“Definitely, it’s what I needed. I got my confidence back.”

Dental Implant Patient Before Photo

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This Walmart manager traveled from Wyoming all the way to Salt Lake City, UT to reclaim his smile...

It all started when he was promoted to become a manager in the auto department at Walmart. In an attempt to be on his A-game and be the best manager possible, he needed energy! So he started to take 5-Hour Energy, so much so that he was buying them by the brick. He wasn’t just drinking a few here or there, he was drinking multiple bottles a day. 

This is a problem because energy drinks are so acidic. Too much acid can be dangerous to your tooth enamel, which is the protective coating of minerals (mainly calcium and phosphorus) around your teeth.

Now, you may be thinking that if the enamel is damaged, why doesn’t our body just repair it in the same way our body repairs a cut on our skin? Well, unlike our skin, enamel is not “alive”. There is no nerve or blood supply to the enamel, so it has no way to repair itself. Now, that is not to say that the tooth isn’t alive, because it most certainly is. 

There are 4 main parts to a tooth, enamel, dentin, cementum and the nerve. The enamel is the only part of the tooth that does not get blood flow to it, so too much acid can eat through the enamel and expose the dentin. Once there is an opening in the enamel, this can cause bacteria to spread in the once protected tooth. Once this bacteria spreads, the entire tooth is compromised. 

In order to stop the enamel from eroding, it’s important to clean your teeth after eating or drinking things that may be harmful to the enamel.

This erosion is what happened to Tyson when he started to drink so many energy drinks. As the acid would sit on his teeth, the enamel would slowly be eaten away and after months and years of acid eating the enamel, the enamel lost its battle and couldn’t protect the teeth any longer. 

Tyson noticed when it was too late just how bad his teeth had gotten.

And he knew that he needed to do something about it. He wasn’t sure where to start. So for the past few years, Tyson has searched for a solution. He told us that in an attempt to fix what was going on, he visited a dentist. He told us that when they saw his teeth, he felt like he was in high school and they all made him feel like he was gross because of his teeth. This discouraged him, and he felt like this was the end for him. He was done with trying to fix his teeth after the way this dentist treated him. 

But eventually he gave it another try, and after a lot of research he found Nuvia. He saw the video testimonials of our patients and started to hope that there were dentists that don’t look down on their patients. But, there was a problem… He didn’t live close to a Nuvia center. So, he actually traveled from Wyoming to come see us in Salt Lake City, UT

When he came to Salt Lake City, he came in to be greeted by the team. Dr. Swarbrick, Tyson’s oral surgeon, explained what was going on in his mouth. Tyson had a lot of infection surrounding his teeth and Dr. Swarbrick showed us that there was still enough bone to be able to safely place the full mouth dental implants

When he came in for surgery he was able to be safely sedated by general anesthesia. Being sedated by general anesthesia meant that he would not be awake for any of the dental procedure. 

At Nuvia, it is our mission to help eliminate any fear associated with going to the dentist. By having your appointments designed to eliminate the possibility of fear, you are able to focus all of your attention on the amazing transformation that is going to take place. 

When Tyson finally saw his smile, we could just see in his eyes that his life had just changed forever. Isn’t that amazing? 

Now, you may be wondering, “how is it even possible to have the teeth sit on newly placed dental implants?”

Well, if this were a single dental implant, that would be another story. But because there’s a system of dental implants, 4 on top, 4 on bottom, the dental implants are able to use the titanium bar that is embedded into the prosthetic for support.

By using a titanium bar on the prosthetic, we are able to secure the dental implants just like if you were to add metal rods to support a new tree. When a tree has something strong to hold onto while it is developing its root system, it is able to grow without the chance of the wind knocking out its root system. The same thing goes for your dental implants. 

Tyson was able to get his brand new teeth 24 hours after surgery, and so are you! In order to get your life changing process started, all you have to do is schedule your consultation. 

We can’t wait to meet you!

Dental Implant Patient After Photo

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