Summer's Smile Transformation

"I just want the confidence to smile and not be afraid of what other people think."

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"I haven't really smiled for 17 years"

When asked why she would want dental implants she said, " I just want to smile. Everyone has been really, really nice and actually really supportive. I've been to the dentist, but I haven't been to the dentist in probably six years because they scared me and failed me. It was not-- I did not have a good experience at a regular dentist, and so I just stopped going..."

Not only did Summer stop going to the dentist, but because she felt they couldn't help her she started making her own teeth out of clay!

Summer says she really just wants the confidence of being able to smile and not be afraid of what other people think. She says that everyone says they don't judge, but they do. And she doesn't want to have that worry any longer.

Not only that, but she is excited that in just 24 hours she can have her permanent set of dental implants through Nuvia. She has already had temporary clay teeth, she didn't want to switch those out for temporary acrylic teeth.

The first thing Summer said when she got her permanent set of dental implants was how excited she was that there were no gaps, they weren't yellow, and (most importantly), they weren't made from clay.

Two weeks later, Summer sent us the photo below expressing how happy she is with her new teeth. Can you believe that she used to make her teeth out of clay?

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