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Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to All-on-4 Dental Implants 

2. Understanding the All-on-4 Technique

3. Benefits of All-on-4 Dental Implants

4. Candidacy and Evaluation for All-on-4

5. All-on-4 Traditional Implant Options VS Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours

6. Recovery and Aftercare

7. Long-Term Success and Maintenance

8. Patient Testimonials and Case Studies

9. Cost Considerations and Insurance Coverage

10. Finding an All-on-4 Implant Provider

11. Frequently Asked Questions about All-on-4 Dental Implants

12. Conclusion

You finally found the place to learn everything you need to know about all on 4 dental implants, including, “how the procedure works, success rates, costs and so much more.”  To start, there is one thing you need to understand first and that is, what does “all on 4” even mean? And how is it different from any other dental implant?

1. Introduction to All-on-4 Dental Implants

Let's start by explaining what "All-on-4" means and how it is different from other dental implant procedures. The All-on-4 technique is a groundbreaking approach in dental implants that replaces missing teeth with a full upper or lower set of teeth, supported by just four (up to six) dental implants. This transformative technique has helped countless individuals regain their confidence and live their lives to the fullest. Lets see the All on 4 Dental Implants in action!

Meet Trisha, a resident of Arizona, who discovered a new lease of life when she discovered Nuvia Dental Implant Center and the All-on-4 procedure.

Trish was born with soft enamel, a condition that made her teeth extremely likely to develop cavities. Despite her faithful dental hygiene routine, she was continually told her teeth were going to fail and she would need dentures before the age of 40, a reality that deeply affected her confidence, especially as she stepped into the professional world of hospitality.

After being told by Nuvia that she was a candidate for the All-on-4 procedure, but needed to lose weight for safety reasons, Trish was both ecstatic and overwhelmed. But then life threw her another curveball: she was diagnosed with cancer.  As Trish battled for her life, she miraculously lost the weight that once seemed an insurmountable hurdle.

Following her triumphant win against cancer, Trish returned to Nuvia, now meeting all safety requirements for the procedure. She underwent surgery and today, she can't stop smiling. Trish's journey is a testament to the life-changing power of the All-on-4 procedure, and the commitment of Nuvia Dental Implant Center to help patients get to their dream of a confident, radiant smile.  Listen to Trish’s inspiring story on “The Dental Implant Podcast”

Trish after her Dental Implant Surgery.
Trish After Dental Implant Treatment.

In the sections that follow, we'll dive deeper into the specifics of the All-on-4 technique, explore its benefits, and explain why Nuvia's approach, offering "Permanent teeth in 24 hours", is a game-changer. We'll also guide you through important aspects such as cost considerations, insurance coverage, and how to select the right All-on-4 implant provider.

2. Understanding the All-on-4 Technique VS other techniques

The All-on-4 method is helping countless people in today's dentistry. Why? Because It provides a quick, strong, and reliable solution for people who have lost most or all their teeth.

Unlike single or bridge implants, All-on-4 dental implants are a full arch solution. Single implants replace one tooth at a time. Bridges replace a few teeth but they require good teeth on either side for support. On the other hand, All-on-4 dental implants replace all top or bottom teeth in the arch using just four implants.

Real Nuvia Dental Implant Patient.
Real Nuvia Dental Implant Patient.

Let's look more closely at how it works:

Step One: Consultation. The dentist does an evaluation of your bone to make sure your mouth is healthy enough to support dental implants. They typically will use a 3D scan to look at the quality of the bone in your mouth before deciding if dental implants are a good fit for you.

Step Two: Smile Design. The Smile Design is your appointment to prepare you for surgery. This is where you would be able to design the shape and shade of your new smile with experts who will walk you through the process. After gathering all of the information you need, you will set a date to get your new smile. 

Step Three: Surgery. Then comes the big day. All while being fully sedated under general anesthesia so you won’t remember or be awake for the procedure, the surgeon will clear out any remaining infection and place the four (up to six) dental implants into your jawbone. These implants act like roots for your new teeth. The two front ones go straight down, and the two at the back are angled for better support. Here is a photo of 6 dental implants.

Photo of Dental Implant X-Ray.
Photo of Dental Implant X-Ray.

Next, the dentist attaches a full set of teeth to these implants. This set of teeth is known as a prosthetic.

The implants are usually made from titanium, a strong metal that our bodies accept well. At Nuvia, what you will find is your permanent teeth you receive the day after surgery are made from a high-quality material called zirconia. Zirconia is much stronger than the plastic used in regular dentures or temps, and zirconia looks just like real teeth!

The biggest difference from all on 4 dental implant providers is the length of time you wait to receive your permanent set of teeth. At other dental implant providers, it may take up to 10+ months to receive your permanent teeth, at Nuvia, it will take 24 hours. 

In the next sections, we'll discuss more benefits of the All-on-4 dental implants and why they could be the right choice for you.

3. Benefits of All-on-4 Dental Implants

Deciding to replace missing teeth is a big deal. If you're thinking about All-on-4, here are some big wins that make this choice a great one:

1. You Look Great!: With All-on-4 dental implants, your smile gets an extreme makeover - smile edition. The zirconia looks just like real teeth, and that can make you feel super confident!

Real Nuvia Dental Implant Patient.
Real Nuvia Dental Implant Patient.

2. Eat What You Love: No more missing out on your favorite foods. All-on-4 dental implants are extremely strong. They work like real teeth, so you can bite into an apple or enjoy a juicy hamburger without worry.

3. Boost Your Quality of Life: Having a great smile can make you feel good about yourself. Plus, being able to eat properly means your body gets all the nutrition it needs.

4. Say Goodbye to Wobbly Teeth: If you've ever used removable dentures, you might have had trouble with them slipping or clicking. But All-on-4 implants stay firmly in place. No more embarrassing slips!

5. Built to Last: The All-on-4 system is super strong. The titanium implants that are placed in your bone hold your new teeth securely, and the zirconia teeth are built tough. This means your new smile will stay bright and strong for a very long time!

Deciding on All-on-4 is deciding to make an investment in yourself. You're choosing a strong, beautiful smile that lets you live life to the fullest, no longer allowing your teeth to hold you back. In the following sections, we'll talk about who's a good fit for All-on-4 and what the process is like.

4. Candidacy and Evaluation for All-on-4


Who is a Good Fit for All-on-4? Let's Find Out!

So, you might be thinking, "Is All-on-4 right for me?" Well, there are some things your dentist will look at to answer that question:

1. Take our 60-second Quiz: We offer a quick 60-second quiz to help you see if All-on-4 may work for you. This quiz asks about your oral health, general health, and lifestyle.

2. Schedule a consultation: We will take a quick 3D scan and won’t even have to look inside your mouth. At our consultation, we can check your teeth, gums, and jawbone all from advanced imaging. At this consultation, we will make sure that your mouth is healthy enough for surgery.

3. Consider Your Situation: There are a few other things to think about. 

  • Are you missing any teeth? 
  • Are your remaining teeth weak or in poor condition? 
  • Are you tired of having problems with your teeth? 

If you said 'yes' to these questions, then All-on-4 may be a great choice for you.

It's like trying on a pair of shoes. You want to make sure they're the right fit before you buy them. Your surgeon wants to make sure All-on-4 is the right fit for your mouth. In the next sections, we'll compare All-on-4 to other options and talk about what to expect after the procedure.

5. All-on-4 Traditional Implant Options VS Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours

Comparing the Old and New: Teeth in a Day VS Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours

Teeth In A Day VS. Nuvia's Permanent Teeth In 24-Hours.
Teeth In A Day VS. Nuvia's Permanent Teeth In 24-Hours.

You might have heard of "Teeth in a Day". The name sounds like magic, right? You go in and walk out the same day with a brand new set of teeth! But here's what usually happens with Teeth in a Day:

First, the dentist takes out any bad teeth and puts in the implants (the metal bits that act like tooth roots).

Next, the dentist takes a plastic denture, drills large holes into the dentures by hand, and converts that denture into “teeth in a day.”  Once the denture has been modified its connected to your dental implants.

You then have to stick to a liquid diet while your mouth heals. And this can take a while. Depending on the recommendations of your dentist.

After that, you visit the dentist again to get the process started to make your permanent teeth.

Finally, sometimes months after your first visit, you get your permanent teeth attached to your implants.

So with Teeth in a Day, you get teeth on the day of surgery. But they're not your final, strong, beautiful teeth. They're more like placeholders.

Now, let's talk about the Nuvia way - Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours:

Just like before, the dentist takes out any bad teeth and puts in the implants.

Here's where things change. Instead of using a plastic denture, the dentist takes a 3D scan of your mouth.

The folks in Nuvia's lab use that scan to create your new, permanent teeth overnight. So you don't need to wait for months!

The next day, your new teeth are ready! You can even start eating soft foods straight away.

And that's how it works at Nuvia. Just ask Paul - after wearing temps from another provider’s surgery for YEARS, he came into Nuvia and just a few days later he was wearing his permanent set of teeth that he loved. 

Because he came to Nuvia, he walked out with his dream smile in just a couple of days after years of wearing another provider's temps. 

In tears, Paul shares that he loves his new smile from Nuvia. And he's not the only one. Hundreds of people have shared their experiences with Nuvia’s Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours process. You can watch his story below.

Paul After Dental Implant Surgery.
Paul After Dental Implant Surgery.

If you're ready to see if you're a good fit for Dental Implants, take a minute to fill out our online evaluation form. The whole process, from filling out the form to getting your new teeth, usually takes just 3 weeks. So why wait?

In the next sections, we'll talk about what to expect during and after the surgery.

6. Recovery and Aftercare

After you get your new teeth at Nuvia, there will be an adjustment period. It's a big change, but it's a great one, and your body will take some time to get used to the positive change. Don't worry, though, you're not alone in this. Here's what you can expect and some advice to help you along the way:

Healing After Surgery

Once your surgery is over, it's time to rest and heal. Here's how:

Relax and Take it Easy: After your surgery, give yourself permission to take it easy for a few days. Your body is hard at work healing, and it needs your support. So, cozy up with your favorite movie, book, or music and let your body do its thing.

Photo of a girl resting.
Get Plenty Of Rest.

Handle Swelling Like a Pro: Some swelling is normal. It's your body's way of responding to the surgery. To help manage it, you can use a cold pack on your face near the surgery area. Just remember - 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. This can help reduce swelling. Also, try to keep your head elevated, or head above your heart, especially when sleeping, for the first 72 hours. This can help your body deal with the swelling more effectively.

Listen to Your Dentist: Your dentist is your best friend after surgery. They might give you some medicine to help with any discomfort or swelling. Make sure to take it as they tell you. And don't be shy - if you have questions, ask! They're there to help.

And that's it! Taking care of yourself after surgery is just about being kind to your body and giving it what it needs to heal. Your new teeth will feel like your own in no time.

In the next section, we'll talk about maintenance and tips for long-term success with your new All-on-4 dental implants. 

7. Long-Term Success and Maintenance

Just as you keep your car in top shape with regular maintenance, your new teeth from Nuvia also need care to ensure they last a lifetime. Here's a guide to help you:

Daily Cleaning: Brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day. Use a soft toothbrush and a smooth toothpaste, especially around the surgery area in the first few days. After healing, you can brush normally.

Drink Water: Staying hydrated helps keep your mouth clean, and aids in maintaining your new teeth.

Clean the Gaps: Make sure to clean between your teeth. You can use dental floss or a water flosser for this task. This keeps your teeth healthy, just like regular cleaning keeps your house neat.

Mouthwash: Use a gentle, alcohol-free mouthwash. This will help to keep your mouth clean and fresh.

Regular Dental Visits: Schedule visits to your dentist every 3-6 months. These regular check-ups will allow your dentist to monitor your new teeth and prevent any possible issues from becoming serious problems.

With these steps, you can keep your new teeth healthy and bright for a long time. In the next section, we'll share real stories from patients who have been where you are at right now.

8. Patient Testimonials

Our patients' journeys are the best testament to the life-changing power of Nuvia's All-on-4 treatment. One of our patients, Roy, has a heartwarming story that we'd like to share with you.

Roy, a 61-year-old gentleman from New Bern, Texas, lived a simple country life. His teeth had been damaged due to an unfortunate incident with a four-wheeler years ago, which led to his teeth slowly deteriorating over time.

Living with damaged teeth was challenging for Roy. His grandson innocently brought up the state of his teeth, and this hit him hard. He didn't like seeing himself in pictures and was uncomfortable with his appearance.

But Roy is a doer, not a dweller. When he learned about our quick All-on-4 treatment at Nuvia, he decided it was time to address the longstanding issues with his teeth. He yearned to smile confidently, to be able to enjoy food without hesitation, and to look "normal" again.

Post-surgery, Roy was elated. He loved being able to bite into his favorite foods and was overjoyed to look and feel normal again. He wished he hadn't waited as long as he did to seek treatment, as he could've been enjoying the benefits much sooner.

Perhaps the most touching part of Roy's journey was his grandson's reaction. Upon seeing Roy's new smile, his grandson exclaimed, "They fixed your teeth, Papa!" That innocent joy made Roy's decision all the more worthwhile.

To see more stories like Roy of real Nuvia patients, check out our patients reviews page!

9. Cost and Insurance Coverage

 When considering All-on-4 dental implants, you may initially have concerns about the cost. We understand that investing in your health and well-being is a significant decision. However, we're here to assure you that achieving your dream smile is likely more affordable than you imagine!

Cost Considerations

We often make small, daily expenses that can add up over time. These could be your daily coffee, frequent take-out meals, or regular Amazon deliveries. Now, imagine redirecting those costs towards something life-changing. By trading in that daily $15 to $30 — the cost of a meal or a few coffees — you could be investing in a procedure that restores your confidence and enriches your life. Isn't trading that cup of joe worth regaining your sense of self and enhancing your ability to express joy freely?

With manageable monthly payment options, the average for a single row of teeth is typically $250 - $450.  While full mouth treatment typically ranging from $450 - $900. These monthly costs are often less than a car payment, yet you're investing in a lasting benefit that will shine bright every day. For a detailed explanation of dental implant costs, refer to our cost and information guide

Dental Insurance

It's natural to question whether dental insurance will cover the costs of dental implants. Ideally, dental insurance companies would aid our patients in realizing their dreams of beautiful, functional smiles. However, the reality can be more complicated.

Many dental insurance providers classify dental implants as a cosmetic procedure, which often means they don't offer coverage. If they do provide benefits, the annual maximum limit usually falls between $1000 and $2000. While this may help with implant treatment costs, it will not cover the full amount. Plus, convincing insurance companies to pay for dental implants can be an uphill battle. Despite this, we encourage you to contact your insurer and explore your options.

We genuinely hope that, in the future, insurance companies will recognize the profound impact dental implants have on people's lives and provide appropriate coverage. Until then, it remains a rarity. As such, we encourage you to fully understand your insurance coverage and, if you choose, to independently submit a claim.

Invest in Your Smile

At the end of the day, investing in your oral health, your self-confidence, and your happiness is priceless. The cost of dental implants is more than just an expenditure on new teeth—it's an investment in a transformed life, a renewed you. Your dream smile is within reach, and we're here to help make it a reality.

10. Finding an All-on-4 Implant Provider

Choosing the right provider for your All-on-4 dental implants is crucial. It can mean the difference between an okay result and a life-changing transformation. We're proud to say that we strive for the life changing transformation. Here's how:

Dedicated Specialists in Every Area

At Nuvia, we have a diverse team of professionals including oral surgeons, prosthodontists, periodontists, and nurse anesthetists. Each of these professionals focuses on their area of expertise, ensuring that every stage of your treatment is carried out by an expert. This translates into a smooth, seamless experience and a high chance of success for your dental implants.

Photo of a doctor with a patient smiling.
Meeting with Dental Implant Provider.

In-House Lab

Unlike some practices, we house our own lab that works round the clock to custom-make your zirconia teeth. This ensures that your teeth are ready the day after your surgery, minimizing wait times and providing a beautiful fit.

Uncompromising Quality and Dedication

While 'dental implant specialist' isn't an officially recognized term by the American Dental Association (ADA), we can certainly say that our team members are highly experienced and dedicated in the field of dental implants. Their sole objective? Your success and satisfaction. We believe you'll feel the difference when you choose a team that genuinely cares about your outcome.

College of dental implant patients seeing their smile for the first time.
Dental Implant Reveals.

Focus on Safety

We believe in dedicating our full attention to each task. That's why our surgeons focus on surgery while our nurse anesthetists manage sedation. This approach mirrors what you'd expect in a hospital, where anesthesia and surgical tasks are performed by different providers. By separating these critical roles, we are able to ensure your safety.

Patient Reviews

Researching your provider's success stories and reputation is crucial. We're proud of our track record, and we openly share our patient testimonials. We invite you to check out our patient review page and hear directly from those who have trusted us with their smiles.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We're confident in our work. So much so, that we offer warranties—something that's not easy to come by in the world of dental implants. We stand by our work because we believe in our ability to deliver results that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Choosing Nuvia means choosing a dedicated, experienced, and caring team, an in-house lab, a commitment to safety, and the backing of warranties. Your new smile is more secure than ever. 

Dental Implant patient seeing her smile for the first time.
Real Nuvia Dental Implant Patient.

In the next section, we will be reviewing some frequently asked questions about dental implants. 

11. Frequently Asked Questions about All-on-4 Dental Implants


Are dental implants painful?

While pain can be subjective, many patients report little to no pain during and after the dental implant procedure. This is largely due to the fact that the surgery is performed while you are sedated. However, should you experience any discomfort following the procedure, our team is always ready to assist you with managing it.

How long do dental implants last?

With proper care and maintenance, dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime. Like natural teeth, they need to be cleaned regularly and checked by a dental professional.

Are Dental Implants Safe?

Yes, dental implants are considered a safe and effective solution for replacing missing teeth. They have not only restored the ability to chew for thousands of people worldwide but also helped improve mental health and preserve facial bone structure. The benefits of dental implants significantly outweigh any potential risks.

How long does it take to get dental implants done?

The surgical procedure usually requires about 3-5 hours at our office, but the exact length of time can vary depending on the specifics of your case. Factors such as the number of teeth that need to be removed and how quickly you awaken from anesthesia can impact the duration.

From the initial consultation to the final delivery of your new teeth, the entire process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. This largely depends on the scheduling of your appointments and our office's availability—we typically schedule surgeries for about 8 patients per week, and slots fill up quickly.

you deserve to smile
Real Nuvia Dental Implant Patient.

Great job! You're starting an amazing journey towards a bright, long-lasting smile. In this guide, we've taken a deep dive into dental implants, exploring Nuvia's unique Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours technique, understanding the life-changing benefits of dental implants, discussing who can get implants and what the recovery process looks like. We've shared tips for keeping your implants in great shape for years, told you about people just like you who've transformed their lives, and explained the costs and insurance coverage. Now, it's time for you to make your move. Take our quick 60-second quiz to find out if you may be a good fit for dental implants. Remember, this isn't just about getting a new smile - it's about the new, confident you that's ready to shine. So, why wait? Start your journey with us today!


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