Wax Teeth & The Try In phase

One part of the traditional teeth in a day process that you may not know about is the the wax try ins.

Want to know the reason why?

Based on the advertisements you see about is "Teeth In a Day" you're led to believe that once you get your teeth in one day the process is over.

If you have read the previous article, Teeth-in-a-day vs Nuvia’s 24hr Permanent Smile, you know that you don’t get permanent teeth right away with traditional all-on-4 or teeth in a day procedures. Instead you receive a temporary denture, or conversion denture, which is an acrylic denture that has been shaped, carved, and drilled into to fit temporarily on the dental implants.

You are then often put on a liquid diet for up to 4-6 weeks while waiting for your implants to heal.

After the liquid diet, you'll typically start eating soft foods, and can be in the temporary denture for up to 6 months or more before starting on the process of getting your permanent teeth.

When it is finally time to start working on the permanent teeth, the dental office will usually have a third party lab build the teeth in hard wax. Then, they take off the temporary denture, and put the hard wax denture on your implants. If the bite is off, or the teeth look off, the clinical team takes a small torch and melts the wax to try and get it to fit better.

Once they have what they think is a good fit, they will send the teeth back to the lab to be redone. Depending on the speed of the lab, it could take up to two weeks before they are ready for the next try-in.

And then, the process starts all over again.

This happens until your teeth are as close to perfect as they can get, and they finally make a permanent set.

How It's Different At Nuvia

We don't use wax try-ins to make your permanent set of teeth.

The beginning or our process to make the permanent teeth actually starts before the dental implant surgery takes place, during what is called the Smile Design appointment.

Then, after the dental implant surgery, we take a sophisticated scanner that can map out your mouth and dental implant placement. Then, using some awesome computer software, we get to do something really cool...

We input all of the criteria we talked about with your smile design, and create a 3D digital version of your permanent teeth that can fit precisely on the implants that we placed, then we start working on creating the permanent set.

Our team then works overnight at our in house lab to finish the permanent teeth, and it is placed within 24 hours of the dental implant surgery.

No delay for try-ins. No melted wax. And no temporary dentures. Just a permanent set of teeth, customized just for you.

If you would like a more in-depth explanation of how the process works, or what it would look like for you, please fill out the online evaluation form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

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