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Lawrence brought his wife to tears with his brand new smile.

The Ultimate Guide to Full Mouth Dental Implants

Word of the day: Abrasion (Uh-bray-shun)

So, what does this silly word even mean? 

Abrasion is what condition Lawrence had when he came to visit us at Nuvia. His surgeon, Dr. Mohan, explains how abrasion can happen and what to avoid doing to keep this from happening. 

What you will see in the video is the effects that this condition had on Lawrence’s mouth and life.

But to answer the question, abrasion is when the outside of the teeth (enamel) starts to wear away. Usually this will happen if someone uses a toothbrush with hard bristles or chews something hard over a long period of time. For example, when brushing your teeth, if your toothbrush is too hard, over months or even years, the enamel (and gum tissue) can begin to break down and wear away. Almost as if you were brushing with sandpaper. 

Lawrence had this problem slowly ruining his enamel and eventually bone over the space of many years and didn’t even realize until it was too late. 

On top of that, Lawrence had a condition called periodontal disease. Which means that Lawrence had decay under his gums that was eating the bone around the roots of his teeth. 

This kept progressing until one day, out of nowhere, Lawrence's tooth fell out of his mouth at work!

That’s when you know you have a big problem..

But this wasn’t the only tooth he lost. Lawrence continued to lose more teeth one by one over the next few weeks!

After losing so many teeth and not knowing why, Laurence knew he needed help and he decided to come to Nuvia Dental Implant Center to get the answers he was looking for.

Dr. Mohan explained that Lawrence had a very severe case of Periodontal Disease, also known as gum disease, which caused his teeth to fall out. Lawrence had about 90% bone loss in his mouth!

Did you know that 42% of people 30 years and older have some form of gum disease? It’s true! 

In fact, it is possible to never have a cavity and still lose all of your teeth if you have severe enough gum disease!

As you can see above, the photo of Lawrence’s teeth (on the right) and the xray (on the left) show two different views. There is enough bone that has been lost that he could continue to lose all of his teeth and bone if left untreated. But the gum tissue in Lawrence’s mouth hides the minefield of bacteria and infection plaguing the mouth.

Once Lawrence visited the Nuvia in Fort Worth, he knew he made the right choice in whom to trust with his dental needs. The team at Nuvia went over all of his options that he had for fixing his mouth, but he decided that Nuvia’s permanent teeth in 24 hours is what he really wanted. 

He needed something FAST and liked the fact that he would not have to wear temps before getting his permanent teeth. 

Did you know that by delivering permanent teeth in 24 hours, Nuvia can eliminate up to 5-10 appointments compared to the traditional teeth in a day method? 

With the fitting and resizing visits with the “teeth in a day” method (while wearing temps) adds up in cost for the provider... and you! 

Nuvia realizes that we save money on labor and cost of supplies by eliminating all of these appointments and we have decided to pass all of those savings on to you! 

As Lawrence prepared for his surgery, he came to an appointment where he got to design his smile according to what he wanted. He picked the shape and shade of the teeth and was involved in every step of the process. 

When Lawrence came on his surgery day, he was safely sedated under general anesthesia by an anesthesia provider who was monitoring his safety the entire time. 

At Nuvia, you can count on always having more than one licensed provider monitoring the patient's safety during the entire surgery. There is someone in charge of monitoring the patient’s sedation, and another doctor performing the surgery. It is common to find in other dental implant centers that the dental surgeon does both sedate the patient and perform the surgery. We prefer to have a dedicated anesthesia provider monitoring your safety the entire time. 

Once Lawrence woke up, he went home safely the same day. 

We buckled him in his car and sent him home with his family to rest. We then got to work creating the masterpiece he designed come to life. We worked through the night to make Lawrence’s designs (and dreams) come true. 

Lawrence came to Nuvia the very next day after surgery and shocked all of us with the reveal of his permanent smile in 24 hours! His new smile brought his wife to tears..

2 weeks after surgery, Lawerence returned to us for a post-op visit. He shared through tears, “It’s been 2 weeks and I feel really good. It’s really touching. It changes your life.”

We were so honored to have played a part in Lawrence’s life and are so excited for him to have his confidence and ability to properly chew again. 

Now it’s your turn.. It’s time to change your life for the better.

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