I have always wanted to get my teeth fixed..I got my smile back and I love it.

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Marcia slowly lost her teeth one by one until the point when she looked in the mirror and didn't recognize herself anymore.

Marcia got the short end of the stick with inherited “bad teeth” through genetics…

And yes, that is a real thing and can definitely run in the family.

Marcia has seen a lot of dental work throughout her life. She did her very best to keep her teeth healthy and free from decay.

Despite her best efforts, Marcia slowly lost her teeth one by one until the point when she looked in the mirror and didn't recognize herself anymore.

Do you find yourself relating to how Marcia feels? 

It’s almost like the concept of “death by 1,000 cuts.”  Have you ever heard of that before?  Essentially, it’s not one thing in particular that ends up “getting us,” it’s just a whole bunch of stuff that happens so gradually it’s nearly impossible to recognize.

That’s kind of like what happened with Marcia! 

Despite all she could do, every single time she went to the dentist she would have cavities and this really discouraged her. 

Marcia continued to have poor experiences going to the dentist and after a while, she just stopped going. Because of this, her smile slowly started falling apart.

Marcia knows that she is beautiful but wants to be able to better express herself with a new smile. 

Because of her missing teeth, she has had to change the way that she eats food. Marcia told us she is looking forward to eating what she likes without having to worry about her teeth bothering her. 

She knew that she needed to do something about it. 

So, Marcia set off to find a new permanent solution for her problems.  She NEEDED to find a solution that would be permanent.  No dentures, no partials, just a new beautiful fixed set of teeth.

Marcia found Nuvia, felt really comfortable with the staff in Denver and wanted her permanent teeth fast..

Marcia has been taught by her late mother to love people unconditionally and not judge anyone. Marcia has demonstrated this quality very well in everything that she does. As you watch, I’m sure you will agree with us that she has an incredible personality.

Marcia explains that in her experience, she was not nervous at all to have the surgery. The Denver team helped her stay relaxed while falling asleep and she was really looking forward to coming back in 24 hours. 

Marcia returns the next day after surgery excited and reports that she didn’t feel any pain. Although, this can be different for everyone.

The doctor installed her prosthetic and as soon as she saw her brand new teeth, just 24 hours after surgery, she was ready to conquer the world with full mouth dental implants.

In her video you’ll see what she actually said..  

And it’s something we should probably all say to ourselves in the mirror every day.

Her motto in her life has been to smile, now she feels like she can actually do what her motto says now that she has her teeth back. She is especially looking forward to finally being able to smile with her teeth in photos. 

Marcia feels like she is still the same wonderful person but now she has a smile that fits her attitude and feeling about herself on the inside

She is even looking forward to put herself out there to find her true love and travel the country showing everyone her new smile.

“I hope my story will encourage others to love themselves. 

Do it, it's your life, you are worthy.


Dental Implant Patient After Photo

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