91 Year Old Gets Dental Implants

Dental Implant Patient Before Photo

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Growing up in Argentina, Nydia never had the best access to good dentistry. Now that she can fix her teeth, she isn't letting her age stop her!

Nydia is an active 91 year old who enjoys engaging with Facebook, family and fun! She grew up in Argentina and courageously immigrated to America all by herself in 1959. Nydia has struggled with her teeth most of her life. Since the 1940’s, she has had teeth removed from her mouth one by one. 

After many years of losing more and more teeth, Nidya was forced into dentures robbing her ability to eat normal foods. All Nydia wants is to be able to eat again without the pain of wearing dentures. 


“I cannot use [the dentures] when I eat.” Nydia says.

“She's a very practical woman.” Nydia’s daughter says, “So that's part of why she didn't want to spend the money [on full mouth dental implants]. She was in her late 80s and decided on dentures. I'm really happy that she's made this decision [for dental implants]. I think it's going to really help her.”

She continued, “As a family, we noticed that she lost a lot of weight when she got her dentures because she could hardly eat anything. She really lost about 40 pounds on this little frame. You know, we were getting kind of concerned about that.”

Dentistry was a lot newer in the 40’s, especially in Argentina. Every time Nydia had a cavity, rather than filling the cavity, the dentist extracted the tooth. It was one here and one there for many years but as her mouth started changing, she ran into larger problems. This resulted in all of her upper and most of her lower teeth being removed, leaving Nydia suffering in dentures.

“I don't know how long I will enjoy it, but whatever [time it is, it] is worth it.” Nydia says before revealing her 24 hour Nuvia Smile to her family.

Nydia’s daughter says, “Having the implants [on] both top and bottom that will fit properly [and] match together, I think it's going to not only help her feel even more confident [but also] happier with eating things and comfortable going out to restaurants.”

“I have teeth that are perfect!” Nydia exclaims with joy!

Nydia’s inspiring story teaches us that it is never too late to get a second chance at life with a perfect smile from Nuvia. 

Dental Implant Patient After Photo

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