Transform Your Smile: Discover the Lasting Power of Full Mouth Dental Implants Over Temporary Fixes

Find out the difference between permanent and temporary dental solutions in this article!
December 5, 2023
Julia Martin
Permanent Solutions vs Temporary Fixes

Are you tired of constant trips to the dentist, patching up one problem only to face another? Dealing with tooth loss can feel like a never-ending cycle of appointments and bills. You've tried it all – crowns to cover up, veneers for a better look, bridges to fill the gaps, and even dentures, yet nothing seems to offer a lasting solution. What if there's another option you haven't explored yet? 

Introducing the world of full mouth fixed dental implants. Unlike the temporary fixes you're used to, these are designed to be a one-time, long lasting solution. Imagine a future where root canals, fillings, and sudden toothaches are things of the past, no longer interrupting your life at the worst moments. Curious? Let's explore why full mouth dental implants, especially the kind offered at Nuvia Dental Implant Center, might be the long-term answer you've been searching for.

Have You Been Here, Too?

Have you ever sat in the dentist's chair, nervously awaiting your check-up results, only to be hit with the news of cavities that threaten to drain your savings? It's a story many of us know all too well. You get those cavities filled, hoping it's a one-time ordeal, but before long, you're back in the same chair. Another cavity has formed, leading to yet another round of costly and time-consuming fillings or crown replacements. It's like a never-ending loop of dental visits, expenses, and discomfort.

Or maybe you've experienced the dread of a root canal, that daunting procedure to save a decaying tooth, only to face the same issue again down the road. It's a frustrating cycle that leaves you wondering: when will I finally catch a break from these endless dental woes?

In this quest for a healthier smile, you might have encountered other 'quick fixes' like crowns and veneers. Crowns are like little helmets for your teeth, designed to protect and strengthen, while veneers are more about aesthetics, giving your teeth a new, improved look. But as you might have realized, they don’t replace missing teeth.

Then there are bridges, filling the gaps left by lost teeth. They bridge the space, relying on neighboring teeth for support. And let's not forget dentures, those removable replacements that many turn to, yet often find lacking in stability and comfort compared to natural teeth.

Each of these solutions offers some relief but doesn't quite escape the cycle of repairs and replacements. With each repair making your smile mismatch more and more to the point you no longer want to smile. 

But what if there's a better way? A solution that steps out of this endless loop and offers something more lasting? Keep reading, because there might just be a light at the end of this tunnel of your dental challenges.

What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Picture this: You wake up every morning to a smile that's not just strong, but breathtakingly beautiful. That's the kind of change dental implants can bring into your life. Think of them as tooth roots placed under your gums, fitting into your jawbone seamlessly. They're not just placeholders; they're a part of you. With time, they grow with your bone to create a strong foundation that feels and looks like your natural teeth.

Now, imagine years down the line, still flashing that eye-catching smile with confidence. These implants are crafted for endurance. With your care, they could be your lifelong smile partners, freeing you from the cycle of dental repairs. Each day with your dental implants brings a sense of confidence – they're a blend of art and science, a true marvel in dental innovation. Dental implants offer you more than a quick fix; they help give you a future of effortless smiles and a renewed love for your reflection.

Temps Vs Permanent Teeth in 24-Hours:

Now, when getting full mouth dental implants, there are generally two ways of getting the process done. One involves temporary teeth made of plastic dentures, and a timeline of up to 10+ months until you get your permanent teeth, and the other gives you your permanent set of teeth 24 hours after surgery. Let’s compare the difference.

First, there is the traditional “Teeth in a Day” approach to getting full mouth dental implants. This has been the way that dental implant providers have approached full mouth dental implants since they came out many decades ago. On the day of surgery, a premade denture is fitted into your mouth by drilling large holes where the implants were placed in your mouth. Then the holes in this denture are filled with liquid plastic that they harden once placed in your mouth. The process takes a few hours after your surgery sitting in the chair as they fit this device into your mouth. 

The experience of wearing temps may come with many struggles, such as feeling extremely large and bulky in your mouth, frequent gagging, loss of taste, chipping, food getting stuck underneath the temp, and many other challenges. The good news is that temps are not meant to last forever, the permanent teeth are typically placed 10 months after your surgery. So you will be wearing temps just shy of a year with the teeth in a day process. 

Nuvia has spent over 10 years and millions of dollars in research developing a different way to do full mouth dental implants. Nuvia’s process skips the temps phase all together. The best part? We will deliver your permanent set of teeth just 24-hours after your surgery

That’s right. No temps. No waiting periods. Just 24 hours until your beautiful smile is giving you back the freedom and confidence you deserve. 

Take a look below at the differences between temps and Nuvia’s permanent teeth in 24 hours. 

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