May 22, 2024

“I Wouldn’t Wish This On Anybody” - From Partial Dentures to Dental Implants

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Jeffrey removing his partial dentures

Jeffrey has been on a transformative journey for nearly a decade. From sobriety to health goals, he completely changed his life. However, there was still one obstacle he faced; his partial dentures. Hear first hand how partial dentures impacted Jeffrey’s life and kept him from living how he wanted. Here’s Jeffrey’s story of transforming his partial dentures nightmare to a beautiful, new smile with dental implants and the steps you can take to experience the same transformation.

*Actual NUVIA patient(s) who may have been compensated for sharing their story. Not all those who come in for a consultation are eligible for this treatment. Results may vary in individual cases.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are removable dental appliances used to replace multiple missing teeth. They are less extensive than full dentures and are designed to fit among remaining teeth. However, as Jeffrey discovered, they can sometimes feel unnatural and cumbersome.

partial dentures against a black background

What Types of Partial Dentures Are There?

While partial dentures offer a solution for missing teeth, they come with limitations that can affect comfort, appearance, and overall satisfaction. Understanding the different types of partial dentures can help clarify why dental implants might be a more advantageous choice like it was for Jeffrey. Here’s an overview of common types of partial dentures:

Acrylic Partial Dentures:

  • Material: Made with a pink acrylic base intended to mimic the gums, combined with a metal framework for support.
  • Pros: Cost-effective and quick to create.
  • Cons: Their bulky nature can make them uncomfortable and noticeable. They place stress on natural teeth which they clasp onto, potentially leading to damage or discomfort over time. This is the type of partial dentures that Jeffrey wore that he often had trouble with.

Cast Metal Partial Dentures:

  • Material: These feature a metal framework covered by an acrylic base for the teeth.
  • Pros: More durable and stable than acrylic versions.
  • Cons: Though they offer a better fit than acrylic, they still require periodic adjustments and can feel unnatural. The initial higher cost and longer creation time also make them less appealing.

Flexible Partial Dentures:

  • Material: Made from a flexible, thermoplastic material that bends with the mouth’s natural movements.
  • Pros: Aesthetically pleasing with no visible metal clasps and a lighter, more comfortable fit.
  • Cons: While they offer improved comfort and appearance, they can be more expensive and less durable compared to other types. Their flexibility may not provide the same level of functional support as firmer materials.

Implant-Supported Partial Dentures:

  • Material: A combination of dental implants and partial dentures, utilizing implants for superior stability.
  • Pros: They prevent bone loss and provide a stable chewing surface without stressing surrounding teeth.
  • Cons: Requires a surgical procedure and a higher initial investment, but these are often outweighed by the long-term benefits and comfort.

Why Consider Dental Implants Over Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are a temporary solution to missing teeth whereas dental implants are a permanent solution. There are also certain drawbacks and disadvantages of partial dentures that make everyday life difficult for individuals such as Jeffrey. As he describes the challenges that come with partial dentures he says, “I wouldn’t wish this on anybody. You know? It's just horrible.”

Jeffrey couldn’t wait for his dental implants. After he got them, he shared how important his health and living the life he wanted was for him. “It's unbelievable, just physically, mentally, emotionally… this is priceless for me. I mean, this changed my whole life.”.

Not only was Jeffrey’s life changed by dental implants, he didn’t have to wait up to 10+ months to have his permanent smile back. With Nuvia, he was able to get his new, permanent teeth 24 hours after surgery and begin using them on a soft food diet immediately.

Dental implants vs partial dentures

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Disadvantages of Partial Dentures

For Jeffrey, partial dentures were more than an inconvenience—they were a barrier to living fully. He described them as "heavy metal" and was unsure of the materials used. Common issues that Jeffrey and others with partial dentures experience include difficulty speaking, the embarrassment of them coming loose, and challenges with eating. 

Speaking about his partial dentures he said, “it's just like heavy metal – or I don't even know what material they are – but, it was embarrassing. Sometimes I would spit when I talk.

It's just or they would come loose and the glue, the adhesive at the end of the day, and the food getting stuck in my mouth. I don't wish this on anybody. You know? It's just horrible.”

Jeffrey’s experience highlights how dental partials can significantly hinder everyday interactions and self-confidence.

Jeffrey with partial dentures vs Jeffry with dental implants

Partial Denture Cost

For Jeffrey, partial dentures were a bad experience that came with a hefty price tag. For him, his partial dentures were around $5,000. This cost will likely be unique for everyone as it is determined by a number of factors. Materials, number of teeth needing to be replaced, location in the mouth, and other customizations. Not to mention, there are likely additional costs for upkeep and repairs.

Jeffrey had had enough of the pricey, temporary solution and now enjoys his permanent dental implants. 

“It's just an amazing feeling. My health is very important to me. I'm fifty four years old, and I wanna see my grandchildren grow, and I wanna be healthy with them.

And that's taking care of yourself and taking care of your mouth. If I had to do it again, this is priceless for me. I mean, this changed my whole life.

I'm not a rich guy, but this totally changed my life. I'm happy. I love my life today, and you're gonna love yours.”

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