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I don't smile unless I cover my teeth

The Ultimate Guide to Full Mouth Dental Implants

“No one can see my teeth!”

That’s been a goal of hers every day since she can remember.

That’s a really long time.

In an attempt to try and fix her issues, she invested in crowns and partial dentures that didn’t end up giving her the results she was hoping for.

Just like Roasnna, Kathy explains that her partial dentures never fit right. She couldn’t eat, speak or really feel confident at all.

Partial dentures are different from regular dentures. Partial dentures are just as they sound, partial. This can cause discomfort as the partial denture will need to clip onto a natural tooth, though oftentimes they still don’t stay in place.

In Kathy’s case, she had to remove the partial denture all together to be able to eat. (Which defeats the purpose of having a partial denture in the first place, right?) It got to the point where it affected her speech so much that she stopped wearing the dentures completely.

Kathy is a single mother and has always put her kids first. She made sure they got the dental care they needed to have strong and beautiful teeth.

As Kathy put the needs for her children before her own, she stopped smiling or laughing at all costs. This really changed how she interacted with people.

“I love to laugh, but I don’t laugh out loud around people because I have missing teeth. That kind of ruins the moment. I avoid being around people because it’s just not comfortable.”

Kathy suffered feeling like this for years.

But Kathy is not alone, an estimated 1 out of 3 people feel that they would be more confident with a better smile.

“It feels like you’re putting a patch-work quilt together instead of taking care of the whole problem.” She shares, explaining her experience at the dentist.

Once Kathy finished setting her children up for success, it was finally time to take care of herself. 

Kathy started to do research on if she would be a candidate for full mouth dental implants, and she found out that not all Dental Implants are the same. Where some people offered Teeth-in-a-day with a temporary denture, Nuvia offered permanent teeth in 24 hours.

Not only did she like Nuvia’s process, she found a comfortable way to pay for the cost of dental implants with Nuvia’s affordable payment plan options. Kathy knew that Nuvia was the place for her.

As soon as she stepped into the office, she knew she made the right decision. She explains that everything went smoothly and she felt that she was in good hands with Nuvia for her full mouth dental implants. Knowing this helped her restore confidence in going to the dentist.

Kathy came into the office for her surgery and the entire procedure went off without a hitch. She was shocked when she finally saw her new smile!

She tells us she has been so happy with the results. She even told us that because she has spent so much time without teeth, her family has to remind her not to cover her mouth when she smiles. 

“I was surprised at how quick and how natural it looks. It feels like it fits my face.. It looks like me, but only better

Are you considering trading in your dentures for Dental Implants? How different would your life be if you had a smile that you could feel confident in? 

If so, you are not alone in feeling unsure of which step to take next. It is important to get all the information before making a big decision like full mouth dental implants. Which is why we have compiled the answers to all of the most frequently asked dental implant questions in this guide: The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants.

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Dental Implant Cost Guide

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