“The best decision I have made in my entire life was to come to Nuvia!”

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Duncan knew for a long time that he needed to do something about his smile. He finally made the decision to replace his teeth with dental implants and couldn't be happier.

Duncan knew for a long time that he needed to do something about his smile. It could have been fear or uncertainty that held him back, but he finally made the decision to replace his teeth with dental implants. He claims that coming to Nuvia Dental Implant Center in Denver, CO was the best decision he ever made.

Are you unsure if dental implants are the right option for you? The only way to know if you are a candidate is to come to a consultation and get a CT scan. A CT scan is an easy and non-invasive 30 second scan, where a machine moves around your head. This specialized scan is able to show the bone in a 3-D view. This will allow your doctor to determine if there is enough healthy bone to safely perform this procedure, without you even needing to sit in a dental chair.

The CT scan is important because if you are missing teeth or have a lot of decay, the bone in the mouth could be compromised. 

Unfortunately, this was the case for Duncan. After struggling with broken down and painful teeth for so long, Duncan got to a point where he needed to make a change.. and soon! 

For Duncan, he decided that he wanted to get the smile of his dreams at Nuvia Dental Implant Center.

With Nuvia’s approach to Permanent teeth in 24 hours, we can eliminate the entire temps process that traditional “teeth in a day” providers require. You can learn more about what “teeth in a day” are and why Nuvia uses a different approach to learn more. 

Duncan joined our “SML MKR” Facebook group (you can too!) and posted this:

"Two days ago, I went to the Nuvia office where I received my new smile. Every time I walk in, I am greeted with warmth, kindness, and laughter. One of my thoughts this morning was, "had you ever bought a new car at a dealership and walked in six months after the purchase and been met with the same emotions?" There is no doubt the cost of full implants is a significant investment. What I realize is part of what makes Nuvia so extraordinary is the skill of the Doctors and staff that provide these beautiful teeth and the genuineness of each staff member. As the office has grown, many people were not there when I received my implants, yet greet me with the same friendliness as those who helped me. If you are looking for a place where you not only get the best product available, you receive a relationship that is unheard of in most dental-type offices. If you have a history of not liking dentist offices, I encourage you to take a step forward and walk into a Nuvia office and see for yourself not only an opportunity to have beautiful teeth but the kind of care that is rare."

Duncan has been forever changed because of what Nuvia was able to do for his smile. 

By getting his smile back, Duncan was given a second chance at life and he is not taking a single minute for granted. He is smiling and telling everyone about the wonderful impact getting new teeth has been for him

Duncan even told us: 

“What I would tell the old me is why in the world would you wait so long?”

Now, you might be reading this and listing off a lot of reasons that you think might be holding you back. Like time, money, or bravery. But at Nuvia, we have thought through everything. 

We made it possible to eliminate up to 10 appointments or more by using our permanent teeth in 24 hours.  

Another main concern we have a lot of our patients explain is the cost of dental implants. We work hard to find solutions for as many folks as possible to have the smile of their dreams, and be able to afford it, too. So that’s why we have professionals ready to help you find the perfect solution that you need to make it happen. 

And as far as bravery, really, the hardest part is walking thro1ugh the door. Once you do, you will be greeted by our caring team who wants to serve you. We have made it possible for every single patient to go to sleep during any procedure and this has allowed for the dental experience to shift from being scary, to being more than comfortable. 

Let’s take Duncan’s advice. If you know that dental implants are something you need and could benefit from, come find out what options are available for you! Our friendly team wants to give you the second chance at life you deserve. Your new smile could be just 24 hours away..

Dental Implant Patient After Photo

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