She Traveled 2000 Miles For Dental Implants

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Third time receiving Dental Implants, Maria is traveling from Charlotte, NC to Salt Lake City, UT for Dental Implants

That’s right. Maria told us this will be her third time getting dental implants because of previous complications with other providers.

With the growing number of teeth that are missing in Maria’s mouth, the more that her confidence begins to suffer because of it. 

This reality has caused Maria to live in a state of fear and frustration for years! 

Without having teeth in the proper positions, Maria is forced to chew differently to be able to eat her food. This may have left Maria feeling very poorly about herself. Maybe even feeling trapped behind a mask to feel comfortable in public.

Maria was tired of feeling this way and knew that it was time to take care of herself. 

Maria Lives in Charlotte, NC where there were no dental solutions that she felt comfortable proceeding with, until her friend told her about Nuvia.

Maria’s friend was able to safely receive full mouth dental implants and the very next day got his permanent set of brand new teeth. 

Once Maria heard about this, she knew she found the long awaited solution to her dental problems.

Maria made the trip from her home in North Carolina to Nuvia’s Dental Implant Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

How far would you be willing to travel to change your smile? 

Well, for Maira, it was 2,000 miles. EACH WAY!

As frightening as this situation may seem, Maria tells us, “I feel very confident with the procedure.”

We have been asked many times how we are able to accommodate traveling patients with such a large procedure. You may be wondering, doesn’t this kind of thing take time? The answer is… sort of.

Nuvia is able to make this happen because we are able to take a different approach than the traditional “teeth in a day” method. 

See, most “teeth in a day” providers send you home the day of surgery with a pre-made plastic denture screwed into the freshly placed dental implants. With this approach, there are many appointments needed to be able to make a permanent prosthetic. Especially when a dental provider is using an outside dental lab to make the product that works 9-5. This method creates the need to have many dental appointments over a longer period of time to ensure that the prosthetic will fit.

However, at Nuvia, we have made it possible to overcome these obstacles by having our own dental lab in the office and also working around the clock, even through the night, to ensure that every patient receives their permanent prosthetic the very next day. 

Nuvia takes the opportunity to serve our patients very seriously and will work non-stop to make sure you don’t have to wait a second longer than needed in order to receive your brand new smile. 

After receiving her dental implants, Maria shares with us, ‘It would be a wonderful thing if the whole world could have this kind of procedure.”

Indeed it would, Maria. As Nuvia attempts to make this truly life changing alternative to teeth in a day available to everybody locally, we encourage patients to check out our traveling options to give you a new life sooner. There have been countless patients who take a small vacation to one of our centers and return home with a new outlook on life because they now have their teeth and confidence back. 

So, what’s stopping you from visiting Nuvia? Find out if you qualify today!

We would be more than happy to help you overcome any challenges to give you your teeth back. 

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