Tyson's Smile Transformation

“Definitely, it’s what I needed. I got my confidence back.”

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Tyson is the auto center manager in Walmart, and has been looking into dental implants for the past few years - although he says his teeth have been destroyed for a while, a lot longer than a couple of years.

All he wants is to get his confidence back, and smile socially without being uncomfortable. When he was first promoted to manager he wanted to be on his A-game and started drinking energy drinks, every day, more than the recommended amount. He said that it helped him get things done and be very effective in his new role of manager, but he didn’t notice the cost until a few years later.

“I really noticed my teeth were starting to fall apart” he says.

Dr. Swarbrick, Tyson’s surgeon, loved working with Tyler. He said, “I have the privilege and pleasure of working on Tyson and helping with his case mainly from the surgical side. When I first met Tyson, first thing I noticed is just how awesome of a guy is-- patient that you just really looking forward to being able to help with this procedure. As we started looking at everything involved in the case, his X-ray and 3D scan, we saw that he would be a good candidate for this procedure.”

Tyson’s teeth had a lot of damage and infection with his teeth, and a lot of issues that caused pain and discomfort. Taking care of these issues at an earlier stage in life was a great choice for Tyson, because it means his quality of life will improve tremendously.

Tyson said he did have one of his teeth pulled at a different dental office before coming to Nuvia, but the other office made him feel very uncomfortable. He said he felt like everyon was judging him, and that was one of the reasons he put off getting his teeth fixed for so long.

After finally building up the courage to try again, he came across Nuvia. First he had wanted to go somewhere local, but after seeing how Nuvia is able to deliver permanent teeth in 24 hours, he decided to make the trip from Wyoming to Utah and get this life-changing procedure.

After getting his permanent teeth in 24 hours, Tyson said, “Definitely, it’s what I needed. I got my confidence back”. He also commented on how interesting it has been to see so many different people open up to him about their struggles with broken or missing teeth, and how they want to go through this procedure.

He continued, “I needed to get it done. It was changing my personality. And this is bringing my personality back, which is great. Actually, it's been a very pleasant experience working with Nuvia. Everyone seems to really care about my well-being. Everyone's always asking questions. The whole process was actually super easy. But overall, it's a great company. Just do it. It's worth it-- every single bit of it. Get your confidence back.”

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