Adam's Smile Transformation

"My teeth were just such a mess that he couldn't address it immediately.

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Adam is 51 years old from Carrollton, Texas, and has had struggles with his teeth for his entire life.

Wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth that come into the mouth, and can sometimes cause issues by crowding our other teeth. The average person has four wisdom teeth, but Adam was lucky enough to have eight.

Having that many wisdom teeth, and not a lot of room in his mouth, caused some of his teeth to fuse together. When he had his wisdom teeth removed, the doctor had to break them apart, and it really caused some issues that he wasn’t able to address.

Until now.

Adam was very excited about how smoothly everything went with Nuvia for him to get his permanent teeth in 24 hours. He came in for a free consultation, was able to receive affordable financing, and schedule his surgery.

After getting his permanent teeth, he said “There’s nothing that can replace feeling good about your smile”.

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