Avoid "Teeth-in-A-Day" Wax Try-ins

Teeth in a day conversion denture with a line through it

If you're not careful about choosing a dental implant provider it's likely you'll end up asking, "Does the process ever end?"

Want to know the reason why?

REALLY popular dental implant centers such as Clear Choice won't tell you about this part of their processes.

In fact, the only thing they advertise is "Teeth In a Day".

If you've read Teeth-In-A-Day VS Nuvia's 24hr Permanent Smile, you know it's actually about a 10-month process to get your permanent set.

So why do they say it just takes about 6 months? It's Because they leave out the details about ...

... the dreadful wax try-in appointments that seem to never end.

Watch This Video To Learn More About The Wax Try Ins

Because everyone else uses manual impressions (think of the goop that fills your entire mouth) it's really hard to get your bite accurate.

When your bite is off, it can cause everything from headaches to early wear and tear on your brand new teeth.

You don't want to be living on Advil the rest of your life because of the way your bite comes together, so it's important to get this step right. The old way of doing it is painfully slow, and still not guaranteed to provide you with the bite you deserve.

The other clinics have a lab they work with that literally builds your teeth in hard wax. You then go in for an appointment where you try in your wax teeth. When the bite is off, or the teeth look wrong or weird, the clinical team there then takes a small torch to melt the wax and try to get it to fit better.

The clinic then takes those changes and your feedback, and sends the wax teeth back to their lab to be redone. Depending on the speed of the lab it could take two weeks for your next try-in. This process continues until you FINALLY get your permanent set.

After already having your temporary conversion denture, other clinics call "Teeth In a Day", the last thing you want are endless appointments trying in wax teeth, right?

That's where our revolutionary technology and lab processes come in.

The most perfect fitting teeth are what God gave you. The next best fitting teeth are our 24-hr permanent teeth digitally and masterfully planned for an incredible fit and bite.

We explain more about your 24hr permanent teeth in the next article so click here to read just how well they'll fit.

The best part is, you won't have to wait 10 months to get them!