May 10, 2024

The TRUTH About Dental Implants: Answers to Your Burning Questions

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The Nuvia experience is unique. Permanent teeth in 24 hours certainly isn’t offered everywhere. As Nuvia’s chief clinical officer, I get asked about the truth about dental implants from Nuvia all the time. How are hundreds of people getting life changing smiles complete with permanent teeth in 24 hours? How are Nuvia’s dental implants so durable? What is the dental implant procedure like? Get answers to these questions and more in this interview:

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The Truth About Dental Implants At Nuvia is Simple

Dental implants are all we do at Nuvia. Day in and day out, our experienced teams are restoring smiles with full mouth dental implants. You are in great hands with Nuvia’s tried and true process and dedicated, experienced teams. Got questions about what your experience will be like? Here’s the truth about dental implants at Nuvia:

Your Questions, Answered:

If I get my permanent teeth in 24 hours, does it mean the quality is lower?

Not at all. We use modern zirconium materials, which are incredibly strong and lifelike. Our ability to deliver permanent teeth in 24 hours reflects our investment in more resources and expert teams working efficiently. There is no compromise on quality.

How can you do it in 24 hours? Don’t I need more time to heal?

Historically, the concept that something immediately attached to dental implants could be successful was proven back in the early 90s. We’ve learned that full bone-to-implant healing isn’t required before attaching something permanent. Like modern advances in other medical areas, dental implant technology allows us to proceed without traditional waiting periods for healing.

Are permanent teeth more uncomfortable than temporary teeth?

There is no detectable difference in discomfort between permanent and temporary teeth. Our permanent restorations are made from materials that are not only strong but also comfortable. Your gums can't tell the difference.

How long will my permanent teeth last?

With proper care and regular maintenance, your new teeth are designed to last a lifetime. The longevity of dental implants can vary, but they are generally very durable.

I’m concerned you can’t help me, I have a lot of issues with my teeth.

No matter the dental challenges you face, whether it's gum disease, tooth decay, or inflamed gums, our treatments are designed to address and solve these issues. We encourage anyone struggling with dental problems to consult with us; these are exactly what our treatments are intended to resolve. 

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Do I get to pick what my new permanent teeth will look like?

Absolutely. Every patient has the chance to choose their new teeth's appearance. We provide mock-ups that help you visualize different options, which aids in making an informed decision about the look of your permanent teeth.

How long will I be in surgery for?

The duration of the surgery varies but typically lasts about an hour for a single arch and slightly longer for more complex cases. Rest assured, you will have a skilled surgical team equipped to make the process as smooth.

What should I expect after surgery?

Post-surgery, you can expect some swelling and discomfort, which is normal. However, these symptoms typically peak a few days after the procedure and gradually subside.

Why do I have to go home with no teeth after surgery?

At Nuvia, we don’t make patients wait for their permanent teeth, we provide them 24 hours later. 

Will I have a Gap between my teeth and gums after healing?

I hear patients ask this all the time - and it’s a valid question! The truth about dental implants and whether a gap forms or not is that it depends on the person. However, though not everyone develops a gap, we prepare for it and will get it taken care of right away.

What happens if I don’t like the way my permanent teeth look or feel?

It's rare for our patients to be dissatisfied, but we are committed to your happiness. If there's an issue, we're ready to make adjustments and ensure you love your new smile.

How do you get the bite alignment right that fast?

All we do at Nuvia is full mouth dental implants. Our process to dial into a patient’s bite alignment is tried and true and we are able to do it very quickly in order to provide permanent teeth in 24 hours. 

What if I have concerns months after my procedure?

Never hesitate to reach out to your team at Nuvia with concerns or questions, no matter how much time has passed. Every patient is different so when concerns arise, we recommend you get in touch with your Nuvia doctor as opposed to the internet or others who aren’t as familiar with your situation.

How long do I have to wait before I can eat my favorite foods again?

At Nuvia, patients can enjoy a soft food diet right away. With other providers who follow the traditional process of dental implants, patients may be limited to a liquid-only diet. You can enjoy anything soft enough to cut with a fork as soon as you have your permanent teeth. For tougher foods such as steak or apples, we ask that you wait until the four month mark of having your permanent teeth.

Can I drink coffee?

You can certainly drink coffee; however, it shouldn’t be hot. Coffee itself is just fine, it’s temperatures that can harm tissues or encourage bleeding while you’re healing that we ask you to stay away from. Warmish, lukewarm, or cold liquids are perfectly fine.

Will dental implants affect my speech?

In my experience, most patients don’t miss a beat and do just fine with their new teeth. Sometimes people may need a bit more time to adapt, especially if they haven’t had teeth for a while. Our doctors will often send people home with speech exercises like counting from one to a hundred. 

The Truth about Dental Implants that Everyone Wants to Know: What’s the Cost?

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