February 9, 2021

6 Things They Don't Tell You About Teeth In A Day

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The commercials, all say “Teeth In A Day” so that’s all you need to know right?


You’re about to understand important details about “Teeth In A Day” and the truth may surprise you.

What other clinics put in your mouth the same day as your dental implant surgery and call it “Teeth In a Day” is a denture shaved down with holes drilled into it. They then try to match those drilled holes where the implants are placed.

Those teeth are called “conversion dentures” or “temporaries” and they leave you in them for up to 10 whole months...

… but at Nuvia™, we don't do that.

That really important detail and the following 6 items have purposefully been left out of all the advertising you’ve seen around “Teeth In A Day” or “Conversion Dentures”…

Conversion dentures:

#1 - Are difficult To Speak With

Traditional acrylic dentures are big and bulky in nature. They’re probably The most unnatural solution that could be used for a full set of teeth, and they’re definitely some of the CHEAPEST material a set of teeth could be made of.

The lip often has a hard time fitting over the front and the tongue is shoved further back than normal causing lisps and other potentially embarrassing speaking changes.

Can you picture how someone sounds after they get a retainer? It’s like that but actually quite a bit worse

#2 - Break Often

Back before we developed our new protocol “Permanent Teeth In 24hrs” We used to use conversion dentures as well. We know the frustration all too well. We did our best to fit the conversion denture as well as possible, but inevitably about 35% of our patients would experience a breakage.

Why? Because it’s a denture cheap and they break What a pain! No one wants to deal with that and especially when they’ve been promised teeth in a day.

#3 - Can’t be perfectly stable

When we break bones as humans the doctor generally follows the same protocol. That protocol calls for a hard cast so the bone doesn’t move. The more stable the bone the better the bone can fuse back together.

Getting the temporary conversion denture is almost like using A soft wrap instead of a hard cast for the bone to heal.

#4 - Cause you to be on a liquid only diet for up to 4-6 weeks.

Because of the stability issue explained above, if a patient goes with conversion denture “teeth in a day” that same patient is stuck on a liquid only diet for up to 4-6 weeks.

#5 - And The Old Teeth In A Day Method require 9+ MORE Appointments

The teeth in a day provider doing it the old way won’t really tell you up front that after your implants are healed you have a long series of appointments still ahead.

These appointments are called “verification appointments” or wax try-ins. The clinic at this stage would have you try-in teeth set in wax over and over and over again until they feel like your bite is aligned. Depending on the lab and how good they are at “verifying” this process alone could add on SEVERAL months to get your permanent set. Which brings us to our last point… conversion dentures...

#6 - Are what you’re stuck with for up to 10 months or more!

So much for teeth in a day.

After this up to 10+ month process (which I’m going to explain even more about in my next email to you) you finally get your permanent set of teeth.


...you get your PERMANENT set of teeth In 24 hours!


The experience is astoundingly DIFFERENT.

After someone understands what the old process is like The most common question asked next is…

How can you do this in 24hrs?

Let me tell you this… The process has been in development for over 7 years. It’s been tried, tested, and proved with thousands of patients.

CLICK HERE to see if you’re eligible for a Custom 24Hr Permanent Smile Consultation with us and come see the possibilities for yourself!

IIf you have not had a consultation with us, call us at: (866) 366-8777


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