June 5, 2024

Side Effects of Dental Implants: Patient’s Unfiltered Review

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Dennis showing his dental implants with text that says side effects of dental implants

Dental implants are used to solve the long list of problems that come from missing teeth or poor dental health. But what are the side effects of dental implants? Dennis, a Nuvia patient, sat down and shared his unfiltered review of his dental implants 2 years later and some of his worries prior to getting them. If you’re thinking about getting dental implants, you may be wondering some of the same things Dennis did. See what his experience was like:

**Actual NUVIA patient(s) who may have been compensated for sharing their story. Not all those who come in for a consultation are eligible for this treatment. Results may vary in individual cases.

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What Were the Initial Side Effects of Dental Implants?

In Dennis’ review, he mentioned some of the temporary side effects of dental implants that were quickly resolved once he adjusted to his new teeth.

A Temporary Lisp

One of the side effects of dental implants that some patients experience is a temporary lisp. Although Dennis experienced this for a short time, he reflects on how helpful it was to search on the Smile Maker Club for ideas on ways he could solve his lisp.

“There's tons of lisp posts. So you just search it, and it'll come up. And there's plenty of different things. People talk about singing in the shower and reading out loud, saying your ABCs, and saying nursery rhymes. You know, there's just a lot of things. There's a lot of ways to fix these things.”

The Smile Maker Club is a Facebook group for dental implant patients to share their experiences, smile transformations, and to find answers to the questions they have. For Dennis and many others, it is a great community that helps patients overcome the initial side effects of dental implants and share how a new smile has changed their life for the better.

Join the smile maker club to get an idea of the side effects of dental implants

Getting used to new tools.

Initially, Dennis thought maintaining his dental implants would be a lot tougher, but it was quite the opposite. However, he did discover that he might need to use new tools, such as a waterpik to take care of them. 

“With these implants, it takes a little getting used to because you have to use new tools. But it's a lot less work.”

Dennis explains that the waterpik he uses to clean his implants is much easier to use than flossing had been with his natural teeth. Additionally, he has had a much better experience at his routine dental exams with dental implants. “Every six months, I gotta go get it professionally cleaned, which they used to have to shoot me up with Novocaine to clean my teeth before. Now I don't need any of that stuff. So it's pretty amazing”. 

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Was a Gap a Side Effect of Dental Implants?

Many people worry about there being a gap between their fake teeth and their gums. The truth is, not everyone does get a gap. Those that do experience a gap, like Dennis, are easily able to get it fixed at the 4 month follow up appointment at no extra cost. Gaps are not unexpected and may form during the healing process as the gums return to their normal state.

Dennis explains that his gap was a minor nuisance that he was able to easily clean with a waterpik. After his gap was fixed at his follow up visit, he now openly shows how seamless his implants look in his mouth.

Dennis before and after dental implants smiling

Other Worries About Dental Implants

Getting used to the side effects of dental implants turned out to be easier for Dennis than he expected. Like many other though, Dennis had some worries before getting dental implants as well:

Time Commitment

Before getting dental implants, Dennis was worried about how long it would take to get his new smile. 

“Implants were always in the back of my mind, but you always hear the horror stories… To have implants done, I was always told that you'd have to wait, like, six months to a year to get teeth in. So I always just pictured myself walking around toothless and not having any teeth for six months or a year.

I couldn't do that. My anxiety would just not let me have that… I just never thought I could just pull it off. 

Here comes NUVIA…And I was instantly attracted. It was like a moth to light. You know, it was just like, oh my goodness.”

What attracted Dennis to Nuvia? It was permanent teeth in 24 hours. Rather than waiting for what could take other providers 10+ months to do, he could get his dental implants and permanent teeth in 24 hours.

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Dental Implant Cost

Dennis knew that by getting dental implants, he was saying goodbye to all the other dental procedures that were costing him time and money. With the dental implant cost guide, he also had a breakdown of what to expect. 

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Dennis with his dog after the side effects of dental implants

Two Years Later… Are There Any Long Term Side Effects of Dental Implants?

For Dennis, the initial adjustment period was when he experienced the most side effects of dental implants. 2 years later, however, he loves the life they’ve given him.

“It's everything. It's just amazing. If you're here, you're obviously starting this journey, and you're looking into it. And all I can say is I want you to feel what I feel.

I want you to take all that trauma, all that pain, all that anxiety, and throw it away. And I want you to feel this life that I feel because it's an incredible life. Life just gets better.”

“I went on vacation and met an old high school friend and there she was like, man, something's changed about you.

And I'm like, ‘yeah. My teeth.’ And she's like, ‘no. Not just teeth. It's just you.’

And I'm like, ‘yeah. I know because I'm happy. It's because of my teeth. So it's just changed my life.’

 it's given me this confidence I've never had before.”

Every patient has their own experiences with dental implants. For more stories on the side effects that can come with dental implants, read about Leslie’s pros and cons of dental implants and Duncan’s best and worst parts of dental implants. Don’t miss Ricky’s review of the disadvantages of dental implants either.


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