Dental Implants and the future

Dental Implants are becoming more commonplace and will soon take over as the predominant choice to dentures.  Market research has shown that the dental implant market is set to grow by 1.34 billion by 2025.  

This rapid growth is due to not only key factors in the dental industry, but also because patients are now realizing the benefits of dental implants.   Pre Covid (2019) more than 3 million dental implants were placed in the U.S. Because of Covid those numbers did drop, but now they are on the rebound at a pace of 7% over the last year.

Lets look at some of the major factors that have attributed to not only the resurgence of dental implants, but why they are becoming the top choice for patients.

More General Dentist are placing Implants:

The strongest trend driving growth in the dental implant market is the older demographic in the United States, combined with a growth in the population of dentists capable of performing implant procedures. Research by the Census Bureau estimates that by 2030, people aged 65 and older in the United States will outnumber those aged 18 and under.  

Older people typically suffer a greater degree of oral health issues compared to younger people, this will contribute to an increased demand for dental implants.  Other factors including excessive consumption of alcohol & tobacco, unhealthy diet, and high consumption of sugar among others are contributing to the surging prevalence of dental disorders in the U.S. and Canada.  

Also, the procedure costs pertaining to certain dental services became less pronounced in recent years, especially for elderly people aged 50-64years old, thereby surging the dental visits for dental implant treatments.  Dental implants have become the solution of choice for patients needing dentures or replacements as they are reliable, comfortable, and look aesthetically pleasing.  

Dentist today have started to incorporate digital scanning into their practices allowing them to offer Dental Implants.  In the past this was not an option, because most offices didn’t have either the special equipment needed or the specialization required for dental implants.  

Today more and more offices are making themselves more familiar with implants and the procedure because they see that dental implants are the future.

Dental companies and Acquisitions

The next key factor in dental implants becoming more common is because of major companies acquiring dental groups and offering dental implants. Major industry giants like Straumann Group, Envista, and Dentsply Sirona have become global market leaders in dental implants.

Over the past decade, each of the three companies have also performed a series of acquisitions and mergers to expand their reach into the growing value implant market.  Most people wont recognize the names of those major corporations, but they will recognize local U.S. based names like Nuvia.  Nuvia is another company that is sweeping the U.S. and becoming more recognized as a leader in dental implants.

The dental practice industry has also been consolidating into large dental service organizations (DSOs). This particular model will streamline the business operations of dental practices by out sourcing administrative non-clinical duties to experienced management teams.

Because of this practice the increased scale of group practice DSOs allows for greater negotiating power when securing bulk orders of items such as dental implants. These factors combined greatly reduce the material, general, and administrative costs of running a dental practice, which benefits the consumer.

Cost and affordability were a major factor for people considering dental implants originally, but now more people have access to lower prices and payment options Thanks to major companies providing services and practices like DSOs . Overall, implants are a lifetime investment and are priced accordingly. Average estimates  for the total cost per tooth, start to finish,  could normally run between $3,000 and$4,500, and a person who needs a mouthful of implants could see a price range of between $60,000 and $90,000.  

These prices have actually decreased over the years because of the growth of specialist offering dental implants.  With financing options dental implants are now more obtainable to the general public.  Most people will just look at the dollar amount and base their decision upon that, which is very unfortunate for the people that need implants.   I encourage you(the reader) to check out our other articles on the Nuvia site and become more educated about all things dental implants.

Now you can see why the dental implant industry is leading the way and changing the landscape of not only specialized dentistry, but general dentistry as well.   Healthcare is an ever-changing industry and dental health is no exception.  Companies like Nuvia are at the forefront of the newest technology and procedures to bring the best possible dental implants to its clients.  

There are still many exciting developments and opportunities ahead for the dental implant industry. The largest driver of growth in this market for the future will be the growing user base of older patients needing implants, serviced by a growing number of dentists trained in implant dentistry.

Current implant manufacturers will continue to expand their business portfolios to include valued implant systems, while most DSOs will help to extend their reach to previously under-serviced portions of the market.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges for manufacturers and practitioners in the past year, the market is poised to make a strong recovery and continue its trend of modest growth over the next six years.


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