Gilbert's Smile Transformation

"In 2009 I had a rollover accident... that's when the damage kind of started"

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Gilbert is a 48 year old police officer in Texas, and came to Nuvia to get his smile back.

In 2009 Gilbert was in a rollover accident, and that is what started the declind of his oral health. His teeth slowly degraded and left him with a smile that doesn’t express how friendly and outgoing he really is.

He is about to become an elected official, and has been nervous about how him hiding his smile would make people feel about his authenticity. He really  just wants to be seen as a friendly and outgoing person who wants to make the community a better place, and thinks that his personality will really shine when he has a smile he can be proud of.

When he saw his new smile for the first time, Gilbert said “I look 20 years old again”.

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