Dr. Venkata Mohan

Meet Dr. Venkata Mohan, Fort Worth's esteemed dentist, providing transformative full mouth dental implants.


Dr. Venkata Mohan

Dr. Mohan was born and raised in India, where he started his career in dentistry. Wanting to specialize in restorative dentistry, specifically dental implants, Dr. Mohan moved to the United States in 2012.

Dr. Mohan loves working at Nuvia because the processes and technology used to deliver dental implants is unlike anything he had seen or studied in the history of dentistry before. Dr. Mohan finds passion in being able to deliver the perfect shape, color, and material of teeth to his patients in just 24 hours after surgery. He feels this is something that will change the face of dentistry and is excited to be involved in the innovation of dentistry while working with Nuvia.

Dr. Mohan lives with his wife, daughter, and mother - and he loves being able to spend time with his family.

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Our doctors are not just experts; they are visionaries in the field of dental implantology. With decades of surgical and restorative experience, and a passion for pioneering research, they are at the forefront of innovation.

Dr. Olawale Osinusi

Meet Dr. Osinusi, a passionate dentist committed to changing lives at our Nashville location. A true local, Dr. Osinusi attended high school and college right here in Nashville. After obtaining a master's degree from Barry University in South Florida, he returned to the Volunteer State for dental school at the University of Tennessee. His education was further enriched with an advanced year of general dentistry training at both the university and St. Thomas Hospital at Matthew Walker in Nashville.

At the core of his practice is a simple promise: to treat each patient as he would a family member. Dr. Osinusi chose dentistry because it uniquely allows him to make immediate, impactful changes in people's lives, aligning perfectly with his devotion to healthcare.

Why Nuvia?

Dr. Osinusi was drawn to Nuvia because of its innovative approach to dental implants. Nuvia’s technology and process allows patients to get permanent teeth in 24 hours, something that Dr. Osinusi feels is incredibly impactful for patients. He is passionate about creating smiles and helping patients find joy in seeing their smiles restored.

Dr. Osinusi recalls one of the first patients he was able to help with dental implants. This was a reaffirming experience for him of the joy that can be had as a dental implant provider changing people’s lives.

Personal Life

Outside the clinic, Dr. Osinusi is a soccer enthusiast—more of a spectator these days—and is deeply involved in his church community. He loves spending time with his young family and playing drums. With his blend of expert training and compassionate care, Dr. Osinusi is eager to be a part of your transformative dental journey with dental implants.

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Dr. Chris Goodman

Meet Dr. Goodman, the charismatic dental implant surgeon at Nuvia Dental Implant Center in Las Vegas. Residing in Henderson, Nevada, Dr. Goodman has led a life as vibrant as the places he's lived—from Salt Lake City to the Bahamas. Though his father was a dentist, Dr. Goodman charted his own course. He initially pursued pre-med at the University of Utah before recognizing that dentistry was his true calling. He earned his dental degree from Southern Illinois University and completed his residency in Missouri. While he began his career in general dentistry, he ultimately specialized in prosthodontics.

Personal Life

Dr Goodman has 4 kids and 2 grandchildren. He enjoys running in the mountains on the outskirts of Las Vegas and spending time outside. When he isn’t at the office or pursuing his hobbies, Dr Goodman is spending time with his grandchildren or finding a local hole-in-the-wall restaurant.

His Role as Dental Implant Surgeon at Nuvia

What makes Dr. Goodman stand out is his unwavering passion for patient care. He believes he's found his life's purpose in helping others, a sentiment that perfectly aligns with his role as dental implant surgeon at Nuvia. He chose to be a part of our team because it allows him to engage in life-changing procedures every single day.

Dr. Goodman loves getting to know his patients on a personal level and considers it a privilege to be a part of their transformative journeys. With his blend of expertise, compassion, and enthusiasm for life, Dr. Goodman is eager to help you achieve the smile you've always dreamed of.

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Dr. Yousi Brikho

Dr. Yousi Brikho started his journey to becoming a restorative dentist in Detroit by majoring in biology at the University of Detroit Mercy prior to earning his doctorates in dentistry at Detroit Mercy Dental. After graduating, Dr. Brikho quickly gained surgical and restorative experience working at multiple locations of a private practice. He brings his years of experience as a restorative dentist to Nuvia in Detroit where he now helps patients restore their smiles and dental health.  

Though Dr. Brikho has practiced for years as a general dentist, he has a special interest in implantology and endodontics. He is passionate about patient care and loves it when patients come in saying they hate the dentist, just so he can prove them wrong by providing a great experience. 

Dr. Brikho is also a member of the American Dental Association, Michigan Dental Association, and American Association of Endodontists. He is certified in implant placement from the Global Dental Implant Academy. 

Dr Brikho’s Advice to Nervous Patients:

You’re not alone! Dr. Brikho himself was a nervous dental patient during his childhood. Dedicated to helping patients have the best experience, he is there to answer all your questions, walk you through your procedure, or talk about anything else if you prefer to be distracted.

Why Nuvia?

Dr. Brikho enjoys the Nuvia difference and dental implant process. He has always loved helping to restore patient’s smiles as a restorative dentist in Detroit. Now, with Nuvia, he is able to restore smiles and provide permanent teeth in 24 hours.

Personal Life

When not working, Dr. Brikho enjoys traveling, running and hiking. He is passionate about his family and advancing his education. He enjoys working in the dental field with others in his family who support him in his advanced education pursuits.

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Dr. Bahareh Moradi

Nuvia is proud to have Dr. Moradi as a restorative dentist at the Detroit location. Dr. Moradi pursued her childhood dream and received her Doctorate of Dental Science degree from Hamedan University of Medical Sciences in Iran in 2002. She fell in love with Endodontics when she started her clinical rotation in dental school. She completed a three-year residency in Endodontics at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences where she received her Master of Science degree in Oral Science. 

She then opened her own endodontics office, where she completed more than twenty-one thousand root canal treatments in ten years. After she moved to the United States in 2015, she pursued advanced training in Prosthodontics at Nova Southeastern University and earned a  Certificate in Prosthodontics to broaden her knowledge. She now combines her knowledge in endodontics and prosthodontics to provide her patients with comprehensive dental treatment as a dental implant doctor in Detroit, MI. Her fields of interest are implants, aesthetic dentistry, and digital workflow. 

Personal Life

When she is not working as a dental implant doctor, she enjoys spending time with her family and cooking with them. Exercising and skiing are some of her favorite hobbies.

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Dr. Francesca Verratti

Initially aiming for a career in medicine, Dr. Verratti found her true calling in oral surgery. After she entered dental school, intending to switch to medicine later, a presentation by an oral surgeon completely captivated her, making it clear that oral surgery was her true calling. Now, practicing as an oral surgeon in Miami, Dr. Verratti feels she is fulfilling her life's purpose, offering her patients not just medical interventions but a chance at a better life.

Dr. Verratti's approach to oral surgery is deeply rooted in compassion and understanding. Recognizing that surgery can be a significant source of anxiety for many, she goes the extra mile to ensure her patients feel supported and well-informed. She is committed to making the surgical experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible, taking the time to explain every aspect of the procedure, from what to expect to pain management techniques.

Why Nuvia

Her decision to join Nuvia Dental Implant Center in Miami was influenced by the alignment of her personal philosophy with Nuvia’s values—particularly the emphasis on community, patient-centered care, and the innovative offering of permanent teeth in 24 hours. Dr. Verratti is particularly impressed with the quality of Nuvia’s prosthetics (fake teeth), appreciating the immediate and positive impact they have on patients’ lives. She looks forward to being a part of your journey, offering the expertise, care, and understanding necessary to guide you towards a transformative experience.

Personal Life

Beyond her professional life as an oral surgeon, Dr. Verratti is an avid reader and hiker. She cherishes time spent with her baby and her dogs and loves being in nature. Dr. Verratti is also a devoted practitioner of yoga and meditation, disciplines that help her maintain her focus and strive to be the best version of herself every day. These hobbies not only enrich her life but also enhance her approach to patient care, bringing a sense of calm and mindfulness to her practice.

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Dr. Gabrielle Goodman

For Dr. Goodman, it was years of having braces that got her into studying dentistry. Originally set on becoming an orthodontist, she realized restorative dentistry was more in line with what she loved to do. She began her education at the University of Miami and continued on to complete dental school at the University of Florida.

Why Nuvia

New to the Nashville area, Dr. Goodman knew she wanted to continue working as a restorative dentist in Nashville. She found here perfect fit with Nuvia where she can totally focus on helping patients restore their smiles with dental implants. She loves how patient-centered Nuvia is and how they’ve developed their process with the patient in mind. Dr. Goodman is inspired by the stories of Nuvia patients who have had their smiles transformed.

Personal Life

Dr. Goodman grew up on the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago, loving the water and the outdoors. While living in Florida she further developed her love of water sports such as wakeboarding and kite-boarding. Since moving to Nashville, she still enjoys the outdoors and the hiking spots the area has to offer. She also loves to cook and connect with her roots through cuisine.

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