January 24, 2024

The Best and Worst Part of Dental Implants - What I Love & Hate

Duncan showing off his dental implants to explain the best and the worst part of dental implants

Dental implant patient Duncan sat down with the Nuvia team to give his honest thoughts on his dental implants… 3 years later! He candidly shares his experiences that lead to the life changing decision of getting dental implants through Nuvia and reflects on the best part and the worst part of dental implants after years of use.

If you’ve heard everything from horror stories to praises about dental implants, Duncan’s honest review is for you. Discover firsthand how dental implants have profoundly improved Duncan's life as he shares his unfiltered thoughts and experiences.

“I just wanted to give you an idea of my ups and a few downs I've had along the way… in my past, I've had about fifteen root canals. And so the only time I went to a dentist was when I had enough pain that I couldn't stand it, went to a new dentist. And in the course of that examination, the dentist came back and said, well, we've got about a year and a half worth of work to do.

I don't wanna spend a year and a half in a dentist chair, having teeth changed.

So following the last dentist visit, I thought is there anything that I can do? At that point, I looked a little further.

And as I looked, I came across Nuvia.”

And the thing that struck me was teeth in twenty four hours.

So I came back the next day, and I'm thrilled.

I went right in. They put my new teeth in. And, oh, my gosh.”

Headshot of dental implant patient smiling before getting dental implants

The Best Part of Dental Implants

Duncan was eager for a change and didn’t want to embark on what could be a year and a half long journey to get his smile back. Nuvia’s unique offer of new teeth in 24 hours was something he couldn’t pass up on. In a short time, Duncan was able to experience one of the best parts of dental implants, a smile transformation. 

He recalls that his wife was the first person to see his new smile. 

“Her smile – When I saw her smile, I started giggling cause it was my way of keeping from crying. I saw in her face how special this is”.

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Headshot of dental implant patient smiling with his new dental implants

Nuvia Makes it Easy

For Duncan, his experience at Nuvia was somewhat unexpected. After years of pain and failed solutions while working with other dental providers, he didn’t expect the quality of care and durability of the implants he got with Nuvia.  

“I was not sitting around contemplating all the trauma I was having with my implants. And so the process for me really was easier than I anticipated, But I've had root canals on one tooth done that were multiple times more painful than anything here – And I was thrilled about that”. 

Worst Part of Dental Implants

Although Duncan was in awe of his brand new smile, he still had some concerns about life with dental implants. As a picky eater, he was worried about being limited to soft foods during the first few months after getting his new implants. His worries didn’t last long as Nuvia provided him with a long list of soft foods that even the “pickiest eater on the planet” could eat.

“...For the first four months, You can eat anything you can cut with a plastic fork. Well, when I heard the concept, my mind went to, Well, what in the world can you eat the plastic fork? I'm the pickiest eater I've ever known in my entire life. I don't eat hardly anything. Now what I like, I eat a lot of, that's never been a problem. And then they showed me a list of foods, and me, the pickiest eater on the planet, had at least a dozen things I could eat that I'd been used to eating every day…I ate fine.”

Duncan welcomed the soft food diet, as opposed to a liquid food diet, which is typical of the traditional way of doing dental implants.

Smiling dental implant patient at the airport as he experiences the best and worst part of dental implants

For Duncan, the worst part of dental implants was during the initial stages of getting used to brand new teeth. He recalls that Nuvia prepared him for everything he would experience after getting implants, including biting his tongue and cheek, and for some patients, a slight lisp. Duncan, a self-proclaimed “talker”, hardly notices the faint lisp and doesn’t feel that it affects him. 

“And and again, exactly how they told me was the way it worked. One of the few downs I experienced was biting my tongue, biting my cheek, and I didn't do that often.

And like we all know, If you bite your tongue one time, in that moment, you go ‘ouch, that hurts’. And so that was no different than with my normal teeth.

It just wasn't something I thought about necessarily.

…Something I have a little bit of is a lisp. And I don't think I had that before, and the lisp doesn't bother me. I’ve been a public speaker – And you couldn't tell by this. I like to talk. 

So the lisp doesn't affect me at all. Every now and then, I'll notice it, but, frankly, to have teeth like this – And if the worst thing that comes from it is a little bit of a lisp, I’m good.

For me, the discomfort truly only lasted a couple of days.

What I trust and what I know is I had nothing happen to me that I had not been talked to about it beforehand.”

For others, the best part and worst part of dental implants may be different than what Duncan’s were. At Nuvia, we hear countless stories from those who love the confidence they feel with their new smile and the profound difference it makes in their life. 

The life changing benefits that come from dental implants far outweigh any discomforts. Whether it’s concerns about maintaining the dental implants, financing them, or finding an experienced, trustworthy provider, Nuvia is here to put you at ease and give you the durable and transformative smile you’ve always dreamed of.

“Before getting my new teeth, my teeth were gray. They were broken and crooked and they had been gray for so long.

Then I got these, you can use a water pick, you can floss, and brush your teeth.”

Before and after headshot of patient who received implants and experienced the best and worst part of dental implants

Some People Think Cost is the Worst Part of Dental Implants

For some, the cost can feel like the worst part of dental implants. Duncan shared his thoughts on how Nuvia’s cost guide is an essential resource for those with this concern. 

“One of the first things most people talk about is how much it costs. That's a big burden for a lot of folks. I had figured I was gonna spend a certain amount of money just paying for what the dentist wanted, in the next year and a half. And having my history with dentists, it was going to be nonstop.

My understanding of my implants – it wasn't going to be an ongoing cost that I was gonna spend money forever, when something broke. Things like that. These are durable, I trust these things.

One of the great things about Nuvia is they have something they're calling a cost guide that explains financing, the cost, the different options, and it really answers all the financial questions a person can have. They give examples of how people can make it affordable for themselves in a way that's legitimate, real, practical.”

A durable, life changing smile is possible. Download Nuvia’s FREE cost guide here and learn how you, too, can afford a radiant, confident smile.

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