There's four main reasons not to get dental implants. Number one, is kind of a big one. But before we get to that, there are 3 things you HAVE to know first. Watch this video or keep reading below to find out.

#4 REASONS NOT TO Get Dental Implants

Diabetes, Infections, Or Other Pre-Existing Conditions

Do not get dental implants if you have a pre-existing health condition that your immune system is currently fighting. This reason is important because to disregard it would have a horrible effect on your whole body.

Think of dental implants like a special military unit tasked with an important mission during a chaotic battle.

BUT, If your body is already trying to fight off other diseases like diabetes, infections or other serious pre-existing conditions, it would be like sending your soldiers to fight on multiple fronts.

Sending in these dental implants is like dropping in another squad right where the biggest battles are raging.

A single dental implant floating in the sky with a parachute

But here's the problem.

Instead of just being an extra team to help, these implants could end up being seen as the enemy by mistake. 

With your immune system soldiers so focused on the battles they're already fighting. 

Your immune system might confuse these implants as a surprise enemy attack, and you'll have a friendly fire situation on your hand. 

The dental implant is essentially a foreign object that we are asking our bodies to accept.

If our body is otherwise healthy, it has no problem healing and accepting the titanium implant. 

Cartoon depiction of immune system antibodies

BUT - If your immune system is already at war, chances are it might not be able to handle these implants properly. It's like asking your troops to fight another battle they weren't prepared for.


Your Mouth is Still Growing

If you’re a young person in your teens or early twenties, your mouth might still be growing. This is a big reason not to get dental implants. We have got to make sure we're planning for the future, so there's no major complications down the line. 

Think of your mouth as a home renovation project. 

If you decide to remodel the kitchen when your house is still under construction, you might end up with cabinets in the living room and a fridge in the bathroom.

Similarly getting dental implants when your mouth is still growing is like installing those kitchen cabinets too early. It can lead to complications and a design that doesn't quite fit. 

So one of the top reasons not to get dental implants is if you're a young person, say teenager or early twenties. Getting dental implants now is probably not the right solution. We have got to make sure we're planning for the future, so there's no major complications down the line.



Have you seen this hilarious YouTube Video before?

Well, it turns out that smoking with dental implants makes about as much sense as it does to shovel flood water over a wire fence.

The chemicals, carcinogens, and everything that is put in cigarettes and tobacco really mess up your mouth. This will bring the healing process to a screeching halt. 

You want to create the best possible conditions for your body to make the implant work.

When you first get a dental implant, your bone needs to accept and fuse with the implant. This is called osseointegration, and it usually takes a few months to complete.

If you smoke, there's way less oxygen and blood going to the area that your dental implants are. This hurts the important process of osseointegration and could even cause the implant to fall out.

Graphic of a failed dental implant

Brent was a smoker, and I was able to help him get a new smile. Since he knew smoking was one of the reasons not to get dental implants, he told me getting dental implants was his motivation to quit.

Before and after pictures of a man who just received dental implants'


You’ve Waited and Used A Temporary Solution Too Long

One of my hardest days as a dental implant surgeon was when a husband had arranged for both him and his wife to come in and look at getting dental implants. 

They both had been wearing dentures for quite some time.We sat down, took the x-ray, and to both of their joy, the lady was a candidate!

Then, the most heartbreaking news ever came…The gentleman was not. 

It’s such a heartbreaking thing for me to go tell him, even though he has saved up for dental implants and desperately wanted to be rid of his dentures, there was nothing we could do…

See, getting dental implants without enough bone available in your jaw is like building a fence by driving those metal stakes the ground, but only being able to drive it them an inch deep. 

These stakes don't have anything to firmly anchor to, so they just topple over. This happens to so many people who frankly, may have been hoodwinked by the lower upfront cost of dentures. 

They weren't told that every day you spend without you teeth, your jaw bone is shrinking.

Eventually, those people in dentures won't even have enough bone for dentures to fit properly anymore. And even more heartbreaking, eventually dental implants won’t be an option for those folks anymore either…

So if you have replaced your teeth with something that DOESN’T promote bone health, don't wait too long.

Normally, I'd say people who think they don't have enough bone should not get dental implants.

HOWEVER, There are now advanced procedures that have unlocked the ability for us to give dental implants to people who normally wouldn't be a candidate. 

We've actually been able to help thousands of people with different circumstances get a beautiful, functional smile again through methods such as All-On-4® and zygomatic dental implants. Now, if you are thinking

How do I know if I have enough bone for Dental Implants?

You can first take this 60-sec quiz which will help you find out if you may be eligible for dental implants based on your situation. The Nuvia team will then reach out and schedule a time for you to meet with your dentist and have your bone quality assessed.

If you are wondering what dental implants typically cost, you can download this Dental Implant Cost & Information Guide here. Get answers to your insurance, financing, and cost questions.


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