May 8, 2024

Scotty Riggs’ Unbelievable Teeth Transformation

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Teeth Transformation of Scotty Riggs side by side

Imagine waking up and seeing a completely new you in the mirror—someone healthier, happier, and with a brilliant smile. This is the story of Scotty Riggs, a former wrestling star, whose life took an incredible turn thanks to a revolutionary dental transformation.

How a Smile Can Change a Life

Scotty Riggs, once known for his dynamic presence in the wrestling ring, found himself facing a series of personal and health challenges after his career slowed down. As he worked on rebuilding his health and life with the help of DDPYoga, a significant piece of his transformation puzzle was still missing—his smile. He recounts, "It’s been a lonely existence. When you ain't got that smile, it's really hard."

Working with DDPYoga and Nuvia Dental Implant Center, Scotty was able to take steps in getting a total teeth transformation with full mouth dental implants.

His Teeth Transformation Process

CT Scan

The first step began with a thorough CT scan at Nuvia Dental Implant Center, which assessed the condition of Scotty's bone structure, which is crucial for the upcoming procedures. Dr. Simmons reported, "Looking at a patient scan, it looks like the bone's pretty good."

Full mouth dental implants require that a patient have enough bone in their jaw to securely hold the dental implants. With solutions like All-on-4® and All-on-X dental implants, dental implants can still be successful even without bone grafting. However, it is important to note - if you are missing teeth, the longer you wait, the more time your jaw bone has to change and potentially deteriorate which could disqualify you from a teeth transformation with dental implants.

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Smile Design

For Scotty, it was important that his new teeth looked natural. He was able to work with Nuvia’s smile consultants and see mock ups of what his new smile would look like.


On the day of surgery Scotty was given general anesthesia so he could sleep soundly through the procedure. At Nuvia, patients are treated by a CRNA as well as an oral surgeon. Other providers may offer sedation at a higher cost or the doctor performing the surgery may be the same one to administer the anesthesia. Having a dedicated anesthesiologist during the surgery allows Nuvia dental implant providers to be solely focused on placing the implants.

Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours

24 hours later, it was time for Scotty to see his teeth transformation. Traditional methods of dental implants may take up to 10+ months before patients can receive their permanent teeth. At Nuvia, Scotty got his permanent teeth 24 hours after surgery.

After seeing his new smile, Scotty remarked, “I never thought I’d have this smile again”. For Scotty, his new smile was about more than aesthetics. It was a key piece in a greater journey where he completely changed his situation.

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Scotty Riggs: Before and After His Teeth Transformation

Before Scotty got his dental implants, he was already on a journey of self rediscovery; however, with his missing teeth, he could only go so far. As Scotty describes, this was an incredibly lonely time for him.

After his teeth transformation, Scotty not only felt like he was starting a new life, he could enjoy all the foods he previously was limited from when he didn’t have teeth.


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