Why He Needed to Overcome Dental Anxiety: “You Can’t Live Life When You’re in Pain All the Time”.

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*Actual NUVIA patient(s) who may have been compensated for sharing their story. Not all those who come in for a consultation are eligible for this treatment. Results may vary in individual cases.

Shaun’s story is one of transformation and for many, hope. Dental anxiety occurs commonly and can make it hard for people to get the treatment they need. This was something that Shaun experienced prior to getting his dental implants; however, his experience at Nuvia was completely unexpected and reassuring. This is his story of escaping a life of pain and what helped him to overcome dental anxiety. 

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Shaun’s Story

For years, Shaun dealt with toothaches, dental diseases, and rotting teeth when he knew he had to make a change. After dealing with dental issues for so long, he was searching for an immediate solution, something he wouldn’t have to wait for months for. That’s when he found Nuvia.

Unlike traditional dental implant providers who may take up to 10+ months to get patients their permanent teeth, Nuvia is able to give patients their permanent teeth in 24 hours. Nuvia patients don’t need to go through frequent follow up visits, refittings, and more.

Nuvia’s permanent teeth in 24 hours process was exactly what Shaun was looking for. The only problem, he had lots of dental anxiety about the implant surgery. He wondered if he would be awake and if it would hurt to have what was left of his teeth removed. All of his questions were answered and his fears began to subside after his consultation with Nuvia. Not only was he informed that he would be comfortable asleep during the surgery, he could feel the confidence of the Nuvia team who do nothing but provide dental implants day in and day out.

Dental Anxiety About Dental Implant Surgery

So what exactly is dental anxiety and what was Shaun experiencing? Like many others, Shaun had dealt with dental issues for years and had many not so pleasant experiences with dentists in the past.

Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a common condition that affects a significant number of individuals, manifesting as nervousness, fear, or stress about going to the dentist. This can be triggered by various factors such as the anticipation of pain, negative past experiences, or the sounds and smells associated with dental procedures. Patients like Shaun, who have had prolonged dental issues and previous uncomfortable dental experiences, are particularly susceptible to dental anxiety.

Effective management of dental anxiety involves a combination of communication, understanding, and care from dental professionals, as well as the use of techniques that can help reduce stress, such as clear explanations of procedures, sedation options, and a supportive environment. Practices like Nuvia cater to such needs by providing thorough consultations and reassurances that procedures like dental implants can be performed using sedation to ensure that patients are comfortable and anxiety-free during their dental implant surgery.

How to Cope with Dental Anxiety: Shaun’s Experience at Nuvia

Although Shaun was worried about what the dental implant process might entail, he was tired of being limited by his teeth. In his own words he says, “You can’t live life when you’re in pain all of the time.” So despite his concerns, he went to Nuvia and was surprised by how enjoyable the experience was.

Hear Shaun tell his experience with dental anxiety before dental implant surgery.

The Consultation: All of his questions were answered

Shaun recalls being scared of surgery and having many unanswered questions. He was put at ease during his consultation and expressed that his team at Nuvia felt very aware of how he was feeling and was able to give him the answers and reassurance that he needed.

Dental anxiety can come from feeling helpless, a loss of control, or embarrassment. At Nuvia, Shaun was listened to, informed, and given a team that supported him in his decision to change his life with dental implants. You can experience a warm, friendly staff ready to help you when you visit Nuvia as well.

A Confident, Experienced Team

When it came to overcoming dental anxiety, Shaun recalls that a huge confidence booster for his was the confidence of the Nuvia team. All the Nuvia team does day in and day out is dental implants. Nuvia providers are extremely confident as they are highly experienced, trained and qualified. Shaun was bolstered by how secure he felt at Nuvia and knew he was in good hands.

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Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Get in the Way

As Shaun says, a life of pain isn’t what life is all about. If you’re missing teeth, have poor dental health, or are ready for a smile transformation see if you may be a candidate for dental implants today with this 60-second quiz. If you’ve got additional questions that you want answered, know that your team is happy to answer them during your consultation - or you can visit our blog for additional details on the process to help with your dental anxiety.

Questions About Dental Anxiety

How do you deal with dental anxiety?

Dealing with dental anxiety involves understanding and addressing the patient's fears, much like Shaun experienced with Nuvia. Nuvia's approach included a comforting consultation where the process was thoroughly explained, reassuring Shaun that he would be asleep during the procedure and wouldn't feel a thing.

How common is dentist anxiety?

Dental anxiety is quite common, affecting a significant portion of the population. Many individuals experience varying degrees of anxiety when facing dental procedures, stemming from fear of pain, past traumatic experiences, or the sounds and smells associated with dental offices.

How to stay calm during tooth extraction?

Staying calm during a tooth extraction can be done by several techniques. Shaun’s experience at Nuvia highlights the importance of being well-informed about the procedure, which can reduce fear of the unknown. Additionally, techniques such as deep breathing, listening to calming music, or using distraction methods can help manage anxiety during the procedure.

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