Realtor Can Sell Again With New Dental Implants

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As a realtor you are constantly talking to people... and she needed a way to feel confident again.

Angie lives in the heart of the Dallas - Fort Worth area and has found her passion in being a realtor. Angie has noticed that because of her teeth, she is not able to be as confident as she would like to be. She was looking into dental implants to make a change in her dental health so that she could feel more confident at work. 

“A little more than 10 years ago I started losing teeth, getting loose teeth in the back, and I think that's typically where it starts. You may start losing teeth in the back and then it just creeps forward. But when you lose your teeth in the back, what happens is everything starts moving around. And I could really feel that.”

Angie has struggled with losing teeth for years and has noticed with the more teeth that are lost, the more problems seem to appear. 

Angie is looking forward to not having pain in her teeth anymore.

Did you know that when you lose a tooth, if the tooth is not replaced with a dental implant, the bone can begin to wear away? This is something we check in depth at every single consultation. Sadly, some people wait too long after losing teeth and no longer have enough bone to be able to safely place the full mouth dental implants. It is very important that once you start losing teeth, you visit a dentist to check for bone loss and ways to prevent it from getting worse.

She said, “After looking at the treatment plan options I decided only to do treatment on the bottom, the top teeth were healthy enough that we didn't need to place implants.”

We do get this type of question quite often.  “What if I only need the teeth on the top or on the bottom replaced, can you do just one of them?”

The answer to that question is absolutely! If your teeth are generally healthy on the opposite arch we won’t want to extract all those teeth, just the arch that needs to be fixed.

During Angie’s surgery, she was under safe general anesthesia and went home the same day with no complications. 

“I woke up this morning with no pain.”Angie shared with us when she returned the next day to receive her permanent teeth in 24 hours. (Keep in mind that pain and pain management is different for everyone)

Seconds after Angie took in her brand new smile, Angie exclaims, “I love them. I love them more than I thought that I would!”

Watch as Nuvia transforms Angie’s dream into reality. Her life has changed forever!

As Angie returned to us 2 weeks after surgery, she explained, “Everything just feels better, cleaner, easier and I am more confident with everything. I just feel good!”

Dr. Park and Angie worked together through the whole process and were able to design the smile of her dreams. She has been so pleased with the entire process and the results. 

“The only thing that I regret about this whole thing is waiting. Don’t wait. DO. NOT. WAIT. TO DO. IT. The only thing that you are doing by waiting is putting off the inevitable. I don’t know who would want dentures, probably no one!”

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Dental Implant Patient After Photo

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