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Diana went in for her 2 week post-surgery follow up. She met Maury, a new patient, at the appointment and took the time to share her wisdom about the process.

Diana and Maury met at Nuvia’s Denver office. Diana, who had already received her full mouth dental implants at Nuvia, went in for her 2 week post-surgery follow up. She met Maury, a new patient, at the appointment and took the time to share her wisdom about the process.

Maury was at Nuvia for his second appointment called the “Smile Design”. This appointment is where Maury gets to help the doctor design the shape and shade of his permanent teeth. This is also the only appointment between the initial consultation and the surgery day.

Maury admitted that he was pretty nervous about the procedure. Diana explained that the anesthesia provider was able to sedate her and she did not wake up with any nausea following the sedation, which was a nice change from other procedures she has had outside of Nuvia. 

“The surgery went easy. Diane told Maury. “When I woke up I was groggy but not nauseous AT ALL. ZERO.” 

That helped Maury feel less anxious and more excited. He said that he felt as though the doctor performing the operation and the person providing the anesthesia were equally important for a successful case. 

We believe that, too! We know that it takes a village to raise a kid, and it takes just as much of a village to have a smooth surgery. At Nuvia, we have that village. Your safety is so important and that is why you will have a licensed and dedicated anesthesia provider alongside your surgeon to ensure your safety during the entire procedure.

We know how hard it can be to step through the door of a dental office, we will do everything in our power to ease your worries and help you feel confident and comfortable at NUVIA.

Diana told Maury that she had some postoperative swelling which is normal and subsides within a few days after surgery. 

Diana has seen quite a few people struggle with the older, more traditional way of replacing teeth with dentures and she knew that she wanted something better. She felt that Nuvia’s Permanent teeth in 24 hours was a convenient alternative to dentures and said she would choose this process over and over again. 

“I don’t know how to explain it, when you look in the mirror, it’s unreal, it really is, to see your whole smile again.”

Maury has been putting off taking care of his teeth for years.. 

But not anymore. Not after talking to his new friend, Diana. No more hiding a smile behind embarrassment and no more putting himself second. He was ready to change his life forever.

After talking with Diana, Maury shared that he was feeling at ease and was ready for the surgery.

We are so happy when our awesome patients meet each other and are able to pass on advice to each other.

If you are looking for real Nuvia patients to connect with and ask questions to, join our Facebook SML MKR group to get started today.

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Dental Implant Patient After Photo

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