His teeth were knocked out in a ROLLOVER ACCIDENT... LOOK AT HIM NOW!

Dental Implant Patient Before Photo

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Trapped for more than 10 years by his deteriorating smile, Gilbert got a brand new smile!

Gilbert is a beloved police officer in the Dallas, Texas community who recently became an elected official, requiring him to speak publicly. He would hide his smile while talking, and this made him feel that he was coming off as insincere or fake. When in reality, he was just self conscious about his teeth. 

Gilbert’s dental problems started when he was in a roll over accident in 2009. This event caused most of his teeth to crack and chip. He slowly stopped smiling and hid behind the fear of people looking at his smile. He was trapped. We could see how much his teeth were affecting his confidence, and his life, and we knew that Gilbert could benefit from Nuvia’s permanent teeth in 24 hours.

He wanted to let his outgoing and friendly personality shine through and be what most people see, but because his teeth were holding him back, he didn’t feel like he could. He really missed feeling confident in front of people. Smiling was an alien concept to him, and now with his new elected office, he didn’t want to send the wrong message to his community. It was time to fix this problem for good.

Gilbert made the courageous decision to visit Nuvia and accept treatment. Before he knew it, it was the big day to get his surgery and new teeth. 

When going through surgery, it is completely normal to be a little jittery and nervous, but Nuvia’s friendly staff help to ease anxiety and fear. Not only do you have a team of trained professionals who focus solely on this type of surgery, you get to sleep peacefully through the whole thing.

Gilbert’s procedure went very smoothly with no complications. When he woke up, we took a few scans and sent him home to rest while we created his permanent set of teeth.

A team of professionals, working through the night, created Gilbert’s permanent teeth so he could come back in to have them placed on his dental implants after a good night’s sleep.

Once the teeth are milled, installation is a breeze. Because the teeth are custom to the patient’s mouth, they slide right on the dental implants. And, once they are on, it’s time for the smile reveal.

If you bring family or friends, a tradition at Nuvia is to show them your smile first so you can see their reactions. 

Gilbert’s reveal was no exception. BEWARE: He stole our hearts with his tear jerking reaction.

Gilbert is now confident enough to not only publicly speak, but publicly smile, laugh, and share his true authentic self with the community that he serves.

Dental Implant Patient After Photo

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