Second Set of Adult Teeth

Say no to teeth in a day's temporary dentures

Do you remember having any chewing problems back when you were less than 10 years old?

I doubt it!

Instead, I would think that your teeth fit like a dream. 

So perfectly in fact that you probably went about eating, sleeping, playing, talking, and everything else without the slightest thought about your teeth.

There are no limitations on what a child can eat once they finally get that set of adult teeth. 

Those are the teeth God gave us.

But for many of us adults (MILLIONS & MILLIONS in fact), we'll actually require a 2nd set of adult teeth.

This can be due to a lot of different reasons, like wear and tear or poor genetics. Some people can brush and floss their teeth meticulously, and still end up needing a 2nd set of adult teeth.

And when you need a new set of adult teeth it can affect every aspect of your life, including your health.

So many people end up changing their lives because of oral health issues, whether that means changing what you eat or how often you smile.

And a lot of them don’t understand how to get a second adult set of teeth, or where to start when looking for solutions.

Sadly, unlike your baby teeth, when your adult teeth fall out you don’t grow a new set. And most likely, the tooth fairy won’t be leaving money under your pillow either.

So should you get dentures?

Well, dentures are generally NOT the best solution for missing or broken teeth.

They can be a pain to take care of, they can fall out, they can break, they are temporary and have to be realigned frequently…

The list goes on and on.

So if not dentures, what works?

Nuvia’s Permanent Teeth in 24 hours is a full mouth dental implant solution that can replace your missing teeth.

It is a permanent solution, unlike dentures, that can solve a lot of the problems mentioned above.

The goal with your second set is to make the teeth fit so accurately the only time you may think about them is when you get compliments about how good they look.

We don’t want you to have to worry about your teeth when you are eating, smiling, laughing, or socializing.

We also don’t want you to have to suffer any more dental pain, or social anxiety, from missing or broken teeth.

And trust me, you don't want to end up with a bite that's off. This can also cause a lot of oral health issues.

Can you imagine being virtually worry-free about your teeth? With a child-like enthusiasm for food again?

At Nuvia™, precision and attention to detail are the key to our success.

Our digital technology allows us to map your mouth out so accurately that the teeth we make for you can slide right in the next day.

Permanent teeth in 24 hours.

We really want you to have the Nuvia experience should you move forward with life-changing dental implants.

So fill out the online evaluation form and request your consultation today!

If you have not had a consultation with us, call us at: (866) 366-8777