Dr. Eberechukwu Njoku, Dental Implant Doctor in Fort Worth

Meet Dr. Eberechukwu Njoku, one of Nuvia’s dental implant doctors at the Fort Worth location.


Dr. Eberechukwu Njoku

Dr. Njoku serves with the Nuvia team in Fort Worth, Texas. She grew up in Atlanta, GA where she came to love the diverse cultures of others as well as her family’s Nigerian culture and roots. She has always been driven by a desire to help others and give back. It was this passion for helping people that changed her career path from one in political science to one that would lead to her becoming a dental implant doctor.

After seeing such a need for dental services on a mission trip to Atlanta, GA, Dr. Njoku attended dental school at the University of Maryland. There, she trained in restorative dentistry and gained experience to become a dental implant doctor in Fort Worth, where she moved soon after finishing school and has been practicing ever since.

Dr. Njoku loves Nuvia’s innovative approach to helping patients transform their smiles. She loves all the benefits that come from full mouth dental implants and especially that patients can get their permanent teeth in 24 hours. Having worked with patients in the past who relied on dentures, she confidently shares her love of dental implants and what they can offer those who are missing teeth.

Personal Life

When outside of the clinic, Dr. Njoku can be found playing tennis, doing crafts, or occasionally running. As an avid traveler and foodie, Dr. Njoku loves exploring the world and different types of cuisine and cultures. Her passion for food extends to a love of cooking and connecting with others through the food she makes.

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Other Doctors

Our doctors are not just experts; they are visionaries in the field of dental implantology. With decades of surgical and restorative experience, and a passion for pioneering research, they are at the forefront of innovation.

Dr. Mona Stone

Dr. Mona Stone, a passionate oral and maxillofacial surgeon at our Fort Worth location, is driven by a deep-rooted desire to help people. Her journey in dentistry began at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, where she laid the foundation for her career as a dental implant doctor. Dr. Stone then enriched her expertise with an internship at Truman Medical Center, followed by a residency at Brower General Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale.

With a heart set on changing lives, Dr. Stone finds immense joy in witnessing the transformative power of a smile. Her dedication to restoring confidence through dental implants has been a constant source of inspiration in her career. Dr. Stone believes in the power of a smile to not only enhance one's appearance but to rejuvenate their spirit.

Working with Nuvia as a dental implant doctor in Fort Worth has been a fulfilling experience for Dr. Stone. She cherishes the opportunity to be part of a team that prioritizes patient care and life-changing results. She especially loves that Nuvia provides each patient with a dedicated team that can give them the attention and care they deserve and make permanent teeth in 24 hours possible. Her enthusiasm for her work is evident in every procedure she performs, always striving to make a significant impact on her patients' lives.

Dr. Stone eagerly anticipates meeting and working with new patients at Nuvia Dental Implant Center and helping them enjoy what she feels is a seamless experience with Nuvia. She is committed to helping each patient find their smile and looks forward to being a part of their transformative journey.

Outside of the office Dr. Stone is often traveling with her family who are avid racers that enjoy GoKart and Formula 1 racing.

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Omar AbdelBaky

Dr. Omar AbdelBaky is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon who is passionate about helping people and working with his hands. On his journey to become an oral surgeon in Fort Worth, Dr. AbdelBaky completed dental school at the University of North Carolina (Go Heels!) and oral and maxillofacial surgery residency and medical school at the prestigious UT Southwestern Medical Center and Parkland Hospital. Nuvia is now proud to have Dr. AbdelBaky as a strong addition to the Nuvia team in Fort Worth.

Personal Life

Outside of work, Dr. AbdelBaky enjoys exploring Dallas and Fort Worth's many new restaurants, spending time with his golden retriever, Moira, and traveling. Dr. Omar looks forward to meeting Nuvia patients every day and providing exceptional care.

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Dr. Venkata Mohan

Dr. Mohan was born and raised in India, where he started his career in dentistry. Wanting to specialize in restorative dentistry, specifically dental implants, Dr. Mohan moved to the United States in 2012.

Dr. Mohan loves working at Nuvia because the processes and technology used to deliver dental implants is unlike anything he had seen or studied in the history of dentistry before. Dr. Mohan finds passion in being able to deliver the perfect shape, color, and material of teeth to his patients in just 24 hours after surgery. He feels this is something that will change the face of dentistry and is excited to be involved in the innovation of dentistry while working with Nuvia.

Dr. Mohan lives with his wife, daughter, and mother - and he loves being able to spend time with his family.

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