May 29, 2024

“Why did I wait so long?” - How Dental Implant Financing Gave Her Her Dream Smile

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Sharanna’s story of transforming her smile and changing her life with dental implants is one that many Nuvia patients can connect with. Sharanna and Ricky, two Nuvia patients sat down to talk about what getting their dental implants was like, how they used dental implant financing, and what they would tell their past selves after getting dental implants. Don’t miss this inside look at how other paid for their dental implants and how you can too.

*Actual NUVIA patient(s) who may have been compensated for sharing their story. Not all those who come in for a consultation are eligible for this treatment. Results may vary in individual cases.

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How She Paid For Her Dental Implants

Sharanna never expected the outpouring of compliments and the boost in self-confidence that came with her new smile. It was not just the appearance but the natural feel of the implants that impressed her and others. "Your teeth are so beautiful," people would say, and she learned to embrace and feel worthy of such praise.

Financing her dental implants was a major concern for Sharanna. She explained how she managed her payments by making lifestyle adjustments, such as doing her hair less luxuriously and utilizing family help instead of professional services. This allowed her to comfortably afford the monthly payments, proving that with smart budgeting, dental implants can be within reach.

Dental Implant Financing: Was it Worth it?

When asked if the financial commitment and the procedure were worth it, Sharanna enthusiastically affirmed, "It was worth everything." The impact of the implants went beyond aesthetics; they improved her quality of life and mental well-being. She emphasized that the cost, which initially seemed daunting, was justified by the overwhelming positive changes in her life.

Before and after of Sharanna after dental implant financing

Paying For Dental Implant with Dental Implant Financing

In their conversation above, Sharanna and Ricky discussed the various dental implant financing options that were available to them. They highlighted that Nuvia provided affordable monthly payments and flexible plans to fit different budgets. This flexibility helped them make the decision to proceed without financial strain.

Many people search or ask how much dental implants cost or how much a dental implant financing payment is each month. Because patients are given options on how they would like to finance their implants, this cost can vary from patient to patient. To find out how much dental implants would cost you with a monthly financing plan, start by taking this eligibility quiz and a member of the Nuvia team will reach out.

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Dental implant cost guide for dental implant financing

Advice From Sharanna

As Ricky and Sharanna wrapped up their conversation, Ricky asked what advice Sharanna would give someone or her old self about dental implants. “As far as what advice I would give to someone or to my old self… Girl, Why did you wait so long?”. She continued to explain that her new smile was worth the wait and worth everything it took to get it.

“It was worth it, becoming a better me. It was worth it. Just this to have my smile back? Definitely worth it and just to enjoy life? Worth it.”

Years after receiving their dental implants, Ricky and Sharanna are still loving their smiles and everything they’ve experienced with Nuvia. Additionally, Sharanna found more than just a new smile and affordable dental implant financing. As she shared with Ricky, she found community and the gift of friendships. “We gained an extended family - at the dentist! Everyone is like family here”.

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