May 15, 2024

Years Later - Here are the Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

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Leslie showing the pros and cons of dental implants

Get ready for the inside scoop of pros and cons of dental implants from a real dental implant patient!

Dental implants have become a standard procedure for full mouth dental restorations. They offer a solution that feels incredibly close to natural teeth, they can help protect against the jawbone deterioration that can occur for individuals who are missing teeth, and they give patients the smile makeovers they’ve always wanted. Dental implants come with a lot of pros - but what are the cons of dental implants? 

Leslie, a dental implant patient who has enjoyed her new smile for three years now candidly shares the pros and cons of dental implants so you can know the honest truth of what dental implants are like.

Pros and Cons of Dental Implants:

Leslie first got her dental implants from Nuvia three years ago after years of root canals and frustrating dental visits. Despite all efforts, time, and money, she wasn’t happy with her smile and decided it was time for a permanent solution. 

Leslie was overjoyed with her smile transformation. Although there was somewhat of a transition period for her while getting used to her new smile, she was able to experience the many benefits of dental implants with Nuvia’s permanent teeth in 24 hours.

At Nuvia, the dental implant experience is unique. You can get your permanent teeth, crafted from zirconia, 24 hours after your surgery. Not only are these zirconia teeth strong and durable, they look natural and can be used on soft-foods right away. For Leslie, dental implants have been life changing. Here are a few of her pros and cons of dental implants after 3 years.

Pros of Dental Implants

Improved Functionality

Leslie had incredible joy when she described how, for the first time in decades, she could chew properly. "And when I had my arches fixed in the next day, the feel of them was pretty phenomenal," she recalls. The ability to bite and use her teeth again is a significant advantage that is available for those considering implants. 

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Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours

There was also never any waiting period for Leslie to get functional, permanent teeth. Traditional methods of dental implants may give patients temporary teeth after the dental implants are placed, but it could take up to 10+ months before patients receive their permanent teeth. At Nuvia, you can enjoy your permanent teeth 24 hours after surgery, just like Leslie.

Reduced Pain Compared to Other Dental Procedures

Compared to the discomforts associated with other dental procedures like root canals and extractions, Leslie found the pain from implant surgery much more manageable. "The pain that I experienced really wasn't nearly as much pain as I had experienced on root canals," she notes, highlighting a common sentiment among dental implant patients. 

Maintenance and Hygiene

Prior to upgrading to dental implants, Leslie used partial dentures. These were often frustrating for her as food particles were constantly getting stuck. Dental implants were able to simplify oral hygiene for Leslie. She shared, “Having that partial and always having to rinse it out… you always got something underneath them”

“But having these arches (fake teeth), nothing got underneath them. And so I think that helped me heal a lot because I was able to enjoy ice cream and smoothies and soft things and have a bite without having the food and everything be stuck in between my gums and my teeth and cause that kind of pain.”

Even three years later, Leslie still enjoys snug dental implants that save her the hassle that partial dentures pose. Just like natural teeth, maintenance, and hygiene are still important with dental implants.

Leslie sharing the dental implant cost guide

Feeling of Security

The snug fit of implants can offer a security that removable dentures and other temporary solutions to missing teeth cannot match. "My real teeth never really felt that secure in my mouth," Leslie reflects. Her experience with dental implants has been the opposite as even years later, they fit snuggly. This feeling of stability is a significant comfort for many patients who have had dental issues for years and have not felt confidence and strength in their bite.

Cost Transparency

One of the pros of dental implants for Leslie was the transparent and upfront cost of dental implants. For many, this may not seem like a pro of dental implants. However, after multiple years and multiple bills from her dentist, Leslie explained how simple and straightforward it was at Nuvia. Leslie explains, "It's one big bill, and you're done. No more root canals, no more cavities." This predictability in costs can be less burdensome financially over the long term compared to traditional dental treatments.

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Emotional and Social Benefits

As Leslie shares the pros and cons of dental implants, she specifically mentions one pro that she wasn’t expecting at all. 

"I noticed the color, I expected the pretty smile.

I expected to have a bite and to be able to chew.

But what I didn't expect was to be able to feel as good as I feel about myself and looking in the mirror and liking what I see back." 

Leslie before and after the procedure experiencing the pros and cons of dental implants

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Cons of Dental Implants

Initial Adjustment Period

The adjustment to implants isn't always seamless for everyone. Leslie experienced some tongue and cheek biting as she got used to her new teeth. "I cannot tell you how many times I bit my tongue and bit the inside of my cheek and my lip," she admits.

She explains that she just chose some limericks and old nursery rhymes to singing in the shower or as she was driving to get some extra practice while getting used to the new teeth. She quickly got used to the new teeth and now has no problem sounding perfectly normal while speaking.

Physical Discomfort Immediately Post-Surgery

Pain and swelling are common, though temporary, the day after surgery. "Yeah, you're puffy. Yeah, you have pain a little bit," says Leslie, describing her initial recovery phase. However, for Leslie, the pain of dental implant surgery was not as bad as she had expected or experienced after other procedures like various root canals. This is why she lists the discomforts of dental implants under both pros and cons of dental implants.

Gaps During Healing

Although not every dental implant patient will develop a gap as their dental implants heal, it isn’t uncommon and it isn’t unexpected. Some patients, like Leslie, might notice gaps forming between the gums and the arch as any swelling from the surgery goes down. "As time went on, I noticed that my gums were healing, and there was a gap forming between my gums and the arch," she explained.

This is something your care team at Nuvia can take care of right away at no extra cost to you. It’s a natural and expected part of the healing process, though it can take some patients, like Leslie, by surprise.

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