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Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours

The Ultimate Guide to Full Mouth Dental Implants

*Actual NUVIA patient(s) who may have been compensated for sharing their story. Not all those who come in for a consultation are eligible for this treatment. Results may vary in individual cases.

We started with one tooth here, one tooth there. And it just-- before I knew it, I'm 55, and I want my teeth back.

(Nuvia Employee) What we need to have to be able to do this is the passion.

What we are trying to accomplish here at Nuvia is to be able to deliver a quality product within 24 hours. And the way it's being done in other places involves making a denture and converting the denture. We have developed a protocol to deliver something more predictable, more durable and within 24 hours. So the idea is actually to provide a great restoration within the 24 hours.

(Asking Gary) Is there anything in particular that you're looking forward to being able to do with your new teeth that you haven't been able to do?


Smile? Yeah. That's a big...

"I would smile for you. You know what I mean? So no, just the confidence in having a smile again is what I'm looking forward to."

(Nuvia Employee) It's all dictated by the patient's situation. We actually do custom prostheses for our patients. From the time you come into the office and to the time they walk out of the office, the experience that we're trying to accomplish is to be able to make it more comfortable for the patient. Why would a patient want to come here? I think that's one of the questions.

(Gary) So here I am. And I chose these guys because just all the reaction through social media and everything. And then by coming here and me, everything's been great. Everybody's been nice and friendly and... OK... Here we go.

We talked about shapes, forms. We talked about speech. We talked about lifestyle. We want to know-- we want to get to know our patients from the get-go because that-- the more data we have from the beginning, the best the outcome is going to be.

(Gary looking at his teeth) - Wow.

- There's no surprises. Like the case today, I was very confident. I was probably the most confident person in the whole room because I knew I had all the data that I needed to be able to do this right. And I think we are like everybody that is here. It's just-- they want this. They want this for their patients. It doesn't matter what it takes. It has to be done right. And with that mentality, I think we're going to go a long way. Full mouth dental implants are changing people's lives.

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Dental Implant Cost Guide

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  • 4 little known factors that affect pricing
  • How much will dental & health insurance typically cover for dental implants?
  • What 1000’s of average Americans are doing to make this treatment affordable.
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