Second Set of Adult Teeth

Say no to teeth in a day's temporary dentures

Do you remember having any chewing problems back when you were less than 10 years old?

Well I sure doubt it!

They fit like a dream! A darn good dream at that!

So perfectly in fact we went about eating, sleeping, playing, talking, and everything else without the slightest thought about our teeth.

Those are the teeth God gave us.

But for many of us adults (MILLIONS & MILLIONS in fact), we'll actually require a 2nd set of adult teeth.

The goal with your second set is to make the teeth fit so accurately the only time you may think about them is when you get compliments about how good they look.

Trust me, you don't want to end up with a bite that's off.

Can you imagine being virtually worry-free about your teeth?

At Nuvia™, precision and attention to detail are the key to our success.

Our digital innovations allow us to map your mouth out so accurately that the teeth we make for you can slide right in the next day.

That's Almost As Good As what God gave you!

We really want you to have the Nuvia experience should you move forward with life-changing dental implants.

If you have not had a consultation with us, call us at: (866) 366-8777