Dr. Matthew Krieger

Meet Dr. Matthew Krieger, Austin's expert oral surgeon, for remarkable full mouth dental implant solutions and permanent teeth in 24 hours.


Dr. Matthew Krieger

Originally from Yakima, Washington, Dr. Matthew Krieger was inspired to pursue oral surgery while attending dental school. He has always been driven by the urge to help others and found that the specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery provided a way to comfortably and efficiently resolve patients’ dental and facial pain, as well as improve facial esthetics through procedures such as dental implant placement.

Dr. Krieger earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Whitworth College in 2006. He completed dental school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in 2011 with a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree. Following dental school, Dr. Krieger completed his oral and maxillofacial surgery residency at Christiana Care Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware.

While Dr. Krieger has been practicing Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery since 2015, he has been focused exclusively on the “All on 4” implant procedure since 2019. Dr. Krieger found a true passion for this surgery when he witnessed the life changing effect and profound impact the procedure can have on the health and emotional well being of patients. Dr. Krieger looks forward to delivering this exceptional oral surgery and dental implant care to patients in the Austin community.

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Our doctors are not just experts; they are visionaries in the field of dental implantology. With decades of surgical and restorative experience, and a passion for pioneering research, they are at the forefront of innovation.

Dr. Olawale Osinusi

Meet Dr. Osinusi, a passionate dentist committed to changing lives at our Nashville location. A true local, Dr. Osinusi attended high school and college right here in Nashville. After obtaining a master's degree from Barry University in South Florida, he returned to the Volunteer State for dental school at the University of Tennessee. His education was further enriched with an advanced year of general dentistry training at both the university and St. Thomas Hospital at Matthew Walker in Nashville.

At the core of his practice is a simple promise: to treat each patient as he would a family member. Dr. Osinusi chose dentistry because it uniquely allows him to make immediate, impactful changes in people's lives, aligning perfectly with his devotion to healthcare.

Why Nuvia?

Dr. Osinusi was drawn to Nuvia because of its innovative approach to dental implants. Nuvia’s technology and process allows patients to get permanent teeth in 24 hours, something that Dr. Osinusi feels is incredibly impactful for patients. He is passionate about creating smiles and helping patients find joy in seeing their smiles restored.

Dr. Osinusi recalls one of the first patients he was able to help with dental implants. This was a reaffirming experience for him of the joy that can be had as a dental implant provider changing people’s lives.

Personal Life

Outside the clinic, Dr. Osinusi is a soccer enthusiast—more of a spectator these days—and is deeply involved in his church community. He loves spending time with his young family and playing drums. With his blend of expert training and compassionate care, Dr. Osinusi is eager to be a part of your transformative dental journey with dental implants.

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Dr. Francesca Verratti

Initially aiming for a career in medicine, Dr. Verratti found her true calling in oral surgery. After she entered dental school, intending to switch to medicine later, a presentation by an oral surgeon completely captivated her, making it clear that oral surgery was her true calling. Now, practicing as an oral surgeon in Miami, Dr. Verratti feels she is fulfilling her life's purpose, offering her patients not just medical interventions but a chance at a better life.

Dr. Verratti's approach to oral surgery is deeply rooted in compassion and understanding. Recognizing that surgery can be a significant source of anxiety for many, she goes the extra mile to ensure her patients feel supported and well-informed. She is committed to making the surgical experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible, taking the time to explain every aspect of the procedure, from what to expect to pain management techniques.

Why Nuvia

Her decision to join Nuvia Dental Implant Center in Miami was influenced by the alignment of her personal philosophy with Nuvia’s values—particularly the emphasis on community, patient-centered care, and the innovative offering of permanent teeth in 24 hours. Dr. Verratti is particularly impressed with the quality of Nuvia’s prosthetics (fake teeth), appreciating the immediate and positive impact they have on patients’ lives. She looks forward to being a part of your journey, offering the expertise, care, and understanding necessary to guide you towards a transformative experience.

Personal Life

Beyond her professional life as an oral surgeon, Dr. Verratti is an avid reader and hiker. She cherishes time spent with her baby and her dogs and loves being in nature. Dr. Verratti is also a devoted practitioner of yoga and meditation, disciplines that help her maintain her focus and strive to be the best version of herself every day. These hobbies not only enrich her life but also enhance her approach to patient care, bringing a sense of calm and mindfulness to her practice.

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Dr. William Kwon

From a young age, frequent visits to the dentist and orthodontist greatly influenced Dr. Kwon’s early fascination with dental care and led to the beginning of his journey to become an oral surgeon. This interest led him to shadow his dentist, a pivotal experience that steered him towards dental assisting. It was during this time that he witnessed the transformative power of full mouth restorations, seeing firsthand the life-changing impact an oral surgeon’s work can have on patients.

Pursuing his growing passion, Dr. Kwon attended Dental School at New York University. It was there that he discovered the possibility of specializing in oral and maxillofacial surgery—a field that resonated with his early experiences and aspirations. Through intensive training and schooling, Dr. Kwon found profound fulfillment in his ability to contribute to full mouth restorations as an oral surgeon, realizing his goal of making a significant difference in people's lives. He now works with the Nuvia team in Fullerton, California.

Outside of the Clinic

When he isn’t working as an oral surgeon, Dr. Kwon is an avid golfer and an enthusiast of the outdoors. Family plays a central role in his life; he cherishes time spent with his loved ones, especially his young daughter, who is the greatest joy of his life. Having grown up in South Korea before moving to Canada and then to the United States, Dr. Kwon has a rich appreciation for diverse cultures and cuisines. This multicultural background has instilled in him a love for Korean and Vietnamese foods, reflecting the heritage of both his and his wife's families.

Dr. Kwon’s professional path is marked by a commitment to excellence, compassion, and a genuine desire to improve the lives of his patients through his work as an oral surgeon in Fullerton.

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Hugo Velez

Meet Dr. Velez, your restorative dentist at Nuvia's San Antonio location. He chose a career in dentistry for its unique blend of medical science and work-life balance. Dr. Velez is deeply passionate about the power of a smile to light up one's soul. He sees restoring smiles as more than a dental procedure; to him, it's akin to healing the soul, enabling people to engage more openly with the world around them.

Dr. Velez also holds a strong belief in the transformative effects of dental health on one’s overall well-being. He is convinced that relieving dental pain empowers individuals to function at their highest potential, making their lives considerably easier and more fulfilling.

Personal Life

Restorative dentist Hugo Velez biking

When he's not at the office, Dr. Velez is an avid triathlete, a passion he has shared with his wife for over two decades. This hobby has taken him to a myriad of places he might never have visited otherwise, racing in locales ranging from Ecuador to Hawaii.

Dr. Hugo Velez, restorative dentist in San Antonio scuba diving

A lover of exploration, Dr. Velez cherishes every opportunity to swim in the ocean and discover new landscapes. With Dr. Velez, you're not just visiting a skilled dentist in San Antonio, you're meeting someone who genuinely wants to improve your quality of life.

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Dr. Mohammed AlRubaie

Dr. AlRubaie got his start in dentistry early on as a 16 year old dental assistant. He loved that he could help change people’s lives for the better and knew that dentistry was the field for him. He is now a dental implant surgeon and periodontist in Chicago with Nuvia Dental Implants.

After graduating dental school, Dr. AlRubaie finished a 2-year residency program in advanced education in general dentistry from Miami, Florida and practiced for 6 years as a general dentist in Illinois and Florida. Afterwards, Dr. AlRubaie joined a 3-year dual degree residency program in Periodontology and Master of Science at Nova Southeastern University/College of Dental medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dr. AlRubaie is a Board-Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and has a great passion for his field. He did his Master thesis about dental implants and he has been published in peer reviewed journals. During his spare time, he enjoys practicing kickboxing and travels for scuba diving spots all over the world.

To those visiting Nuvia’s Chicago clinic, Dr. AlRubaie is looking forward to meeting you and helping you get the smile you’ve always wanted!

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Dr. Danubio Blen

Dr. Blen is a passionate and skilled dentist at Nuvia Dental Implant Center, with a strong focus on providing the best possible care for his patients. Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, and raised in various parts of the United States, Dr. Blen is no stranger to diverse environments and cultures. He currently resides in Austin, Texas, where he brings his wealth of experience to the Nuvia team.

Dr. Blen's journey in dentistry began with a desire to give back and help as many people as possible. His commitment to patient satisfaction and quality of life is evident in his approach to dental care. Dr. Blen believes in treating each patient as an equal and building strong connections with them, walking alongside them on their dental journey.

When Dr. Blen is not working, he enjoys spending quality time with his daughter, Fatima Nicole, and connecting with family members in other states through virtual gatherings. He is a fan of the UFC and has a background in martial arts, including boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Dr. Blen is also a talented musician, playing various instruments such as guitar, drums, and piano, and enjoys woodcarving as a hobby.

With a warm and caring personality, Dr. Blen is dedicated to providing the best dental care experience for his patients at Nuvia Dental Implant Center. He looks forward to meeting and working with new patients, making their dental journey a beautiful and fulfilling one.

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