to do something about it. Does that mean you’re considering dentures?

If you have a small mouth and you are considering dentures, please keep reading.

Do Dentures Work for People With a Small Mouth?

So, first let us just tell you that “technically” you can get dentures if you have a small mouth. You are able to spend the money to make it happen.

The question is not whether you are able to get dentures, the question is will dentures work for your small mouth. Drrrrum roll, please …

In our opinion...

No. Nope. Nerp.

Have you seen those pictures of babies with a teeth filter over them? Yeah. It is kinda like that. The dentures just won’t quite fit. You might be able to force them into your mouth … but how will they look and feel once they are inside?

When you have a small mouth, you cannot open your jaws as wide as the average person. To wear dentures, you must be able to fit your full set of false teeth into your mouth

That’s a problem.

You can’t fold them or bend them in half to wedge them between your jaws. They must fit smoothly through in all their plastic glory. That’s just not going to happen.

Now, listen. We know what you’ve read. We know what you’ve seen on the late night commercials. You’ve been fed the line over and over that dentures work for pretty much everybody, that they’ll give you a wonderful new smile, blah blah blah …

We know.

Don’t be bamboozled. You are smarter than that. That’s why you’re reading this. Something just didn’t sit right with you about all those advertisements.

You’ve been living with a small mouth your entire life. You know there are certain things that just don’t work because your jaws won’t allow it. You, friend, are living in reality. Good for you!

Here is part of that reality.

Dentures are not small. Dentures are not malleable. Dentures require daily removal. Dentures are breakable. Dentures do NOT fit everybody.

The dentures of today are not wood or made of animal teeth. They are made of stuff like acrylic, nylon, porcelain, resin, or metal. They are meant to mimic your natural teeth.

Those new teeth come with an added bonus you may not have thought about—a plate. That plate covers your palate. It connects to all of the teeth and extends to the back of your mouth.

Dentures are bulky. Dentures are big.

Small mouth + Bulky Dentures = Big Problem.

So, it’s true. Technically, you can get dentures. It’s just not going to be your favorite decision. And remember, you are smart. You don’t need to make bad decisions.

If you need a little more proof that dentures are not a great choice, we’ve got that, too.

Dentures contribute to bone loss. Wherever you have missing teeth, bone atrophy will happen. Our bones need the teeth to be present to cause that bone to regenerate and stay strong.

Imagine if you have no natural teeth (because they have all been pulled to make room for your dentures). There is nothing to help that bone regenerate and stay strong. So, that bone literally begins to shrink.

The longer you wear dentures, the more your bone disappears. It shrinks and shrinks until you have no structure around your mouth. You have sunken lips, sunken cheeks, and a witch chin. Lovely.

While your bones are fading away into nothingness, you’ll notice that your dentures are slipping more and more. Oopsie. Time for a relining. Then, pretty soon, those dentures won’t fit and need to be completely replaced.

That cycle will continue for the life of your dentures because your bones will just keep withering away, smaller and smaller.

If you still have questions about the efficacy of dentures for your little mouth, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions.

So, if dentures are not going to work in a small mouth to replace missing teeth, what are you going to do? Don’t panic. We’re here to help.

Dental Implants Are a Great Choice for Small Mouths

Just because your mom has dentures, your Aunt Sally has dentures, and your favorite third grade teacher wears dentures … It does not mean that you must get dentures!

The options for replacing unhealthy and missing teeth have advanced since your elders replaced their teeth. You don’t have to worry about showing up at your niece’s basketball game with a smile that would rival the Easter Bunny’s chompers.

When it comes to replacing the teeth in your size-challenged mouth, we have got your back. You can trust Nuvia Dental Implants to far exceed any expectations you have about wearing dentures that wouldn’t even fit your special mouth.

A Nuvia smile will fit you to a tee. Seriously. It will, we promise.

When you consult with us, we will sit down with you and carefully pay attention to exactly what you need. We’re not trying to sell you something that won’t be a good fit for you. We’re here to help you get your mouth back in order!

We know you are ready to bite into food without pain, to smile with no gaps, to chew food without worrying about a tooth coming loose. We listen intently to each of our patients and continuously seek to help you have the best smile possible.

And when it’s time to pull the trigger on your new implants, you can rely on one of our surgeons to get the job done. That’s right, we hire qualified surgeons to give you your dental implants.

Our process is unique.

Don’t be confused. We absolutely do change your life in twenty-four hours, but we are not “teeth in a day.” Teeth in a day is what you might call a bait and switch for replacing your teeth.

Those teeth-in-a-day promises are a bit misleading. Yes, you can have teeth in a day … but you’re not finished. Those are not your final set of teeth. You’ll need to keep going in for appointments and adjustments.

Those teeth in a day will probably turn into something much more like “teeth in ten months.” Do you want to wait up to ten months for your teeth? Probably not. That is highly inconvenient.

From now on, when you see “teeth in a day,” you have one job. Run. Just run away.

And run right on over to us. We truly can replace your smile in twenty-four hours. That’s the honest-to-goodness truth.

Do you know why that is especially good news for you? Because our implants are much more compact than dentures. Yes, deary. Our amazing implants are going to fit your little mouth like a glove.

You won’t have to strain your jaws one bit like you would with dentures. You won’t have to wedge the dentures in and out of your mouth twice a day.

Nuvia implants will adhere to the natural structure of your mouth. Basically, we do all the work for you. We surgically implant your new teeth in such a way that your bones will no longer deteriorate from the absence of teeth.

Our Nuvia implants will actually stimulate your bone when you chew the same way your natural teeth encourage your bone structure to regenerate and become stronger. So not only will they be secured comfortably in your mouth, they will also keep you from experiencing bone loss.

We will do all of that for you … And we will do it in a twenty-four hour window. That is not a gimmick, it’s a promise.

So What?

You have been living with a small mouth for your entire life. You’ve endured aching jaws from cramming double cheeseburgers in your mouth. You’ve sacrificed your comfort to eat submarine sandwiches with your friends.

And now, your mouth is uncomfortable for a different reason. Your teeth are either missing from an injury or they are unhealthy. You can’t bite into your food or chew your food properly.

It’s time to make a decision. It’s time to replace your teeth. But, please, if you are still considering dentures, do not pull that trigger until you’ve spoken to us!

To be crystal clear, dentures are not a good route for anybody. And they are even worse for a person with a small mouth. Do not go from having a slight inconvenience due to a small mouth to having an even bigger inconvenience in the form of ill-fitting dentures.

Our team at Nuvia wants to help you have the most comfortable, sure-fitting new teeth available on the market. We are passionate about our product and we are passionate about educating and helping our patients have teeth they love.

Please give us the opportunity to help you have the best new smile possible. Take our free online evaluation and see what we’re all about!


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