“Life happens, and it’s probably not wise to worry about how you got where you are”

Dental Implant Patient Before Photo

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Tom always put his family first, which left his dental health in shambles... Look at him now after getting his permanent teeth in 24 hours!

Tom is a husband and father of three who has always put his family first in life.

As a child, Tom grew up without a lot of money. His family wasn’t able to afford the best dental insurance, or get very good care for his teeth. He had a lot of fillings, which eventually came out… but he didn’t have the money to get anything repaired.

So, as his teeth deteriorated, he just kept having his teeth pulled. One at a time.

Then, Tom’s wife got sick. He put everything into taking care of her - even at the detriment of his own health. As he was taking care of his wife and his three kids, he put them first in everything. Their teeth, his wife's teeth, were more important. But eventually, Tom’s wife kept getting sicker and sicker until she passed away.

Now, he has realized that he doesn’t want to go through this life alone anymore. And, with so many of his teeth missing - it’s hard to find someone. So, he made the decision to prioritize his health and get full mouth dental implants.

After being asked about his situation, and how hard it must have been to go through, he said, “Life happens, and it’s probably not wise to worry about how where you got where you are because you can’t change it. The best thing to do is to move forward in the best way that you can.”

Dental Implant Patient After Photo

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