All Her Problems Started When She Got Dentures

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At the young age of 23, Rosanna was forced into uncomfortable dentures…

At the young age of 23, Rosanna was forced into uncomfortable dentures… 

And shortly after the removal of her teeth, the denture was no longer able to fit in her mouth. 

Rosanna tolds us…

“I needed to use adhesive up to three times a day to keep the denture from moving. It was such a hassle. I could put them on, but for only like two hours and then they would start hurting…

… I gotta do something better than this.”

We get asked all the time online and on phone calls if we think certain individuals will have enough good quality bone for dental implants

Especially if they’ve been in dentures for a few years.

Rosanna has been in dentures since she was 23 years old.  

Now, we’re not going to tell you her age but she’s had dentures for quite some time…

And she’s still a candidate.


We’ve also had people in who've been in dentures for only a year or two who unfortunately lost too much bone and couldn’t get implants at all.  

The ONLY way to know if you have enough good bone is to get a CT scan which will build a 3D image of your jawbone.

After Rosanna discovered she was still a candidate she accepted treatment at Nuvia in Salt Lake City and was able to get her permanent teeth in 24 hours.

The day after her surgery, Rosanna and her loved ones came back to Nuvia for a heartwarming reveal of her new smile. 

Watch as she celebrates between tears and laughter… 

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Dental Implant Patient After Photo

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