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He put a hammer through his mouth!

The Ultimate Guide to Full Mouth Dental Implants

*Actual NUVIA patient(s) who may have been compensated for sharing their story. Not all those who come in for a consultation are eligible for this treatment. Results may vary in individual cases.

You read that right, nearly 30 years ago, Wade put a hammer through his mouth destroying almost all of his natural teeth in the process. 

Since then, he has not been able to eat with his front teeth.. AT ALL. Because of the pain if he uses his front teeth, the only way that Wade can eat his food is by pulling his cheek out and using the sides of his back teeth to bite down.

Yikes. How frustrating would that be to do nearly 1,100 times in a year!

For 30 years, that is how Wade struggled each time he sat down at the dinner table. 

Not only has it affected his eating habits, but it has also changed his confidence.

He would hide his smile because he didn’t want anyone to know what his teeth looked like.

“I kind of shy away because I don’t want to be seen like this. It has been over 30 years since it happened and it has been deteriorating ever since. It has been a while that I have known that I need to get something done. It’s not just the looks, it’s also my health.”

Wade has had crowns and other various dental work to try and fix the damage done, but despite his best efforts, it has continued to deteriorate. He felt that his health had been compromised because of his teeth. 

He was tired of having to use a toothpick every time he eats to clean out the trapped food and was more than ready for a permanent solution in 24 hours. 

After Wade met with the team in Saint George, Utah, he knew that full mouth dental implants was the right option for him. He wanted to get something fast so he did not have to deal with his painful teeth anymore

He felt welcomed by the team and knew that he was in good hands. 

Wade and his family gather as this long awaited day approaches. The day that Wade is given his smile back..

“I’ve been counting the days..” Wade says in anticipation of seeing his new teeth.

He returned to the Saint George location with his loved ones excited and ready to see his brand new smile just 24 hours after surgery.

Wade literally transformed his life OVERNIGHT!

What would be going through your mind if you were about to see your brand new smile for the very first time?

Watch Wade as he pulls away the mask and reveals his brand new smile.

You won’t believe the transformation! 

“I should have done this a long time ago..” Wade regretfully admits.

“My teeth don’t ache anymore.. It’s been the greatest choice that I came here..”

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