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Her Dentures Were So Depressing

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Dentures are an easy and common way to find good laugh on the internet. 

When dentures fly out onto the cake while Grandpa’s blowing out his candles or the dog puts them in their mouth and appears to have human-like teeth. 

However, this is not the case for Miss Minnie and an estimated 40 Million Americans who were in dentures back in 2020… 

Minnie came to Nuvia, seemingly at the end of her rope, and shared her heart breaking story with us. 

Minnie is a 56 year old who comes from a large and close-knit family.

She had been struggling with dentures for years and was very miserable at the state she was in. 

When she first entered Nuvia, Minnie appeared very guarded and closed off for various reasons.

Dr. Kerin Jamison of our Houston, Texas location reviewed Minnie’s case. She explained the real challenges people who wear dentures commonly face such as…

  • Not being comfortable
  • Causing a lack of confidence when wearing them
  • Resulting in difficulty eating or chewing
  • Even cousin changes in factual structure due to bone loss in the upper or lower jaw

Unfortunately for Minnie, many of these issues were plaguing her as well.

She was not comfortable, confident and couldn’t properly eat her food. 

She had a lack of lip support on the upper arch where the denture is supposed to sit. As mentioned above when patients lose their teeth, the jawbone begins to shrink, also known as bone loss, and their facial structure can change. This change can appear to age patients dramatically and Minnie felt like this was the case for her.

As Minnie takes in her full mouth dental implants for the very first time, she and the entire room fills with tears of joy.

The Minnie who came in very reserved and guarded was no longer there… 

She has grown to be comfortable in her own skin and can not stop radiating pure joy because of her new smile.

Just two weeks following Minnie’s surgery, she explains her experience at Nuvia as judgment free and very comfortable. 

“This is indescribable. I have been waiting so long. This is just a new lease on life. To be able to smile without embarrassment, go out to eat without having to worry about something slipping, it’s a new lease on life. I’ve lost a couple pounds, too.”

Miss Minnie even confessed, “You guys just feel like family. I don’t know if Nuvia Dental really realizes what they do for a person’s life.”

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