Watch Tom Take His Life Back With Nuvia's Permanent Teeth in 24 Hours

Tom's dental implant story

    Tom's dental issues started when he was younger; but without good dental insurance and not a lot of income, he didn't have the chance to fix the problems as they arose. After he got married, his wife and three kids took priority. Every cent he made went to supporting them, and then his wife got sick. She progressively got worse and worse, and he took care of her without ever thinking about himself or his teeth. After a long and difficult road, she eventually passed away.

     Tom has faced difficulty and despair with an unflinching resolve to press forward. He misses his wife, but has realized that he doesn't want to spend life alone. That is why he came to Nuvia Dental Implant Center, to improve his health, overall quality of life, and gain back his confidence so he can find someone to share his life with.

     Watch the video above to see just how drastically Dental Implants changed his life, in only 24 hours. A lot of Dental Implant centers claim they give you "Teeth-In-A-Day", but in reality they give you a conversion denture, and you have to wait up to 10+ months for your permanent set of teeth. At Nuvia, we give you your permanent set of teeth in just 24-hrs. Learn more about how we do that by clicking the button below.
How Nuvia Is Different